The road to hell is paved with good intentions


The phrase ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’, is said to have originated with a 12th century Christian cleric, St Bernard of Clairvaux. It’s a phrase often used in the modern world to describe bad results that spring from the good and naïve actions of those who think that they are doing good. It’s also a phrase that aptly describes the actions of those who are feeding, clothing and assisting the fake refugees who are still gathering in Northern France and who are lingering there whilst they wait to get to their welfare nirvana of the United Kingdom.

The ‘road to hell’ phrase popped into my head when I read over the weekend an article published on the Breitbart website. The article, which quotes from an earlier article from the UK Daily Mail, claimed that a significant reason why the fake refugees were gathering back in Northern France, despite the closure of the Calais Jungle camp, was that various foolish charitable organisations were continue to support the migrants. I find that I’m unable to disagree with the sentiments in the Breitbart article. as it’s plain to me that feeding and supporting these unwanted invaders just encourages more to settle in areas where they can slip into the UK. Once in the UK they can falsely claim asylum and become yet more burdens on Britain’s welfare system. They will also join the vast number of imported third world and often Islamic criminals already in the country, criminals who are making the lives of many communities in the UK much more dangerous and unpleasant than they were before the arrival of these fake refugees.

Neither the fake refugees nor the dangerous and deluded migrant charities and individuals are wanted by the residents of Calais and there have been attempts by the local authorities there to ban these charities and individuals from distributing supplies to the fake refugees. However the well funded migrant charities are fighting, through the French courts, the Calais mayoral decision to stop their food and clothing distribution. The local authorities in Calais are trying their best to stop the pro-migrant charities and activists from distributing supplies to the fake refugees on the grounds that these activists are disturbing the ‘tranquillity and security’ of the proper residents of Calais. Whether the authorities or the idiotic virtue signalling pro-migrant types will be successful remains to be seen. However, what is obvious to me and to many others, is that these migrants represent a danger both to the people of Calais and to the citizens of the United Kingdom as many of these migrants are not exactly the type of people anyone would want as a next door neighbour.

My own view of the situation is that it’s long past time for concerted and bilateral action to be taken against both the fake refugees themselves and those who are assisting them. It’s time for the French to toss aside the provisions of the various human rights, refugee and statelessness conventions and deal harshly with the migrants who many sensible people now see as a clear and present danger to both French and British security. It’s also time for the United Kingdom government to get off of their backsides and start to formulate legislation that proscribes UK organisations and individuals from feeding these fake refugees. It’s time to hit those organisations and individuals who are taking aid to these invaders with fines and prison sentences because their actions are endangering the security of the UK and its people.

But, legislation and other legal and policing moves against those who are feeding the invaders will take time, time that neither Britain or the people of Calais have. This is because the longer the activists and pro-migrant NGO’s are allowed to carry on their activities, the worse will be the situation for the residents of both Calais and the UK. Of course in the first instance I would advise readers of this piece who are as disgusted as I am about the behaviour of these pro-migrant activists to contact their political representative but there is other stuff that we can do to send a message to the virtue signalling idiots who are feeding the invaders of Calais. We can peacefully call them out on their idiocy on social media and by direct contact. We can let these individuals and organisations know that what they are doing doesn’t have the sort of wide support that they may think it has. We can refuse to contribute to ‘refugee’ appeals and negatively publicise the sort of groups and individuals who are involved in this idiotic invader feeding project. We can also call for an end to Government funding of groups like Citizens UK who are calling for those displaced by a recent fire in a Dunkirk invader shanty town to be allowed entry to the UK. We should also shun and mock and treat with disdain and hostility those individuals who are involved in supporting the invaders of Calais. These groups and individuals are acting against our own best interests and have taken altruism, normally a good thing, to a most lunatic and destructive level. Those involved in supporting the invaders of Northern France are no better than those who would tell others to burgle your home and should be treated with the same level of disgust. Until the bubbles inhabited by these pro-invader pricks are well and truly pricked, then the problem will continue and the citizens of both France and the UK will continue to be endangered.


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