Wonders never cease – Tell Mama tell the truth at last and remove obviously fake story


Sometimes the power of intense criticism works and it appears to have worked in the case of a fake ‘Islamophobia’ story published by the disgraced anti-Islamophobia group Tell Mama. For well over a year the lavishly taxpayer funded mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya artists of Tell Mama have had a provably fake story visible on their website. The story concerned a Muslim woman who faked a hate crime that she alleged had occurred in Birmingham. It later transpired when CCTV of the area was examined that the alleged attack had not occurred and the woman was subsequently fined £90 for wasting police time.

The dishonest claim of the attack on this woman based on her identity as a Muslim, was published by Tell Mama in December 2015. But, following the woman’s appearance at court and her fine for wasting police time in January 2016 Tell Mama did not put up  a correction and neither did they remove the story. They left this fake story up on their side presumably because it fitted their dishonest narrative that Muslims and the ideology of Islam are victims of unjustified hatred, rather than the aggressors that many non Muslims perceive Islam to be. More details of the fake story, Tell Mama’s failure to remove or correct it and the call to criticise them can be found via the link below:


Tell Mama might have got away with this bit of outrageous dishonesty had it not been for the meddling actions of hundreds and possibly thousands of counter jihad activists. These activists took up this blog’s call to contact Tell Mama and remind them of this fake story on the Tell Mama website. Counterjihad activists from the UK, the USA, Canada, Israel, Australia and from elsewhere, publicised this bit of Tell Mama dishonesty and contacted the organisation to quite rightly slag them off for it.

The result of this pressure on Tell Mama is that they have at last belatedly removed the fake story from their website. A glance at the page in question on the Tell Mama website now results in a ‘not found’ message. A screen shot of the ‘not found’ page can be found below.

It is to be presumed that the large number of people who have contacted Tell Mama to express their anger at such utter bullshit being presented as truth has persuaded Tell Mama to remove the story. The pressure put on Tell Mama by those angry at both Tell Mama’s lies and the waste of taxpayers money spent on Tell Mama is very likely to have caused Tell Mama to remove the story. This shows that this troubling and troublesome organisation are not the ‘Teflon coated taqiyya artists’ that they have appeared to be in the past.

The removal of this palpably and provably dishonest story has shown that this organisation is indeed susceptible to public pressure and that even more pressure should continue to be applied to them when they are seen to be dishonest (which unfortunately is quite often). In addition, pressure should also be stepped up on those politicians and civil servants who have nodded through funding for Tell Mama, despite there being ample reasons to be doubtful as to whether they are suitable custodians of public money.

I, the editor of the Fahrenheit211 website would like to take this opportunity to heartily and gratefully thank all those, from across the world, who took the time to tell the shysters of Tell Mama exactly what they thought of their lying, deceitful behaviour over this fake ‘hate crime’ story. I would also like to thank all those who contacted Tell Mama and probably had to put up with the sort of legal threats and threats of arrest, which characterises Tell Mama’s communications with those who call Tell Mama out on their lying, or who make legitimate criticisms of Tell Mama.

I welcome this belated outbreak of honesty from Tell Mama but it says a lot about this organisation, which is funded by the British taxpayer the tune of £181K per year (money that could be better spent elsewhere), that they left this fake story visible to the public for so long.

I’d like to conclude by saying that we must not rest on our laurels when it comes to Tell Mama. This may be a ‘win’ but this troubling organisation is still operating and worse still continues to operate on our tax money. Tell Mama’s output and statements must continue to be monitored and their dishonest narrative must continue to be challenged. As regards this particular fake story from Tell Mama, although they may have removed the story, that should not be considered either good enough or the end of the matter. They should continue to be pressured on this so that they make a full public apology on their website and on their social media accounts, for running this story for so long and running it without even a hint of a correction.

Well done everyone to everyone who put pressure on Tell Mama and let us continue to prosecute these mendacious mountebanks in the only court that really matters, the court of public opinion and of public opprobrium.

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  1. F211’s PSA and to campaign Tell Mama in order they pull this fake story was a success! Kudos!

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