Other nations should be following the French lead and closing down extremist mosques


It’s not often I dole out praise for the French government. Normally I’m in the position of having to condemn them for not doing enough to deal with their long term festering problems of violent Islamic savagery. However I have to praise the French government for their recent action in shutting down an extremism-linked mosque on the outskirts of Paris.

According to the online newspaper The Local France, the French security authorities shut down the mosque in the Eastern suburbs of Paris on the grounds that it was ‘a threat to security’.

Here’s the report from The Local. As is usual policy for this blog the original source text is in italics whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text.

The Local said:

A mosque in the eastern suburbs of Paris was ordered closed on Tuesday because authorities deemed it “a threat to security”.

I think the French government will find that it’s not just one or two extreme mosques that are a threat to security but a large number of them.

The mosque, located in Torcy in the Seine-et-Marne department, was deemed by authorities to be “a threat to public order”. 

Not much to disagree with there. However it’s not just individual mosques that are a threat to public order and security but the ideology of Islam itself.

Interior Minister Matthias Fekl said the mosque had “become a place where radical ideology was advocated”. 

“Some of the preaching was openly hostile to France’s laws and was inciting hate to other religious communities, primarily Shia Muslims and Jews.”

Yet again we have another group of Muslims who preach the destruction of Western countries and the murder or enslavement of religious minorities. How much more evidence do people need that Islam is not a religion of peace but is instead a violent death cult that desires the deaths of those who do not adhere to the violent death cult?

He added that there was a risk of “a breeding ground that threatened security and public order” in France. 

In the official police order for closure, Imams were said to have “legitimized armed jihad” over the past two years, “calling on members to pray for jihadists to destroy the enemies of Islam in France and around the world”. 

Here’s a question that needs to be asked. If there is evidence going back two years or maybe more that this mosque had been preaching armed jihad and the destruction of those French citizens who are opposed to Islam, then why was it not shut down before? The longer that the cancer of Islam is allowed to metastazie in countries like France the worse things get.

It is understood that around 500 Muslims would attend the call to prayer every Friday. 

Just think about that statement for a moment. This means that 500 Muslims of their own free will, turned up at the mosque weekly to hear hatred for France, hatred for Shia, hatred for Jews and encouragement to commit armed Jihad. None of these 500 regular mosque attenders seemed to have any problem with these sort of views being expressed. This is yet more evidence that the problems with Islam are not confined to a ‘tiny minority of extremists’ but are far wider and more deeply rooted than many, especially those in government, would like to admit. This widespread culture of hatred for the host culture and those living in it don’t just make things bad for the ordinary non Muslim French person, but also make it difficult if not deadly for those who wish to leave Islam. If the sort of extremism that the French government is trying to crack down on is so ubiquitous and widely accepted among France’s Muslims then those wishing to leave Islam will feel even more intimidated into staying within Islam than they normally would.

The mosque’s closure comes after authorities shut down another mosque in France last week, this time on the south coast. 

It was also suspected of promoting a radical form of Islam after a police raid had uncovered leaflets considered to be containing hate speech. 

This previous closure shows that Islamic hate preaching is not merely a problem for the suburbs of Paris but is spread to various degrees across France’s Islamic communities. Hate, violence and terror are not merely adjuncts to Islam, they are a major part of the ideology and that’s why a growing number of people are worried about the growth of this fascistic ideology in Europe. If the French government wants to get a handle on the problem of Islamic hatred then they need to deal with this issue at its source which is the Koran and the Hadith. These documents are the wellspring of Islamic terror and should be treated as such.

I doubt that this is the only mosque that is involved in jihad promotion or the promotion of violent hatred against those of other faiths and there must be many others doing the same thing but who haven’t yet been closed down by the authorities. It has been noted by both this blog and other commentators such as ‘Plain Talking Paula‘, that public relations efforts by Islamic groups to open up mosques for public visitation have provided only a minority of mosques that are willing to open their doors to the public. Out of over 1750 mosques in the UK only 150 opened their doors, which is only 8.7% of UK mosques. Paula said this small number looks ‘shady’ and I find it difficult to disagree and it makes me wonder just how many of these mosques have something to hide? Paula said that maybe those mosques who didn’t open their doors don’t want to let the rest of us know what is going on inside them?

Whilst it’s welcome that the French government has shut down these extremist mosques they need to realist that the problem of Islamic extremism is far wider than just a few ‘dodgy’ mosques and its highly likely that Islamic hate preaching is much more common than many would feel comfortable with. This closing down of an extremist mosque is very welcome but more mosques need to be forcibly closed and this is a policy that other nations should institute forthwith as it’s very likely that sedition is being preached within a great number of them. We should remember that when a nation al government closes down a mosque it’s a blow for freedom and will help to increase the security of all of us.


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