A sobering illustration of the priorities of Britain’s least favourite Islamic grievance mongers.


It can often be illustrative of the morality or the character of an individual or an organisation by examining what the individual or organisation prioritises. For example: The person who chooses to pass by a mendicant, but doesn’t give to them because they want the pennies for an extra pint of beer, is probably indicating that they may be somewhat self-centred. In the case of organisations, an entity that chooses to concentrate on minor slights or non-stories whilst ignoring the horrific crimes of those from the community that the organisation is spinning for, is an indication that this organisation is bent or at the very least lacks a functioning moral compass.

An organisation that has consistently proven that they are an organisation with a non-functioning moral compass are the British ‘Islamophobia’ monitors Tell Mama, a group also known to many as those ‘mendacious grievance mongering taqiyya artists’. This group has had a long history of lying, dissembling, exploiting mentally ill people for political gain and of using lawfare to shut down criticism of Islam and in particular criticism of Tell Mama and of their founder Fiyaz Mughal.

Tell Mama’s latest attempt to make mountains out of molehills whilst ignoring some far greater problems concerns the shredding of copies of the Koran following the remodelling and re-use of a ‘multifaith prayer room’ at the University of Westminster. It appears that the furore was caused by false claims by a member of the National Union of Students that student’s copies of the Koran were being shredded because of the Government’s counterterror ‘Prevent’ strategy. This claim was comprehensively busted by the blog ‘Godless Spellchecker’.

Now step forward Tell Mama who felt the need to make a comment on this case and they said:

The University of Westminster has clarified social media speculation about the disposal of copies of the Qur’an.

A spokesperson from The University of Westminster said: “When the use of one of our faith facilities changed to become a multi-faith and contemplation room for all faiths and none, unused copies of the Quran were disposed of after consultation with room users, including staff and students, and the students’ union.

All room users were given several months’ notice of this change of use and were able to remove any items they wanted to keep or use before the room was cleared. The University only removed remaining items which included some copies of the Quran.

Our Interfaith Adviser consulted with staff, students, student union societies and religious leaders as to the most appropriate disposal method for religious texts.”

I must say I see no real point in Tell Mama’s involvement in this case and I suspect that they have featured this story primarily to stir the shit about this issue and to raise the profile of Tell Mama itself. It’s also a story that is way outside Tell Mama’s remit. It’s not exactly a priority for them is it? It makes me wonder whether Tell Mama have run out of dubious ‘Islamophobia’ stories to promote.

It’s really odd how Tell Mama seem to think that this non-story is something worth commenting on yet refuse to acknowledge the huge and ongoing problem of Islamic Rape Gangs? If they are willing to go off piste to comment on this non-story, why do they not do the same with regards Islamic Rape Gangs instead of what they normally say about this problem which is to attack those highlighting the damage done by these Islamic Rape Gangs. There seems to have been no proper acknowledgement by Tell Mama that the problem of Islamic Rape Gangs even exists. Worse than that on several occasions Tell Mama have dismissed those raising concerns about these gangs of being ‘far right’ or of promulgating ‘false Islamophobic memes’.

It’s amazing isn’t it, that Tell Mama can get involved in the non-story of the shredded Koran’s of Westminster University yet refuse to even admit that Islamic Rape Gangs are even a thing. Tell Mama have gone full-bore with their cynical attempt to play at being peacemakers yet have failed to go similarly off piste over the start a day previously of a major Islamic Rape Gang case in Huddersfield where 29 defendants are accused of a variety of sexual offences and sex trafficking. The vast majority of these defendants, 26 out of 29 have Muslim names. Maybe Tell Mama, if they feel the need to comment on stuff that’s outside their remit, could bring themselves to condemn Islamic Rape Gangs and not do as they so often do which is instead to condemn those who speak up against these gangs.

My own personal opinion is that you can learn a lot about a group from what they choose to make pronouncements on and what a group chooses to prioritse. The fact that Tell Mama choose to comment on non stories, to smear and attack those who raise awareness of Islamic sex crime and the fact that they refuse to properly acknowledge that Britain has a problem with Islamic Rape Gangs, should tell every Briton all that they need to know about the mendacious grievance mongering taqiyya artists of Tell Mama.

My message to Tell Mama is this. Why not tell the truth about Islamic Rape Gangs? Or is it the case that you, Tell Mama are as incapable of telling the truth about this problem, as you are incapable of truth-telling on just about anything and everything else?


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