Well done Crimebodge – Ranks of officers ‘issued with misconduct notices’ over the Rotherham scandal finally revealed


Many of those who have observed how the Rotherham Islamic Rape Gang scandal has played out, suspected that the policy of ignoring Muslim sex crime in that town wasn’t just one concocted by relatively junior officers. Now, thanks to the hard work and tenacity of those behind the Crimebodge website, it has been revealed that very senior officers have been involved in the wilful disregard of child sex offences carried out by Rotherham’s Muslims.

I congratulate all those involved in Crimebodge for their dogged determination in letting the public know just how high up the policy of turning a blind eye to Islamic sex crime went. As many of us have suspected the policy of throwing girls and young women to Islamic savages came from much higher up than mere constables and sergeants. The information revealed that the problem goes seriously high, right up to Chief Superintendent level and possibly beyond. It took those behind Crimebodge nearly a year to get through the evasiveness and obstruction of the Independent Police Complaints Commission and persuade South Yorkshire Police and the IPCC to release information about what ranks had been handed ‘misconduct notices’ over the Rotherham scandal.

Here’s part of the Crimebodge article.

After 10 months of battling with the Independent Police Complaints Commission to reveal the ranks of all police officers issued with misconduct notices, for their part in the Rotherham child abuse scandal, the IPCC have finally relented. On the 13th April, they sent a final follow up response to a Freedom of Information Request made by this website.

Since June of 2016, this site has been making repeated requests for information to establish how far up the ranks of South Yorkshire Police the wilful disregard of child abuse had gone. The IPCC revealed the data piecemeal, then refused to disclose the ranks of two remaining officers. They argued that disclosing the data would lead to the officers being readily identified, thereby placing them ‘at risk’. I appealed against this decision to the ICO on the grounds that rank does not constitute personal data and that the IPCC had no right to assume the information was being requested simply to ‘out’ the officers involved.

 The IPCC, true to form, went into full cop protection mode, dug their heels in and refused to cooperate. It took a decision notice of the Information Commissioner’s Office, backed up with the threat of a High Court order, before the IPCC finally revealed a full list of all, but one, of the ranks involved.

Crimebodge then added the list of ranks of officers who had been handed ‘misconduct notices’ over the Rotherham scandal.

Crimebodge stated that the officers who had been handed notices were in ascending rank order are:

24 Police Constables

7 Sergeants

4 Inspectors

1 Chief Inspector

1 Chief Superintendent  

1 Rank Unknown

Crimebodge also stated that it is highly likely that a number of officers may have taken ‘early retirement’ in order to avoid disciplinary action. Crimebodge said:

What is clear, is that whoever this Chief Superintendent is (or was), they took early retirement in a bid to escape any misconduct proceedings. Something a large number of officers involved with the scandal have already done. A typical, justice-dodging tactic, deployed by police officers who are very good at dishing it out, but not so good at taking it.

This leaves us guessing as to the rank of the one remaining officer. If it isn’t another Chief Superintendent (which I highly doubt), that only leaves a Deputy Chief Constable or the Chief Constable himself, as the remaining higher rank, that could have been issued with a misconduct notice

I concur with what Crimebodge has said about South Yorkshire Police. It appears that the policy of throwing children and young women to the Islamic savages who raped, abused and trafficked them like slaves, went right to the top or at least near to the very top.

We should not fall into the trap of thinking that South Yorkshire Police is unique in it’s pandering to Islamic savagery to such an extent that they turn a blind eye to Islamic Rape Gangs. I suspect that this is going on in every police force that has been infected by the appeasement of Islam virus. This is especially the case for those forces who have built links with questionable Islamic groups for ‘fighting Islamophobia’ reasons, or forces where Muslims are electorally significant for the local political establishment.

What Crimebodge’s findings tell us, the ordinary non-Muslim citizen is that we cannot trust the police to protect us or our children and when push comes to shove the police will engage in political fellatio with Muslim communities, no matter what the cost to the rest of us. It saddens me to have to come to the point where I have to say this, but only we can protect our children from these savages. This is because our police forces, which we pay for out of our taxes, have decided to protect the guilty savages of Islam rather than our own innocent children. The more I learn about the collusion which goes on between the police and Britain’s dangerous Muslims the more I find myself paraphrasing George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’. I find myself looking from rapist Muslim scumbag to Quisling police officer and I’m finding that it is difficult to tell the difference between the two sides.


Original Crimebodge report on ranks of officers issued with misconduct notices following the Rotherham scandal