Video – Paula on Marine ‘A’, Article 50 and the virtually non-existent ‘Muslim peace movement’


Another excellent video from the popular You Tube commentator channel ‘Plain Talk With Paula’. In this video Paula speaks of the good news of the triggering of Article 50 and the triggering to tears of various Remaniac ‘snowflakes’.

She also speaks of the grossly misnamed ‘Muslim peace rally’ that took place in Birmingham following the Westminster Islamic attack by deranged Muslim who murdered a police officer and a number of civilians. This rally, which was ‘bigged up’ by the Muslim community and the media attracted a mere two hundred or so people. That’s a pretty poor showing for a Muslim community that numbers 4 million. If they can only get 200 people to turn out to call for peace following an attack carried out in the capital by a Muslim, then it shows somewhat the piss poor support for ‘peace’ in Britain’s Islamic communties. It’s almost as if Islam really isn’t the ‘religion of peace’ that our politicians and lying press keep telling us it is?

Finally Paula relates the almost pant-pissingly funny story from Turkey about a set of public loudspeakers that normally are used for the Islamic call for prayer. According to Paula, at one o’clock in the morning these speakers jumped to life, not with a wailing Muezzin ‘allah akbar-ing’ away, but with the soundtrack from a porn movie. Apparently, the radio-linked loudspeakers were either hacked or merely deliberately swamped by a more powerful nearby transmitter, in order to make the speaker give porn sounds rather than Islamic prayer.

I enjoyed this video from Paula and I hope you enjoy it too.