South Woodford Mosque plan finally busted


Although Europe is becoming increasingly mired in Islamic savagery with reports of Islamic rapes, terror attacks, sedition and other crimes seemingly coming in hourly, it’s nice to occasionally report some very good news about Islam being pushed back.

I’ve received word that a very well organised attempt to impose an appalling mosque-strosity on the people of South Woodford in Essex has been beaten by a hard working group of local residents who engaged in a sustained legal and publicity campaign against this unwanted mosque. The mosque, as pictured both above and below, would have dominated the area and would have caused a large amount of disturbance to local residents and would have probably, due to traffic problems, killed off local small businesses.

The mosque promoters, tried every trick in the book to get this mosque and even appeared to have had some elements of the local authority, Labour run Redbridge, on their side because Redbridge’s regulatory committee had appeared to previously have recommended approval of this mosque. The Mosque-e-teers behind this unwanted mosque have behaved very evasively over this application including dishing out the usual Islamic lies such as: ‘most people will come to the mosque by public transport’. However it seems that the planning inspectorate in Bristol has seen through this common ruse and refused the mosques appeal to the planning inspectorate on the grounds of parking not being sufficient. You can see the full reasons for the mosque refusal by reading the Planning Inspector’s report which is attached as a .pdf in the links and resources section below. You will also find there background to this mosque and the battle to prevent it being built.

This is as stunning victory for local people, very few of whom wanted this mosque, along with the usual accompanying mosque related problems, being imposed on them. A great number of volunteers, many of whom wish to remain nameless, took the correct planning advice, knocked on doors and informed people just what the Muslims were up to and what sort of effect it would have on both their area and their quality of life. This in my view had a major effect in galvanising people, many of whom may have been previously politically apathetic, into getting behind the anti-Mosque campaigns that eventually helped to stop this mosque. It was people being aware of what sort of imposition the local Muslims had planned and the negative effect this would have on the lives of non-Muslims that got people involved in the fight back.

This looks like the end of the road for this particular mosque-strosity but I would advise the local people not to sit on their laurels. The Muslims behind this plan will probably come back for another go at building a mosque, either by changing the plans or coming up with some other ‘parking related’ ruse to convince planning officers to allow this mosque to be imposed on unwilling locals.

This was a long and hard fought campaign by local people against a bunch of mosque promoters who were well resourced and slippery adversaries who seemed to stop at nothing, including making highly disingenuous statements about parking facilities, in their quest to impose this mosque in an area that neither wants one or needs one. Having followed this particular case for a while now I know how hard this fight has been to stop this unwanted mosque and I congratulate all those who have fought so diligently and effectively to stop this mosque. Other people in other areas who are faced with mosque impositions, should take note of how the South Woodford Mosque plans were defeated and do something similar. This is especially important where the local council is either supportive or ambivalent towards the idea of dumping mosques on places that don’t want them. The lesson that this case tells us is that the earlier you oppose mosques, the more support you get against the mosque plans and the quality of the legal and planning advice you receive can make all the difference between holding on to your area’s quality of life or seeing it, with the assistance of the imposed mosque, into an Islamised hell hole. This would be replete with extreme traffic congestion, disturbances at all hours of the day and night and the usual Islamic problems of crime, including sex crime along with electoral corruption, that seemingly are common in areas with a significant amount of Islam within them.

Another unwanted mosque busted, let’s hope there can be many other similar cases.

Links and resources

Planning Inspector’s report in to South Woodford Mosque planning

Other coverage of this case from the Fahrenheit211 blog. These are in reverse chronological order.


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Mosque plan refused by Redbridge Council. This story notable for the non Muslim quislings who were paraded in front of the planning committee

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Imam of Mulberry Way mosque downplays threat to the UK from the ISIS terror group


Mulberry Way mosque refused permission again

Another case from Redbridge, this time from Snakes Lane Woodford Green, where local people lost their fight against a mosque that was running illegally where local council planning permission was denied but granted by the Bristol based Planning Inspectorate. I wonder if the people in Woodford Green had been more aware earlier of this illegal mosque and possibly more organised in their approach to fight this mosque, then maybe the Planning Inspectorate decision may not have gone so badly wrong for non Muslim local?


Saga of Mulberry Way mosque becomes politically interesting

Proposers of Mulberry Way Mosque make another attempt to impose mosque on South Woodford


Gavin Boby of Law and Freedom Foundation calls on people to oppose appeal against planning refusal for Mulberry Way mosque

People facing similar situations may be interested in obtaining help from planning experts such as Gavin Boby of the Law and Freedom Foundation who has helped many local groups fend off unwanted and socially destructive mosques.