The Battle of Berkeley – Antifa show their true and foul colours


There have been astonishing scenes at the University of Berkeley in California where hundreds of Leftists have tried to shut down the free speech of a small group of supporters of President Donald Trump. Antifa, despite the name are behaving like the fascists they claim to oppose. It is as Winston Churchill once said, that the ‘fascists of the future will call themselves ‘antifascists’.

The local police have, according to reporter Lauren Southern, behaved disgracefully. They locked themselves in their police vans and let the Left and the anarchists run riot destroying property and injuring people. The report by Ms Southern and contained in the video below stated that the pro-Trump and pro-free speech demonstrators abided by march conditions which included no weapons or things that could be considered as weapons, but these conditions were not abided by by Antiafa.

The poster for the free speech and po-Trump event whose attendees have been attacked by the far Left and Antifa

Pro-Trump and pro-freedom demonstrators, who had assembled to peacefully state their antipathy to the violent leftism that has taken over the Berkeley campus and its environs, found themselves under assault from bricks, thrown food, pepper spray and by the swinging fists of antifa. Someone, it is not known who, threw an M-80 thunderflash which disorientated Ms Southern because of the loud explosion. However, the patriots and freedom lovers appear to have won the day in no small part due to the violent animals of Antifa setting off a smoke grenade without checking the wind direction. The acrid smoke put out by the smoke grenade blew towards Antifa causing them to run away from the smoke. Patriots then appeared to chase Antifa and turned a mistake by Antifa into a rout.

Watch the video below for more detail on this worrying bit of civil disorder and dereliction of duty by California’s police.

3 Comments on "The Battle of Berkeley – Antifa show their true and foul colours"

  1. thylacosmilus | April 17, 2017 at 6:32 am |

    On the other hand, that antifa woman getting punched did a lot to brighten my morning, as did the howls of ‘Unfair to hit girls!’ from the ‘gender is a social construct’ types… 😉

    • Fahrenheit211 | April 17, 2017 at 7:02 am |

      I also noticed howls of protest over this from the same Lefties who were saying ‘punch the Right’. The Left dishes it out but doesn’t like to take it in return

    • Fahrenheit211 | April 17, 2017 at 8:43 am |

      What was very noticeable, especially from Sargon of Akkad’s ‘Week in Stupid’ report which I’ve linked to below, is that the violence was obviously started by the Left and Antifa. It was Antifa and the Left who were chucking round inflammatory statements before the clashes and the same intolerant hate filled Lefties who started and then escalated the violence. The free speech crowd were nothing like the Left have painted them. Now I trust Sargon’s judgement on a number of things and if he says that there were a tiny minority of neo-Nazis there then that must be the case. All demos, no matter what they are about, attract a minority of nutters but what is surprising about the free speech crowd at Berkeley is just how few genuine neo-Nazi nutcases actually turned up.

      For me the highlight of Antifa’s stupidity was the scene where a person of colour was pushed out of the way and had his flag trampled on by Leftists apparently enraged by ‘racism’. It seems that the far Left in the USA is very similar to the far Left in the UK in that it’s OK to be black or gay or whatever provided that you stay on the Left wing ‘Reservation’. Depart from that reservation and call for open debate on issues and the black or gay person becomes the enemy who can be attacked by the Left.

      Here’s the latest ‘Week in Stupid’ report from Sargon of Akkad

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