Political obsessives close in on bike lock wielding left-wing thug from Berkeley protests.

An image of the alleged suspect in the Berkeley bike lock attack (picture from politicalcult.com )


One of the most shocking attacks that was aimed at patriots and free speech advocates by the Left and the thugs of Antifa was when a man stepped forward from the crowd and hit one of the pro-Trump, pro-America and pro-freedom activists with what appeared to be a heavy steel bike lock.

The victim of the attack was left bleeding by the assault and the hunt is on for the assailant. Unfortunately the hunt is being carried out not by the police, who should be looking for this thug, but by what the political commentator Sargon of Akkad, in an article published on the minds.com social media site, calls those who are practising ‘weaponised autism’.

Those ‘weaponised autists’ who are alleged to be associated with the 4Chan message board and who Sargon describes as such, are complete political obsessives and are also fearsome researchers. Based on this group’s previous actions if anyone can find this left wing thug and other Antifa arseholes, then those from 4Chan can. This group previously came to wide public attention when they discovered the geographical location of actor Shia LeBeouf’s anti-Trump flag protest and they did this by analysing live streaming video footage and comparing aircraft vapour trails with publicly available radar tracking imagery. For the record I would not normally take too much of what goes on on 4Chan too seriously but the political activists on there do seem to know their stuff sometimes when it comes to wading through data to come to a relatively credible conclusion.

Based on what has been released so far it appears that there is a fair chance that the bike lock weilding Leftist thug is a college philosophy teacher and professor called Eric Clanton. The 4Chan lot have put video footage of the assailant through facial recognition software and it is looking as near as dammit that this Clanton character is the Leftist thug that they’ve been looking for.

I’m seriously shocked that this Clanton arsehole is teaching young people philosophy and ethics. This violent Leftist thug should have nothing whatsoever to do with influencing young people. The fact that Clanton has been employed in the position he has been employed in just shows how deeply the far Left and especially the violent revolutionary far Left, has managed to embed itself in the American educational system. I don’t know about you but the very last type of person who I would want teaching my child about philosophy or giving lectures about moral values would be someone who hits someone with a weapon, merely because they are exercising their right to free speech and free assembly.

The full story so far is told by Sargon in this short video below. All sources for Sargon’s video can be got from his notes which can be found below the embedded YouTube video.

I would very much hope that those who have gathered the evidence against Clanton hand this evidence over to the American policing authorities so that this man can be prosecuted and removed from any position of influence over American children and young people. 4Chan are hunting the Antifa thugs and having seen how effective 4Chan are in exposing these thugs, I would not want to be Antifa when 4Chan and the authorities catch up with them.