From Elsewhere: Labour retain Livingstone in the party


Saddened but not surprised to see Ken ‘Adolf’ Livingstone managing to cling on to his Labour Party membership despite claiming that ‘Hitler was a Zionist’.

Breitbart said:

Britain’s main opposition Labour Party was in turmoil Thursday just weeks before local elections, after deciding not to expel a senior party member who made comments about Adolf Hitler and Zionism.

Deputy leader Tom Watson said the “incomprehensible” decision by the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) not to throw out former London mayor Ken Livingstone brought “shame on us all”.

More than 100 out of 229 Labour MPs signed a statement saying the decision was a betrayal of the party’s values and was “not done in our name”.

Current Labour London Mayor Sadiq Khan added to growing calls Thursday for Livingstone’s expulsion.

And Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May weighed in, saying Labour had plunged to new lows.

Labour had “revealed the depths to which it has now sunk, betraying the Jewish community in our country by letting Ken Livingstone off the hook”, she said in a party campaign speech.

The disarray comes ahead of the May 4 local authority elections in Britain, with Labour trailing badly in the opinion polls.

Livingstone, 71, was suspended in April last year after saying on a radio show that when Hitler won power in Germany in the early 1930s, “his policy then was that Jews should be moved to Israel. He was supporting Zionism before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews”.

On Tuesday, the NEC formally suspended him for two years backdated to last April, meaning he cannot stand in parliamentary or local authority elections — which he was not seeking to do.

The fact that Livingstone has been allowed to stay in the party despite being a total arse over this and other issues is a failure of Labour Party management. It also tells us a lot about what Labour have become and who their core supporters now are, which is Muslims and far Leftists who have Jew hatred running through them like the name of a seaside town on a stick of rock.

This incident and the response to it should mark the time when Left leaning Jews look at the Labour Party and think ‘do I belong here in this party any more’?

It seems that Labour have decided to throw their Jewish members under the bus in order to keep sweet the far Left and the Muslims who now make up a large and growing proportion of the party’s active members.

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  1. Robert the Biker | April 8, 2017 at 5:42 pm |

    The real problem for me (a dedicated hater of Ken) is that he is 100% verifiably correct! If you read Mein Kampf, something few appear to have done, you will find the following two facts
    1. Adolf did not start out an anti semite, he thought it a stupid ideology and first went to the meetings in Munich to argue with the people there about this.
    2. He is on record as a supporter of the Balfour Declaration, saying Jews should indeed have their own country. If things had gone only a little differently, the statue of Adolf Hitler would be 100 feet tall and in the middle of Tel Aviv..
    By all means castigate Ken for the things he has done, but less of the knee jerk reactions simply because it was a Jew who complained- they are no more infallible than anyone else.

    • Fahrenheit211 | April 9, 2017 at 5:47 am |

      I’d be interested to see th sources to that stuff, especially about Balfour. The early life and movitations of Hitler is and shall ever be a subject for speculation, possibly because the Nazis scrubbed as best they could some of the more questionable things from Hitler’s personal record, such as background and sexual preferences, leaving what we know to be pieced together from other secondary or sometimes tertiary sources. However where I will concede a point is that AH didn’t start out to be a Jew hater nor was born with the congenital intention to be a,mass murderer, that was learned behaviour. This was possibly at least later on, the consequence of being surrounded by people who never say ‘no’ and where those in charge of the apparatus of the state operated on the principle of ‘let’s bring the fuhrer stuff that will make him happy’ no matter how monstrous or immoral those suggestions may have been.

      There were all sorts of lunatic plans being discussed in Germany at the time including the ‘Madagasgar Plan’

      AH did at first start out as a socialist of sorts and it’s interesting to observe that many socialist ideologies whether they be national or international socialist ones had and have a large element of Jew hatred contained within them. The Soviet Union for example was a dangerous place to be openly Jewish although not as dangerous as that of Nazi Germany.

      I don’t think that the furore over Livingstone has anything to do with who has complained but has more to do with how Livingstone represents a dangerous current in today’s Labour Party. That current is the party’s pandering to Islamic Jew hatred in order to garner votes. Even Jo Cox the secular left wing ‘saint’ campaigned for the lifting of the blockade on the genocidal Jew haters of Hamas. Labour has put themselves in a difficult position over the issue of anti-Semitism. This is because they don’t want to be seen as openly anti-Semitic and alienate a large number of the general public, but on the other hand cannot take swift and effective action against this phenomena in the party for fear of upsetting their new core vote, which is increasingly coming from an Islamic community that has a strong anti-Semitic theological current running through it. Hence Livingstone’s suspension rather than expulsion.

      I don’t buy the ‘Hitler was a Zionist’ stuff that’s tossed around concerning Livingstone, as I think that this is overegging the pudding by a considerable amount. Hitler wanting to send the Jews to British Mandate Palestine had more to do with hatred and convenience than a genuine and loving desire to see the righting of a great historical wrong and see the Jewish people return in freedom to Zion.

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