This case stinks of fake hate crime it really does

One of the Korans found in a toilet at the University of Texas (Picture from Truth Revolt)


Across the world the followers of the ideology of Islam are not really that good for much, apart from gang-rape, terror, welfare seeking and electoral corruption. But there’s something else and that is creating fake hate crimes and there is a story from the United States, from the University of Texas in fact, that screams to me ‘fake hate crime’. Now I might be wrong about this but there is so much about this particular case that really doesn’t pass the sniff test.

Here’s the report on this incident written by Trey Sanchez of Truth Revolt which is a project of the David Horowitz Freedom Centre. As is usual policy for this blog the original text from Truth Revolt is in italics whereas t his blog’s comments are in plain text.

Truth Revolt said:

A couple of copies of Islam’s holy book, the Koran, were found inside a men’s toilet in the Student Union of the University of Texas at Dallas. Some students were reportedly shocked at the discovery.

Some of us may say that putting Korans down the bog is the correct way to catalogue and file them. I’d be interested to know just which students were reportedly ‘shocked’ by the discovery and whether those who are making a fuss about this Koran dumping were also those who had some hand in planting them?

The books were found on March 28 but no one has come forward to claim the property, campus police said, nor has anyone lodged a complaint. For those reasons, they aren’t treating this as a crime at this time, although it’s unclear exactly what crime has been committed or why an investigation is warranted.

This is where the smell of fake hate crime starts to creep in. Nobody has lodged a complaint that their property had been destroyed and nobody has come forward. Highly odd. What is suspicious and is indicative that the University of Texas may be indulging in some Islamopandering is that they are going gung ho with an investigation into something that really isn’t a crime especially if the books were not thieved from a student or from university property. Ask yourself a question: If it was your holy book that had been nicked and dumped down the toilet wouldn’t you come forward and claim your property? Of course you would and that’s why this case is so damnably suspicious.

Police are, however, reviewing surveillance footage that shows about six students using that bathroom in the timeframe the books were found but have yet to identify anyone. According to, UT Dallas Police Chief Larry Zacharias had this to say about the “very rare and strange” find:

We’re still reviewing video to see if we can get people identified.

We originally suspected these Qurans may have come out of the Reflection Room, which is on the first floor of the Student Union. We’ve watched video in this timeframe and only two people went into that Reflection Room — both went in empty-handed and both came out empty-handed.”


So after extensive CCTV reviewing and a considerable amount of investigation they have not identified those who used the toilet where the Korans were found and nobody has been seen taking the Korans from the ‘reflection room’. This suggests to me that outsiders, who would not be recognised as members of the student or faculty body, may well have entered the building and placed these Korans where they were found. This to me raises even more suspicion that this is a fake hate crime.

If this incident is a fake hate crime, which seems likely, then it joins a whole host of other fake hate crimes that have been reported by Muslims in order to garner sympathy from non-Muslims and especially from easily manipulated social justice warrior types. This case looks like it can be filed alongside the other fake hate crimes concocted by Muslims, and which have been documented by among others Ms Pamela Geller. These fake hate crimes are reported either to advance Islam and get idiots to sympathise with Muslims or for attention seeking reasons, or as in the case of the Muslim woman who falsely alleged she was attacked in New York City by a man wearing a Donald Trump hat, to avoid familial troubles.

There is a lot about this University of Texas case that really doesn’t smell right to me and the stench of fake hate crime is stronger than just about anything else which you’d normally find residing in a toilet.