Audio – Red Fox Radio show 10th April 2017


The editor of the Fahrenheit 211 blog took part in a cracking show that went out on Monday and was put together by Kel and the Red Fox Radio team.

In the show Kel and myself concentrate on the ongoing concerns about the Tell Mama organisation. We picked apart the latest tissue of lies put out by the disgraced Tell Mama organisation and their shifty founder Fiyaz Mughal. The document of dishonesty that we were discussing was a press release put out following a recent ‘hate speech’ trial by Tell Mama but more probably authored by Fiyaz Mughal, Tell Mama’s mendacious grievance mongering taqiyya artist in chief.

Also on the show was the written testimony of another person, the former Twitter user Dow Heater, who had been smeared by Tell Mama and makes complaints Tell Mama’s lies and about the egregious waste of taxpayers money that groups like Tell Mama represent.

I also managed to squeeze in a brief recipe for potato pizza base and cream of mushroom soup.

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  1. I loved the show – and it is always a pleasure to work with the F211!!

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