Guest Post – Tell Mama their lies and their smears. By Dow Heater


I’m really delighted to be able to feature this guest post from Dow Heater. Now for those who don’t know who Dow Heater is, she was once a popular user of the Twitter social media platform, but who now can be found elsewhere. She mostly commented on matters of Islamic violence and sex crime twin problems that Britian is suffering from at the moment. Unfortunately, she was suspended from Twitter along with a number of other critics of Islam and certain Islamic groups.

Dow has never to my knowledge been observerbably racist or anti-Semitic or anything like that but that didn’t stop the Tell Mama group from smearing her as such. All she ever did on the Twitter platform as far as I can tell, was tell the truth about the appalling levels of Islamic sex crime in the UK and also express, as should be her right, her disdain for the practises and theology of Islam. Islam, after all as many of us have discovered, is an ideology that is easy to dislike. For exercising her rights to speak up for those how have been abused and for saying who the abusers so often are, she has been consistently targeted for account removal, allegedly by those connected to the Tell Mama group and has even been smeared as a ‘far rightist’ by Tell Mama to the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee.

In this piece, Dow Heater outlines her disgust at the liars of Tell Mama and the lies that they have told about her. She draws attention to how Tell Mama have smeared individuals as ‘bigots’ and as ‘Islamophobes’ merely for asking awkward questions about the often appalling behaviour of Muslim men in non-Muslim societies.

Dow also speaks of her disgust at the amounts of public money that is wasted on Tell Mama and other projects which Tell Mama’s founder, Fiyaz Mughal, has been involved in. She makes the valuable and cogent point that Tell Mama gets £181,000 of our money per year, yet the victims of Islamic Rape Gangs often have to scramble and scrabble for crumbs of support from the State. Because of the difference between what the Islamic grievance-mongers of Tell Mama get and what the victims of Islamic criminals get then it’s right to ask whether this sort of spending priority is either moral or just?

Here’s the article and I hope it moves you to be disgusted at the waste of public money spent on Tell Mama and other Fiyaz Mughal groups. I hope also that it moves people to ask their political representatives why the government is continuing to give the cry-bully charlatans of Tell Mama such enormous amounts of public money and a considerable degree of undue influence.

Tell Mama, their lies and their smears. By Dow Heater

Like many people, especially those who are horrified by the levels of Islamic crime, especially Islamic sex crime, I have been attacked, lied about and smeared by the anti-Islamophobia monitor Tell Mama.

Tell Mama, which was founded by Fiyaz Mughal, as an offshoot of his organisation Faith Matters, has consistently lied about me. They’ve made a number of unwarranted accusations against me and treated me to the sort of name calling and abuse that if it was done to Fiyaz Mughal himself. then he would be running crying to the nearest police officer screaming ‘racism’ or ‘Islamophobia’. They have falsely said that I’m a Troll, a bigot, and that I’m Islamophobic. They’ve alleged that I’ve manipulated screen shots, and that I have exploited murder victims in order to to ask my followers to boycott Muslim businesses.

In a nation that should have freedom of speech, Tell Mama are free to label me anything they want. But, I have zero respect for any organisation that has more to say about my tweets than the crimes I tweet about. As you can see from the link above, they’ve accused me of manipulating screen shows which is a total lie as all that I did was add my opinion that the perpetrators were more likely to be Muslim than Asian, which is what these ‘Asian’ criminals most often turn out to be.

Tell Mama seem to be far more bothered about a few tweets critical of Muslims than they are about the thousands of girls and young women who’ve been victimised by Muslim rape gangs. They still refer to the outcry about Muslim rape gangs on occasion as an ‘Islamophobic trope’ and treat the known problems of Islamic sex crime as if they don’t exist or are merely a figment of the far right’s imagination.

The perpetrator in the Edinburgh case, was indeed a Muslim, as so many of these sex beasts are, who had raped a woman a knifepoint. Faizan Ali was jailed for five years

I wont attempt to defend myself on other issues from their blog or other published statements, I don’t need to, as most of what Tell Mama say about me is such a complete falsehood as to be laughable. It says a lot about Tell Mama, a so called anti hate organisation that they are opposing someone who is frustrated at the amount of Muslim majority rape gangs in the UK. When I see them engaging in such pettiness and dishonesty it makes me resent even more the amount of money that goes to Tell Mama and other Fiyaz Mughal created projects. It’s not just the £181K per year that is currently being wasted on Tell Mama that should concern people, as it does me, but how much more other funds Fiyaz Mughal has got for his various Islam related projects. For example £37,675 of government money was given to Fiyaz Mughal to spend on a mosque directory for Muslim women. Much of this sort of information regarding Islamic prayer facilities for women is readily available elsewhere on commercial directory websites and those specifically religious sites organised by the Islamic community themselves. This is wasteful duplication of stuff that was already being done and served no ultimate positive purpose. It did probably help to raise Fiyaz Mughal’s personal profile. This waste of money not just on Tell Mama or the mosque directory but on all Fiyaz Mughal related projects is even more sick-making when I compare it to what is being spent on treating the victims of Muslim rape gangs. I know English girls who are trying to move on from the horrific abuse that they suffered at the hands of Muslim rape gangs but who get very little help at all. There are many girls struggling to get counselling for their mental hurts they’ve suffered from systematic, brutal and long term abuse from the members of Islamic rape gangs. They struggle and beg for help yet Mughal and his dodgy organisations get the money that should rightly be going to give these girls proper treatment and for the police to fund them to stop these Muslims raping our women and children.

Tell Mama even lied about me in written evidence to the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee. Again, Tell Mama lie about me “manipulating screen shots”

Why would Tell Mama expend a lot of effort in writing to the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee telling them such trivial rubbish such as how I got followers, on social media. This sort of pettiness is something that you can find in Tell Mama’s written evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee. This is just another example of what they spend, or rather waste, their funding on. If all that Tell Mama are doing with their substantial public funding is carrying out the personal vendettas of Tell Mama staff against people who tell the truth about Islam on social media, which is what seems to be the case, then they really are a shocking waste of money that comes from yours and my pockets.

I’ve never responded to Tell Mama before, it didn’t seem worth bothering about. I know they lie but I’m shocked there are people such as those in Tell Mama, who are more concerned about my tweets criticising Islam than the fact that thousands of girls and young women have been raped, abused and sex trafficked by Muslim rape gangs.

I’m saddened that in Britain there are 1,400 victims from one town, Rotherham, alone, who have been sexually enslaved by Muslim gangs who get virtually zero help yet money that could be better spent elsewhere is being wasted on the charlatans of Tell Mama. Tell Mama seem to have nothing better to do with our money than attack people like me who do their tiny bit to show that unlike the perpetrators, the police, the council, we will speak out for those raped abused and sometimes murdered by Muslim gangs, who see British women as something less than human which can be abused by Muslim men at will.

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  1. Great post from Dow Heater, thanks for re-posting it. She tells it like it is!

  2. I would like to know how Tim Burton is guilty of religious harassment when Fiyaz Mughal admitted he was not a practicing Muslim; I thought all true Muslims have to adhere to the 5 pillars? I am rather baffled by this so perhaps someone can explain it to me?

    On another note, Tell Mama has a lexicon which consists of the following words “vile”, “bigot”, “anti-Islamic”, “Islamphobic” and “racist.” They once did an article about how someone had posted up a lot of stickers in a town on lamp-posts with the words “Refugees Not Welcome”. The article predictably described this as racist and anti-Islamic. I reckon they have some word fridge magnets that they move around to pick the most appropriate word!

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