If you are still ambivalent or even happy about having a ‘Syrian refugee’ living next door then this story may change your mind.

The Syrian-American Zakaryia Abdin who is said to have bamboozled do gooders and repaid attempts to deradicalise him with another Jihad plot


The cohort of Syrians, whether they be described as ‘refugees’ or otherwise, are becoming notable for being problematical. Although the mainstream media feeds the public images of suffering toddlers and starving children, displaced by the civil war in that country, in all too many cases what Syria is producing seems to be jihadist thugs.

This appears to be the situation in this example from March 2017 that occurred in South Carolina in the United States of America. In this case a teenager who was of Syrian extraction and who had travelled back and forth to Syria was in 2015, accused of acquiring a gun illegally and planning to use it to rob a gunshop. The police say that the stolen guns were going to be used to attack an American military base because the American military are attacking the Islamic State group. The teenager was given an indeterminate sentence that would keep him behind bars until over 21 but he was paroled a few months ago according to news reports. He was paroled it should be said against the advice of police. However the teenager, now aged 18 and who has been named as Zakaryia Abdin was arrested again on yet more terrorism charges. The last two years, nor the imprisonment doesn’t seem to have mellowed Abdin one little bit.

Below you will find what 5Live News of South Carolina have to say about this latest example of a seemingly integrated Muslim suddenly going ‘full Islam’ and planning to kill people. This man wanted to kill Americans and that must not be overlooked or forgotten and those he wanted to kill included those in the military who have been keeping all American’s, including this teenage hate filled Islamic arsehole safe from harm. The story below may make some people who support the ‘Syrian refugee narrative’ or who are ambivalent about the situation change their minds. This Muslim of Syrian extraction was given a home in the United States and every advantage that a free society can offer, yet he chose to throw in his lot with the savages of ISIS. How can we safely allow such people from such base, hate-filled and retarded Islamic cultures into the nations that are our homes? The answer is that we should not. It is better to be safe and keep these people out than to be sorry after we’ve let them in.

5 Live News said:


An 18-year-old Ladson man appeared in federal court Friday following his arrest on charges he intended to join ISIS.

Zakaryia Abdin was arrested at the Charleston International Airport Thursday night, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Lance Crick. Abdin was arrested by special agents of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force before he boarded an outbound flight.

Abdin is accused of attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, a designated foreign terrorist organization, Crick said. The charge is based on Abdin’s alleged attempt to travel overseas to join the terrorist organization, he said.

Sixteenth Circuit Solicitor Kevin Brackett said Abdin, whose family is from Syria, was charged in 2015 with being in possession of a firearm unlawfully.

He was 16 at the time he was charged in that incident, Brackett said. He said reports on his arrest in 2015 did not identify the teen because he was a juvenile.

The investigation revealed Abdin had been talking with a person in North Carolina and was planning to use one or two firearms to rob a gun shot to get larger weapons, Bracket said. Those larger weapons would then be used to attack a North Carolina military installation, investigators said, adding the pair planned to leave the United States and go to the Middle East and join ISIS.

Brackett said Abdin could not be charged with a federal crime in the 2015 case because of his age. But Brackett said his office worked closely with law enforcement to seek a strong sentence.

In court, we explained to judge the gravity of the offense,” Brackett said. “We were deeply concerned about the safety of the public if he got out.”

Brackett said Abdin told the court he was troubled, that his father had died, and swore this was an isolated incident, adding he had just been confused. He promised they wouldn’t hear from him again, Brackett said.

Everybody hopes that people learn the error of their ways, you want to hope and believe it was a one-off, isolated incident, that he’s moving on with his life, becoming a productive member of the community,” Brackett said.

The judge sentenced Abdin to the maximum punishment, an indeterminate sentence that would keep him behind bars until his 21st birthday, Brackett said.

Abdin served time at the juvenile justice facility in Columbia but was paroled a few months ago, Brackett said. He said he and York Police Chief Andy Robinson had strong objections to Abdin’s parole.

“Given nature of allegations and the incident here, and evidence I saw in 2015, I’m not terribly surprised. I always thought these beliefs were much more deeply rooted,” Brackett said. “I’m grateful that the federal authorities were keeping close tabs on him and able to intervene before anyone got hurt.”

Late Friday afternoon, Robinson said he was not upset, but only because no one was hurt.

I am disgruntled that the juvenile parole board would not heed our warning and that the federal government did not pursue terrorism-related charges when he was a juvenile, which forced us to charge him with a misdemeanor gun charge rather than with a more serious terrorism-related charge,” Robinson said. “This is exactly why we have been pushing our state legislators to pass HB3208 and make it state law so this sort of thing doesn’t happen again in the future, possibly with a much graver outcome.  Just frustrating that we knew he was not reformed and that he would continue to pursue these sorts of activities.”


Below is a video report regarding the 2015 firearm incident involving Abdin


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We are seeing a number of cases where Muslims, even ostensibly integrated and civilised ones, like Abdin, are showing loyalty to Islamic terrorist groups, such as ISIS and not to the nations in which they live. This is something that we should not accept in our societies and this ‘Jihadist fifth column’ needs to be dealt with swiftly, harshly and without mercy by the State. It is the duty of Muslims who live in Western societies to root out the Koranic literalists and extremists and co-operate with the authorities in getting such people off the street or even removed from our nations. If they do not then I’m afraid that there will be a growing number of non-Muslims who will see the entirety of the Islamic community as backing the extremists by their silence and inaction.

There will no doubt be a number of people who read this story who will think ‘I really don’t want any violent Syrian savages living near me’ and when you see stories like the one above I really can’t blame people for thinking this way. Anyone with an enquiring and open mind can see that these Syrians or alleged Syrians whether ‘refugee’ or not are bringing problems. People, especially those who still believe the dishonest ‘poor refugee Syrians’ narrative, need to ask themselves a question and that is: Would they be happy living near to or next door to someone whose ‘deeply held beliefs’, as in the case of Abdin, involved killing you or your family? I know I would not.