Today the ideology of Islam brings to Germany the rape and murder of the elderly and the disabled.


Every now and again comes a story that turns the stomach. In addition to that such stories make me righteously angry at the politicians who have placed us and our loved ones in so much danger by importing and then pandering to, the followers of the 7th century death cult that goes by the name of Islam.

This stomach churning story comes from Germany where a Somali asylum seeker broke into a care home, raped two men who were in no position to fight back or resist and then murdered an 87 year old woman. The Somali savage then made his escape through a window but was apprehended at his home later.

I read this coverage of the case from Breitbart with increasing anger. Here we have elderly people, those who we in civilised societies class as the most vulnerable, being raped and murdered by a Somali man who has brought nothing but misery to Germany.

Brietbart said:

A Somali asylum seeker has been charged with raping two disabled men and murdering the wife of one of the victims in Germany last year.

The unnamed 18-year-old is accused of breaking into a care home in the town of Neuenhaus in October and raping a paralysed 59-year-old man.

He is then alleged to have entered an adjoining room and raped a second man before killing his 87-year-old wife when she confronted him.

Police say the migrant, who is currently being held in a psychiatric unit, killed the woman with “great force” to avoid being caught.

He was then confronted by a janitor at around 3.30am but forced his way past him before jumping out a window and fleeing the home.

What a worthless scumbag this Somali is. This Somali savage is more than likely to be a Muslim and steeped in the hate filled theology of Islam itself. He’s a man made worthless and base by dint of being brought up in a nation dominated by Islam and should have had no place in a civilised nation like Germany. Today one elderly woman is dead and two men have been traumatised by rape and this state of affairs has come about because politicians and the middle class Left said ‘refugees welcome’ without giving any thought to the sort of ‘savage reservations’ and equally savage cultures that these ‘refugees’ come from.

The personal tragedies that are being suffered by the relatives of the woman who died in this attack and the men who were raped are part of a wider national tragedy afflicting Germany. This nation that had once rebuilt itself from the ashes and attracted admiration for doing so, made the fatal mistake of electing politicians who inflicted Islam upon them.

‘Shut up and enjoy the diversity that Islam brings’, said the collective of politicians, who mostly enjoy the sort of armed and professional protection denied to the average German, but who will never, or rarely, have to face the consequences of their foolish policies. The appalling and tragic price of having Islam in German society is being paid by the ordinary German citizen including those who died or were bestially assaulted by this imported, worthless Somali savage.

It is to be noted that the alleged offender is being held in a psychiatric hospital as he is suspected of being mad. The German state can probably save an enormous amount of diagnostic funds by recognising that this Somali is suffering from a mental illness and the name of this mental malady is called Islam.

More Islam in a society equals more deaths, more oppression, more misogyny, more cruelty and less freedom. How difficult are those facts to grasp for the German government? The politicians of Germany need to grasp these vital facts soon or more people will die or be maimed by the savagery of Islam that Germany has so foolishly imported.