Meet the virtue signalling town councillor who is still playing the ‘refugees welcome’ card

Could this be some representatives of the 'vulnerable children' that this councillor is talking about.


The main job of town councillors is to represent those who voted for them and to play their part in the administration of the residents of the towns which they serve. Unfortunately there are some councillors who use their platform to push some pretty dangerous and foolish policies and policies that if enacted in the areas that they represent, would probably cause a great many quality of life problems for local people.

I speak of councillors who bang on about ‘refugees’ and engage in public hand-wringing over this issue, but who fail to consider just what happens when these ‘refugees’, who are in the main from cultures that are incompatible with our own, are placed in civilised societies. As many of us have seen over the last few years, allowing entry to hundreds of thousands of young men who falsely claim to be ‘refugees’ has been a disaster for places like Germany and Sweden. Germany has seen a massive rise in migrant crime and these mostly Muslim migrants have changed Sweden almost beyond recognition. These imported savages, and there’s no other word I can find to describe them, have brought levels of violent and sexual crime that the Swedes have not experienced in modern times. If these lower tier elected representatives such as those mentioned below, saw what I see whilst researching articles for this blog, or if they speak to the same people I speak to, then I wonder whether they would be so eager to wave the ‘refugees welcome’ flag as much they do? My guess is they’d be far less willing to shroud-wave about these ‘refugees’ if they realised that letting these ‘refugees’ in to the UK, may very likely endanger their own children.

One of this blog’s contacts pointed me in the direction of an article written by Rebecca Cain the Chief Reporter on the website of the Redditch and Alcester Advertiser

The Advertiser article said:

AN emotional plea from a town councillor called for more to be done to help unaccompanied child refugees from Syria.

It’s nearly always an ’emotional appeal’ when it comes to these pro-migrant virtue signallers isn’t it? Maybe it’s because they have no practical or logical arguments for their cause, other than to say ‘think of the children’ in a pleading tone.

Part of the reason why we have so many problems in Europe at the moment, problems that have been caused by these fake ‘refugees’, is because people have let their emotions lead them down policy paths that will only end in disaster for the nations that have given entry to these fake ‘refugees’.

Speaking at Ross-on-Wye Town Council on Monday night, Chris Bartrum asked for councillors to support a letter to be sent to their MP asking for more to be done to help.

Not exactly a good use of council time is it? Hasn’t Cllr Barnum got some constituents queries about rubbish collections to worry about, instead of engaging in his emotionally incontinent display of virtue signalling?

In February, the government announced it was going to resettle 350 Syrian children in the UK, thousands short of the figure suggested by government sources last year.

Kids or adult men of military age with beards, bad attitudes and a belief that they are entitled to rape? If they are anything like the ‘vulnerable children’ that groups like Citizens UK helped to import from the Calais Jungle Camp then these ‘children’ will probably be aged closer to 30 than 3 years old.

One of the supposed ‘child migrants’ who came in from the Calais camp with the assistance of the Left wing CitizensUK group. This could be what the refugee advocates are referring as an ‘unaccompanied child’

Cllr Bartrum said: “Can we do whatever we can to help these kids? I have got kids and I have got grandkids. If you help people, maybe one day, they will help us. It is common humanity. These unaccompanied kids who have seen their parents blown up.”

I’ve no objection to helping genuine child refugees, or any genuine refugee for that matter, but they must preferably be helped in areas closer to their place of origin. For one it’s cheaper as the aid pound goes further in places like Turkey or Jordan that it does in the UK.

The second consideration is to ask the question: Will bringing these ‘children’ here endanger our own people? I’m afraid the answer to that one is a definite ‘yes’. Those countries that have opened their borders to so-called ‘unaccompanied minors’ have seen an explosion of crime. Sweden has been rocked by a massive increase in sexual crimes and murders committed in part by these ‘child migrants.’

Cllr Bartrum emotes to the world about the fact that he has children and grandchildren, but he seems to have no concern about what these imported ‘children’, who are often from violent cultures where paedophilia is to a certain extent socially acceptable, might do to his own family if they were brought to the UK. ‘Common humanity’ doesn’t have to include being suicidally altruistic but should include having a healthy sense of self preservation, something that seems to be missing in Cllr Bartrum.

He said that people question why Arab countries cannot take “their own people”, but he said they have already helped so many.

I think Cllr Bartrum will find that some countries such as Lebanon and Jordan have taken people in but there are other, much more wealthier nations such as Saudi and the other Gulf States which have not.

Cllr Bartrum added: “We have all seen these stories that kids are not kids but just look at one newsreel and you can see Syria is being destroyed.”

Methinks that Cllr Bartrum has been overly influenced by media such as the BBC which loses no chance to promote the often dishonest ‘vulnerable children’ lines served up by various open borders and pro-migration NGO’s. Not for nothing is there a handy German language word to describe news outlets such as the BBC and that word is ‘Lugenpresse’ or ‘lying press’. Although this was a word that came out of a dark time in German history, this word most certainly deserves reanimation as it is sadly so apt to describe much of the mainstream media today.

Cllr Jenny Hyde, who supports the council cabinet member for Young People and Children’s Wellbeing, said: “I can assure everybody here we are committed and doing our best. We have got a lot of unaccompanied children coming into Herefordshire. The council is already purchasing suitable properties for communal houses and things like that.

Great! Now there will be ordinary hard working families in this county who will find themselves having to live near, or worse, next door to those who might be junior (or not so junior) rapists, junior jihadis or individual who will create other problems. It’s odd isn’t it how these councils can suddenly find accommodation and support for those to whom we owe no duty of help and certainly should have no right of entry into the United Kingdom. It’s even more odd that these councils can find money for ‘refugees’ but not money to provide help for our own deserving citizens who having paid into the taxation pot or served the country in the Armed Forces, should deservedly have first call on any help available.

“We have our families coming in from Syria- some are already here. We are expecting another 20 children this month.”

That’s interesting I would expect that the sex crime rate will go up in this county as it has done in Germany and Sweden who also allowed in ‘unaccompanied refugee minors’.

She said Herefordshire is not always suitable for unaccompanied teenagers as it is very quiet.

Another interesting comment which suggests that what the poor people of Herefordshire are going to get is not distressed orphan toddlers but hulking great 20+ year olds pretending to be 14. Woe betide anyone who has to have their son or daughter in the same school as possibly fake children.

Cllr Hyde added: “It is very difficult. For anyone to say we are not doing what we can. The pressure on Herefordshire finding foster homes. We are struggling for our own children. It is a massive problem.”

So if the county is struggling to find foster placements for the county’s own children who are in the care system, why on earth are they importing more, ‘children’, who will further burden the Children’s Services department of the local authority?

The sort of comments that we are seeing from these councillors’ are the usual sort of virtue-signalling claptrap mouthed by people who have no real knowledge of the sort of cultures that these alleged ‘children’ come from. There seems to be no practical or discernible thought process going on in these councillors’ heads. It’s all emotion, emotion, emotion and sod all more than that. There is great danger in a person being led mostly by their emotions as an emotional response to a certain type of stimuli may not be the best one in the long run.

Being led by your emotions and side-lining practical concerns leads people into all sorts of problems such as wrong choice of career or life-partner or can lead individuals into doing stuff that may not be good for them. Emotionally led people are stunted individuals and they can find themselves getting involved in crime or drugs or even, as in this case, campaigning for questionable people who may or may not be pretending to be children, but who more than likely to end up as a problem for the rest of us, to be allowed into the UK.

I feel sorry that the people of Ross on Wye have the misfortune to be represented by these shallow emotion vomiting virtue signallers who appear to have nothing better to do than to fawn over those who a growing number of the rest of us see as nothing but future trouble for us and our families.



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  1. Philip Copson | March 24, 2017 at 8:00 pm |

    Note that Chris Bartrum hasn’t said how much of his own money he is giving or how many migrants he will invite into his own house.
    However, as I don’t want people to sit up all night worrying about this, I think that we can all be sure that the correct answers are “Sod all” and “What, me?”

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