Is the Antwerp incident because of Islam, mental illness or a combination of both?

The aftermath of an attempted attack in Belgium earlier today

UPDATE 19:29: It looks as if my assumption that this attacker was not an indigenous French person was correct.  According to Brietbart the man who carried out this attack is a Tunisian with a French passport

Just a day after the horrific example of Islamic savagery in London yesterday it appears to be the Belgian city of Antwerp to be today’s location for vehicular Jihad. I’m not sure whether to classify this incident as Islam or not Islam but on a balance of probabilities basis it’s likely to be the result of yet another murderous Muslim bastard using a vehicle as a weapon.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that a man drove a car at high speed into a pedestrianised shopping street. Thankfully on this occasion the man and his vehicle was apprehended without it seems any deaths or serious injuries. As is usual policy for this blog the original text from the Telegraph is in italics whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text.

The Daily Telegraph said:

Police in the northern Belgian city of Antwerp said on Thursday they had detained a man who tried to enter the main pedestrianised shopping street in a car at high speed, adding security in the city would be stepped up.

Vehicular jihad? Maybe maybe not bit it’s a strong possiblity.

“At about 11 am this morning a vehicle entered De Meir at high speed due to which pedestrians had to jump away,” a police spokesman told a news conference, referring to the street name.

People caught up in this incident have been very very lucky to escape. In so many other vehicular jihad incidents the body count is often quite high.

The Belgian prosecutor’s office said a 39 year old French national had been arrested and that police found knives, a shotgun and a gas can with an unknown liquid in the car. 

Hmm! A French national. Would that be a real French national or some imported violent Muslim thug who just happens to have been mistakenly given a French passport? No doubt this will become clearer as time goes by. This person certainly seems to be armed in a similar manner to how other violent Muslims who’ve carried out these sort of jihad attacks have been.

The office said “because of these elements, and the events in London yesterday, the case is being taken on by the federal prosecutor’s office,” which usually deals with extremist attacks.

‘Specialist extremism prosecutor’? This is looking more and more like there could be an Islamic aspect to this incident.

Additional police and military personnel, including a bomb squad, have been deployed to the centre of Antwerp and security stepped up at the city’s port.

All well and good but the Belgians may find it more effective in the long run to deal with the root cause of that nation’s terrorism problems, which is the Muslim community of Belgium that is producing terrorists with all the efficiency of a production line.

Prime Minister Charles Michel said: “we remain vigilant. Our security services have done excellent work.”

As long as Belgium continues to tolerate the violent Islamic fifth column that they’ve allowed to become established in the nation, then no amount of vigilance or security service excellence will be enough to keep Belgian citizens safe and secure. To deal with the terror threat first the Belgians must deal effectively, harshly and remorselessly with the heart of the problem which in this case is the Belgian Islamic culture itself.