Audio – Red Fox Radio 17th April 2017


Here’s the archive for an edition of Red Fox Radio that I appeared on last night. In this edition of the show Kel, myself and others discussed a variety of topics ranging from the rash of fake or potentially fake ‘Islamophobic’ attacks that have occurred across the USA and elsewhere. We also discussed the life and work of the late British politician Enoch Powell and examined where he got things right, for example his antipathy to the European Union and where he got things wrong, such as his Rivers of Blood speech which to my mind put too much emphasis on race, rather than head space. History has proved Powell correct on the dangers of the EU, but Powell failed to see the dangers posed to civilised nations by the ideology of Islam.

We also devoted some time to discussing the recent shocking revelations by the Crimebodge website, that the policy of turning a blind eye to Islamic Rape Gangs in Rotherham was not confined to relatively junior officers but went nearly all the way to the top.

You can listen to the programme by clicking on the link below