Islamic savages strike again in Sweden? It certainly looks like it.

An image showing the aftermath of today's suspected truck jihad attack in Stockholm, Sweden (Picture from Breitbart)


This is a developing story from Sweden.

Apparently a truck has ploughed into pedestrians in a shopping street in the Swedish capital Stockholm.

This incident is being reported by some news sources as an ‘attack’ and this looks highly likely bearing in mind the number of similar Jihad by truck attacks that have been carried out by Muslim terrorists worldwide.

Here’s what Breitbart have to say about this rapidly developing story:

Casualties have been reported after a truck crashed into pedestrians in the Swedish capital Stockholm, police say.

The truck slammed into pedestrians near the Åhlens shopping centre on the Drottninggatan pedestrian street in the Swedish capital. According to Swedish paper Aftonbladet, the police on the scene are saying that the incident is likely a terrorist attack.

I saw hundreds of people ran, they ran for their lives,” said one witness name Anna. Another witness said, “We stood inside a shoe store, and we heard no noise, and so people start screaming. So I look out at the store, so I see a huge truck slammed into the wall opposite.”

Swedish broadcaster SVT are now claiming that three people have been killed in the incident and that shots have been fired.

Read the source via the link below:

At least in this situation the Swedish police are not openly lying to the public about this attack. They are admitting that this is likely to be a terrorist attack rather than the result of some random mental illness scenario.

It only remains to speculate over who the perpetrator was and for what cause he or she was wantonly murdering. On that issue I’d say that it’s unlikely to be a deranged Lutheran of Methodist and is much more likely to be a follower of that death-cult named Islam. I’d also say that the perpetrator is more than likely to be called ‘Abdul’, ‘Mohammed’ or something very similar and identifiably Islamic.

Surely after so many similar attacks and other incidents of Islamic savagery even the dimmest minded citizen of European countries, including Sweden, can now see that Islam is not a ‘religion of peace’ and that any claim that it is such a faith is a downright lie.

It pains me to have to say this but Sweden is in deep trouble. It is in so much trouble because of their government’s lunatic importation of violent Muslim thugs, often thugs posing as refugees. Things appear to be now so bad, with Islamic rape gangs, grenade attacks, Islamic ‘honour’ killings and terror, that the time may well be soon arriving when the ordinary Swedes have to make a decision.

That decision will be for them to work out if they will continue to be conformist to government demands to welcome what are basically murderous savages and end up as either dead or enslaved by those whom their government has foolishly imported. On the other hand the Swedes could decide to take the view that these imported Muslim occupying soldiers, because that’s what they behave like, need to be dealt with by any means necessary, whether that be politically or militarily.

From my viewpoint it seems that Sweden has imported a large number of people who want the regular Swedish citizen dead or enslaved. I see no moral problem in the Swedes removing by force if necessary, those migrants and Swedish-born Muslims who have brought so much misery to a country that is essentially full of decent people, who really don’t deserve what has been done to them by their politicians.

Maybe it’s time for the Swedes to take off the ‘pussy hats’ and stop trying to be the world’s ‘niceness superpower’. Maybe they should remember that they were once Vikings. If the Swede’s do at last remember their heritage then they should institute a government that will deal harshly and effectively with the invading Islamic army that their current Quisling politicians have dumped on the long suffering Swedish people.

It’s time for the Swede’s to change their government as soon as possible for one that abandons appeasement of Islam and instead treats this ideology with the contempt and the harshness that it truly deserves.