Forget gender neutral bathrooms and concentrate on the real threat to LGB and T people, which is Islam.

It's time or LGBT people to 'shoot back' at those who wish them dead, if not literally than at least figuratively by seeing that the LGBT establishment is not keeping people safe from Islam and speaking out against this awful dereliction of duty.


For far too long the leadership, often a self appointed leadership, of LGBT organisations in the Western world has been dominated by the political Left. This situation might have been acceptable back in the old days when the Gay Liberation Front were at the forefront of campaigning and it was the Christian right who were the opponent, but it is not acceptable now when Islam is the lethal and murderous enemy of those whose sexual orientation is not completely straight.

The Left have done so little, especially in recent decades to counter the proven and known threats posed by the ideology of Islam and in some cases have even made excuses for Islam. The Left can no longer be trusted to best represent the interests of, or secure the safety of, LGBT people.

Therefore I was delighted to see that some gays of the right are starting to speak out about both the miserable and craven behaviour of the LGBT Left but also against the Islamic threat to LGBT people’s lives and security. One example in particular of a gay non Leftist speaking up came from a guest on the Tucker Carlson show on Fox News.

As reported by the Blaze magazine, the gay conservative activist Christopher Barron, stepped up and spoke up about the threat posed to LGBT individuals by Islam.

Blaze Magazine said:

An outspoken conservative advocate for LGBT rights is calling on LGBT groups to spend less time worrying about “bathroom bills” and more time focused on battling Islamic extremism, where the “real war” is being waged.

Christopher Barron—a conservative strategist, founder of LGBT group GOProud, and organizer of LGBT for Trump—appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Friday to discuss the threat he believes Islamic extremism poses to LGBT people.

But why would groups that claim to advocate for the interests of gay Americans also advocate for the admission of immigrants who hate gays,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked Barron.

It absolutely makes no sense, whatsoever,” Barron said. “None, whatsoever. I mean, look, we’ve had a conversation in the last couple decades about evolving opinions, about evangelical Christians’ opinions about LGBT people, and there’s been a lot of legitimate criticism, and I think we’ve seen a lot of changing of hearts and minds.”

Meanwhile, the left has completely and totally ignored the fact that Islam has a serious problem with gay people,” said Barron. “We’re not just talking about, you know, won’t let people use the bathrooms that they identify with.”

Yeah, not baking a cake for the wedding,” Carlson interjected. “This is a little different.”

Right, throwing gay people off of buildings,” said Barron. “Killing them. You look at the countries in the Middle East and their positions on LGBT people: It’s illegal to be gay in Iran. The penalty for being gay in Iran is death. This isn’t just, ‘We don’t like you.’ This is, we’re talking about state-sanctioned murder of someone just for being gay, and the left turns a blind eye to it every single day.”

There is very little in what Mr Barron has said on this subject on which I can find myself disagreeing about. For far too long the Left-led LGBT organisations have railed about inconsequential issues, such as gender neutral bathrooms, or bullied those who may disagree with their points of view into silence. But, and they should be extremely ashamed of this, the LGBT Left have done nothing whatsoever to warn or protect LGBT people from Islam and Muslims.

It’s time for the ordinary LGB or T person to wake up and realise that those who are purporting to represent you are not your friends, they are not even neutral, the Leftist LGBT organisations and activists are assisting the Islamic enemy, an enemy that wants YOU dead. These left led organisations for example Stonewall in the UK and other groups have failed miserably to deal with what is the most pressing and dangerous threat to LGBT in the modern West and that threat is called Islam.


Original article from Blaze Magazine