Some thoughts on the Westminster Attack


It’s 22:50 as I finish writing this article and the scale of the carnage committed by the Islamic terrorist at and around the surroundings of the Palace of Westminster is starting to become clear. There has been confirmation that five people are dead, including the Islamic attacker who was shot by armed police following the terrorist’s attack on one of their unarmed colleagues.

At least forty people have been injured some catastrophically so, according to statements made by doctors at nearby hospitals. According to Sky News reports the current situation with regards victims of this violent Islamic savage are as follows:

One police officer was stabbed to death in the grounds of Parliament

  • A woman was confirmed to be one of two civilians to die on Westminster Bridge
  • At least 20 people were wounded, some with “catastrophic” injuries
  • Three police officers injured on the bridge
  • Two Romanians were injured
  • Three French youngsters on a school trip 
  • Four university students from Edge Hill University were also hurt

Ordinary people just going about their business, police officers, visitors to the capital and French children on a school trip were all among the victims of the horrifically violent and evil man who was seemingly motivated to attack by an equally violent and evil belief system. There are people who went to work this morning but will not return home to their loved ones. There are others who have been hospitalised with injuries that I would imagine are life-changing.

This appalling attack, one that is aimed at the very heart of our nation and our culture, has quite rightly and as expected, elicited anger from ordinary Britons, many of whom, including myself, have had more than enough of the savagery that the ideology of Islam has brought to the world and today to Britain. As well as the righteous and justified anger that many of us feel at the sight of more dead and maimed people who are dead and maimed because the attacker followed an ideology that is shot through with hatred, there was also the statements of the great and good and the not so good. The Prime Minister, Theresa May, called the attack ‘depraved’, which in my view is the very least of the words that could be used to describe the attack. There was the offer of help to the UK from President Trump’s administration in the United States and for that offer, this particular Briton thanks most heartily the President and the people of the United States.

There was also the statements from those I would refer to as the ‘not so good’ and whose statements were either bland, emotionless or unbelievable or statements dripping with a prior agenda. The description bland and emotionless must surely describe the demeanour of the Mayor of London, Sadiq ‘Saracen’ Khan, who looked on UK TV, as he mouthed empty platitudes, like a rabbit caught in the headlights, as surely even he, arrogant as he is, must now be realising that his comment from a while back that terrorism is ‘part and parcel of living in a big city’, will come back to haunt him. For me the lowest of the low was the statements put out by the disgraced ‘anti Islamophobia’ group Tell Mama. They put out two Tweets that were slick with crocodile tears. This group, that has spent an enormous amount of time and public money trying to shut down criticism of Islam, had the cheek to put out these two Tweets.

TellMAMAUK‏Verified account @TellMamaUK 6h6 hours ago

Terrible incidents outside Parliament. Colleagues from our team in Parliament praise the amazing work of the security services.


Londoners will not be divided by those who seek to harm, divide or split us. Our resolve to tackle hatred/extremism grows stronger together

What a load of crap. The only ‘division’ in our society I can see is coming from the very people and the very ideology that this group wish to stop people criticising. Talk about having ‘more front than Blackpool’.

As of this point there is no indication of the identity of the Islamic murderer who carried out this attack. There was early speculation that this attack was carried out by Abu Izzadeen, formerly known as Trevor Brooks, a convert to Islam and associate of Anjem Choudhury of the banned Islamist group Al Majaroon. However social media posts by this man’s solicitor claimed that Brooks isn’t the suspect as he is in prison. I dare say that the police will eventually release the name of the attacker and we will know for sure his identity.

However, I think that we can quite easily assume that this attack is everything to do with Islam and is unlikely to come from any other terror source. I say this because of the description and pictures of the attacker, early reports from witnesses as relayed by Sky News, that the attacker shouted the Islamic death-cry ‘Allah hu Akbar’ and the fact that the attack was carried out with a similar modus operandi to other Jihadi attacks that have occurred elsewhere in the world.

Mrs May, the Prime Minister has appealed for people to ‘carry on as normal’ but I think that’s the wrong thing to say. We should not ‘carry on as normal’ after this. We should be angry, we should ask our politicians and security services to do more to protect us, after all even though these individuals and entities operate in the name of ‘the Crown’, it is we the people who pay their wages. We should also ask those who govern us to be more honest about the threat we face and the reasons behind that threat. There should and indeed must, be no more equivocating, no more slippery words about ‘community cohesion’ or concerns about ‘anxieties’ in the Muslim community. Most importantly, never again must we hear the dishonest phrase ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ coming from the lips of those who presume to govern and represent us.

We should disregard the Prime Minister’s words when it comes to ‘carrying on as normal’. We should not accept as normal violent savages slaughtering Britons and visitors to the nation in the street. We should demand change, we should demand honesty and we should demand that those tasked with protecting us do so and not take too much care in protecting those whose ideology says ‘you will be killed’.

Enough is well and truly enough now. The state needs to tackle the root of the problem we face, by any means necessary. The state should not be constrained by considerations of ‘political correctness’ or ‘cultural sensitivity’ when it comes to dealing with the problems of this violent, intolerant political and quasi-religious ideology of Islam.

This attack should mark the point when the British gave up on the idea of ‘carrying on as normal’ and also be the point when the authorities started to kick arse when it comes to Islam. This is the point from whence political, legal and even military vengeance on those who have brought this horror to Britain, is not merely a just and moral imperative, but vital for our survival.


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    Well said.

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