Another bizarre tale of Islamic savagery – The Pakistani rapist of sheep.


This piece was originally going to be part of this blog’s ‘Now That’s Why Pakistan Is A Shithole’ series as the person at the centre of the story is a Pakistani, however, because the story didn’t take place in Pakistan but instead in occurred Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, it didn’t fit in that series.

But this is such a bizarre story of a Pakistani Muslim with a sexual incontinence problem I thought it’s worth highlighting as a standalone piece.

Pakistan is well known for producing a large number of sexual deviants and the Pakistan Tribune has reported that the country comes near the top of the list for porn searches where the material searched for involves bestiality. Pakistan is a sick country that produces sick individuals with stomach churning paraphilias centred around child and animal sex and forced sex with women. Because of this I’m sadly not surprised to find that a Pakistani resident in Saudi Arabia has been arrested and is being investigated for raping a number of sheep.

The Riyadh Daily, an English language news outlet published in Saudi Arabia said:

Pakistani resident is facing charges of raping 30 sheeps belonging to a citizen in Al Aflag. The arrest came following a complaint received by the police station from a citizen reporting the capturing of the accused offender in the sheeps yard before midnight to conduct a sexual intercourse with the animals.

The sheep owner filed a complaint to the security authorities to analyze his cattle, Ministry of Agriculture will execute the analysis on the animals to complete the investigation procedures with the accused offender.

It must have been a shock to the farmer to look out over his sheep yard in the middle of night to find a Pakistani with an obsession with ovine sex working his way through the farmer’s stock.

This is one of those stories where I find myself reaching for a quote from the Pakistani born Canadian Islamic reformer Tarek Fatah. He once said that Pakistan is a country that ‘produces so many rectums’. It’s difficult to disagree with that sentiment when you realise that Pakistan seems to produce nothing but gang rapists, terrorists, wife beaters, misogynists and now sheep shaggers.

This case also makes me wondered just what happens to the lamb in a lamb biryani before it gets to the customer’s plate in a restaurant? Are these dishes also covered in ‘Pakistani special sauce’ or is it the case that diners in Pakistani or Pakistani-run restaurants now have to request whether they want their lamb dishes ‘buggered or un-buggered’?