February 2017 British Neville Chamberlain Award for Islamic appeasement – The police force that says ‘no thanks’ to the idea of prosecuting FGM cases.


It is the job of police forces to enforce the laws that are enacted by Parliament and given assent to by the Monarch. Well that’s the theory. If you are a West Midlands Police officer then you are in a force where the senior officers seem to want to pick and choose which laws they do and do not wish to enforce. More properly I should say that the West Midlands Police force want to pick and choose which laws to enforce based on what the Muslims in their area do and don’t want enforced.

The West Midlands Police force has an unenviable and disgraceful reputation for what this blog calls ‘Islamopandering’. They are a force that happily and enthusiastically works with Islamic organisations of highly questionable probity, has a Chief Constable who is ‘relaxed’ about the idea of Burkhas and other forms of misogynistic Islamic dress being part of police uniform, is a force that appeared to turn a blind eye to a massive amount of Islamic sex crime, and has got areas within its purview that should more accurately be referred to as ‘jihadistans’. They’ve also had a previous Chief Constable who has been alleged to have let Islamic areas ‘police themselves’. All in all the West Midlands Police force is one where appeasement rather than enforcing the law equally has become the name of the game.

However, even those of us who are familiar with the disgraceful behaviour of West Midlands Police were shocked by one of their latest and most disgusting incidents of appeasement of Islam. In late February 2017, the West Midlands Police force put out a Tweet on one of their Twitter accounts that led to the force’s policy on Female Genital Mutilation. One of the Tweets said that prosecution of parents for mutilating their daughter’s genitals or or approving of said mutilation may not be ‘in the best interests of the child’. In effect, the West Midlands Police told the world that they would go easy on FGM in order to not upset the Muslim community who are undertaking the majority of FGM in Britain today. It’s scandalous enough that FGM has been banned since the mid 1980’s and that there has never been a conviction for this offence despite thousands of girls and women, mostly of Islamic backgrounds, presenting at hospital and other healthcare settings, with obvious FGM injuries. It’s even more scandalous when we have a police force, West Midlands Police, who openly say that they will take the ‘no prosecution’ option. As I said in a previous article on this appalling act of Islamic appeasement by West Midlands Police, this is the moment when their policy of ‘looking the other way’ when it comes to Islam was ‘exposed’ for all the world to see. A huge number of people became aware of just how much West Midlands officers, especially senior officers, fawn over Islam and Muslims.

If there is any good that has come from the recent actions, or rather their intent to undertake no actions regarding FGM then it is in the greater awareness many now have of just how dodgy and untrustworthy West Midlands Police have become. Under successive Chief Constables the force has become a byword for resources wasted on ‘diversity’ crap and much more worryingly it has become a byword for appeasement of Islam.

Therefore it gives me no pleasure at all to have to, yet again, award West Midlands Police force, and in particular their current Chief Constable Dave Thompson, the badge of shame which is the February 2017 British Neville Chamberlain award for appeasement of Islam. We should all be disgusted at the abject cowardice of CC Thompson and his officers who are now apparently refusing to enforce the law when it is Muslims who are carrying out offences that disgust and appal decent people.

Yet again the West Midlands force has declared and shown itself to be not a police force for all of us but are primarily a police force dedicated to keeping the volatile and violent Muslims on their patch sweet. We should be seeing police forces cracking heads and dragging these child abusing FGM practitioners through the courts, not as West Midlands are doing, which is licking the boots of those who do this terrible crime. West Midlands Police have proved themselves yet again to be a force unfit for purpose. If you want to find out more about how West Midlands Police have consistently appeased Islam then I would advise you to search for ‘West Midlands Police’ in the fahrenheit211.net search box.

Here is the British Neville Chamberlain Award certificate for West Midlands Police for their appeasement of Islam by declaring that they will go easy on those suspected of carrying out or approving of FGM.

Neville Certificate feb 2017

If you want to express your disgust at the actions, or rather the inactions of West Midlands Police by posting a copy of the above-mentioned ‘Neville’ certificate available by pdf above, then you can post it to the address below.

Chief Constable Dave Thompson

Police Headquarters
West Midlands Police
Lloyd House
Colmore Circus
B4 6NQ

If you want to email them to express your disgust at WMP’s behaviour in this or regarding other incidents where this force has been involved in ‘Islamopandering’, then below is the general use email address for West Midlands Police.


You can also fax WMP on:

0121 626 5642

It only remains for me to say that if you do contact West Midlands Police, by whatever method, to express your disgust at their behaivour, then please keep your communications with the force and with the Chief Constable, decent, legal, measured, honest and truthful.