Video – The Islamic Hatred of Gays and Lesbians


I’m indebted to the poster ‘Kraut and Tea’ who resides on the social media platform* for putting this video up. It’s an excellent expose of the often murderous hatred that those brought up in Islamic cultures have for Lesbian and Gay people.

This video should once and for all bust the naïve idea that LGB and T people have anything in common with those who follow the ideology of Islam. The video examines the attitudes towards LGB and T people by Muslims both in Muslim majority nations and those Muslims who live as minorities in non Muslim nations. What the video shows us is that there is not just a distaste or a dislike of LGB and T people among Muslims but a strongly held desire to exterminate people who are LGB and T.

This video should be required viewing for anybody who labours under the misapprehension that gays can live side by side with practising Muslims. It should also be viewed by those LGB and T activists, especially those from the political Left, who see fighting against ‘Islamophobia’ as being an analogue of the historical fight for social acceptance for LGB and T people. Both these assumptions are profoundly wrong. In the first case, it’s increasingly obvious that LGB and T people are unsafe in areas or nations where Islam dominates and in the second case the comparison between ‘Islamophobia’ and social acceptance for LGB and T people is just plain wrong. The fight for LGB and T acceptance was and is one which asks for people to be accepted for who they are and be left alone to get on with life, whereas defending Islam from criticism, which is what ‘anti Islamophobia’ work often turns out to be, gives assistance to an ideology that wants to oppress others, including LGB and T people.

This is a very informative if sombre video and is a valuable resource for those who want to find out what is really going on regarding Islamic attitudes to LGB and T people. By viewing this video you will certainly learn much more about the disgusting and murderous attitudes to LGB and T people in the Islamic world than you would get listening to your local left wing LGB and T activist.

Here’s the video. *As an aside this blog is now being publicised on the social media platform and can be found under the tag @Fahrenheit211