The Dortmund attack – Oh what a surprise, there’s a possible bearded savage Islamic connection.


It seems, or at least it does if this report from Associated Press and quoted by Breitbart is to be believed, that there is an Islamic motive behind the bombing of the bus belonging to the German football team Borussia Dortmund. The police have found evidence suggesting that the attack, in which one of the team’s players, defender Marc Bartra, was injured by shards of glass, was indeed and as suspected by many, an Islamic attack.

Here’s the quoted Associated Press report:

German prosecutors say a letter found near the scene of the Dortmund team bus blasts suggests a possible Islamic extremist motive for the attack, and one suspect has been taken into custody.

Frauke Koehler, a spokeswoman for federal prosecutors, said Wednesday that two suspects from the “Islamist spectrum” have become the focus of the Dortmund investigation. She says at a news conference that both of their apartments were searched and one of them has been detained.

She says the letter at the attack site demands the withdrawal of German Tornado reconnaissance jets from Turkey and the closure of the United States’ Ramstein Air Base in Germany. She said authorities are still evaluating its credibility.

Koehler says authorities have “significant doubts” about another claim online giving a left-wing extremist motive for the attack.

Damage sustained to the Borussia Dortmund team bus (picture from CNN website)

Although there may be many in the German political establishment and from that community of quislings known as the ‘Islamophiliacs’, who may have wished that this attack was carried out by anyone other than a savage hate filled follower of Islam, yet again they have been disappointed. This doesn’t look to be a ‘far right’ or ‘far Left’ or anarchist attack or even one carried out by deranged fans of a rival team, this looks like Islam attempting to kill, maim and disrupt again.

As the number of imported followers of the savage and unwelcome ideology of Islam grows so does the intolerance, violence and intimidation that they bring. Nothing appears off limits to these savages and their megalomaniac desire for world domination, nothing. Women, children, old people, police officers, religious minorities, gay people, football players, they are all considered as expendable ‘dirty kufar’ to the savages of Islam and as such have all be subjected to attacks, sometimes, lethal ones. Islam is a religion of death and has therefore brought nothing but death to the naïve Europeans who foolishly and stupidly treated Islam and its followers as being as civilised as they are.

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