On the first ‘Justice for Chelsey’ march in Sunderland


Yesterday’s ‘Justice for Chelsey’ march in Sunderland was, according the sources I’ve seen and heard from, a great success. Hundreds of people turned out to support Chelsey Wright the alleged victim of Muslim ‘refugee’ gang rapists. They turned out to express their anger at both the crime itself and also the fact that both Northumbria Police and the Crown Prosecution Service appear to have gone out of their way to bury this rape case. Northumbria Police are alleged to have failed to properly investigate the rape allegations and the CPS basically refused to proceed with the case. This looks and smells very much like the organs of the state desperately trying to keep Muslim rapists out of the public eye and the behaviour of senior officers of Northumbria Police very much gives that impression.

Prior to yesterday’s ‘Justice For Chelsey’ march one the senior officers for the Sunderland area, Chief Superintendent Ged Noble put out a statement trying to put the blame on the curtailment of the rape case on the CPS and in addition, calling for people to stop talking about the case, along with the usual guff about ‘community cohesion’. Chief Superintendent Noble’s statement looked very much like an order to local people to put up with the Muslim sex crime and also to shut up about it. Northumbria officers also arrested Billy Charlton the organiser of the ‘Justice For Chelsey’ demonstration for reasons that have not yet been disclosed to me. This behaviour by the police looks very much like intimidation of those who would speak out against the Muslim sex criminals that the police would rather the people not talk about.

But, despite the intimidation arrest of Billy Charlton by Northumbria police and the attempt to coerce people into silence, the march went ahead and was a success. According to Tommy Robinson who spoke at the demonstration, this will only be the first of other demonstrations calling for Justice for Chelsey and justice for all women victimised by the thousands of Islamic sex criminals who roam free in our towns and cities. In a video, a copy of which is embedded below, Mr Robinson said to the demonstrators: ‘People have had enough, people have had enough of British girls being attacked by Muslims and Muslim migrants. People need to protect your daughters and protect your sisters from Muslim rapists. He added: ‘The north east is awake now. English women have been abused for too long’

Mr Robinson continued: ‘After the demo we are marching to the police station with a 50k petition against the police behaviour in Northumbria’. I must admit that I’m very pleased to see people getting behind the Justice for Chelsey petition as from my viewpoint it appears that the local police have crossed the line on this one. The actions and inactions by Northumbria Police and the CPS do give the impression that this is an embarrassing case that they want shot of so that they can get back to ticking their ‘diversity’ boxes and not doing their proper jobs which is protecting us and prosecuting dangerous criminals.

As many will have suspected, Chelsey Wright is not the only alleged victim of Muslim sex criminals in the North East. It appears that by Ms Wright coming forward it has given encouragement and confidence to other women, who’ve suffered similar attacks, to come forward. Mr Robinson said that since Chelsey Wright came forward, ‘other women have come forward to say that they have been attacked by Muslim men’.

There was also a speech made at the demonstration by Anne Marie Waters the founder of Shariah Watch, a former UKIP parliamentary candidate and a member of the UK branch of the PEGIDA movement. She remarked at the sheer size of the crowd that had turned out in order to voice their support for Chelsey and their disgust at the Islamic sex criminals that the area is plagued with, along with disgust at the disgraceful way that the police are handling the problem. Although I’ve not seen estimates of numbers the fact that Ms Waters at one point said ‘Wow, look at the size of this demo’ should give us a clue that Chelsey’s cause is supported by a large number of Sunderland residents and others.

Ms Waters added: ‘This sort of large demonstration is what happens when decent people who have one of their own get attacked, turn out to protest because their police did nothing’ After praising all those who turned out to call for Justice For Chelsey Ms Waters aimed fairly and squarely at the Labour party, in a town that had been controlled by Labour for generations.

‘Labour have imported thousands of new voters’ Ms Waters said: ‘and they did that because they knew that ordinary British people would turn away from Labour, when they realised that Labour had rejected them.’ Ms Waters, who was a former supporter of Labour before she realised that Labour had abandoned ordinary working class people in favour of Muslims said: ‘Labour doesn’t care about you’.

Those of us who have seen how Labour have badly treated ordinary non Muslim people over the years and how they have pandered to Islamic interests, know that only too well and agree with Ms Waters. In my view the Labour party have betrayed ordinary British people. The Labour Party has in both national and local government encouraged the Islamification of our towns and cities and, as in places like Rotherham and elsewhere, have turned a blind eye to the most appalling sex crimes that have been committed by Labour’s Muslim ‘pets’. Those of us who have experienced Labour in local government know that a vote for Labour is a vote to impose mosques, impose Islam and impose Islamic sex crimes on British communities that neither need nor deserve such problems.

Ms Waters then continued to outline what is the root of the current problem and that is the Islamic attitude towards women and the failure to tackle the regressive and misogynistic culture of Islam. Ms Waters said: ‘Muslims have a contempt for women and they bring it here and your politicians don’t care about your daughters’. In my view Ms Waters is dead right here. Islam is an ideology, I refuse to give it the dignity of calling it a religion, that treats women as slightly less than fully human and because of the strong supremacist current in Islam, it treats the children and women from outside Islam even worse. We can see, when we take the trouble to open our eyes to what is going on, that Islam kills women, just as Islam kills freedom, kills justice and kills cultures based on learning.

I hope that the Justice for Chelsey march does galvanise people to do something about the Islamic problems that Sunderland and a large number of other places have suffered from for far too long. People need to make their voices heard on this matter as there have been too many British women raped by the followers of an alien, dangerous and genocidal ideology and too many British women let down by policing and criminal justice systems that are rapidly and justifiably earning the name ‘Quisling’.

The British people have put up with a lot from our Muslim interlopers and the police forces who pander to them. Maybe it’s time to say to both the Islamic community and their appeasers that enough is now truly enough?


Below you can find the videos that were shot on or before the Justice for Chelsey march along with Tommy Robinson speaking about the intimidation arrest of Billy Charlton the organiser of the Justice For Chelsey demonstration.

Mr Tommy Robinson speaking at the Justice for Chelsey demonstration. A powerful speech that is well worth listening to.

Here’s Anne Marie Waters telling the truth about Islamic misogyny and sex crime and about Labour’s hatred for the ordinary people who have to put up with the problems brought to their areas by Islam.


Fahrenheit 211 piece on how Chief Superintendent Ged Noble’s attempted to get local people to put up with and shut up about about the Chelsey Wright case and other Islamic sex crime in the Sunderland area.


Rebel Media story on the Chelsey Wright case and the police’s inability to give her justice


Previous piece from Fahrenheit 211 on the Justice for Chelsey campaign


The alleged rapists of Chelsey Wright were allowed to walk freely around Sunderland on bail even though there were allegations of serious violence made against them.


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  1. Philip Copson | May 14, 2017 at 9:42 am |

    Is there a group noun for all the non-muslim groups eagerly promoting the Islamification of the UK in particular and the West in general ? The Labour Party (together with cowardly career politicians of all stripes), the CPS, police farces….sorry – forces….., the Social Services pimping our children, the BBC, Left-wing academia, simpering celebrities, Hope Not Hate, Open Borders and all the rest of the know-nothing nihilists bent on our destruction ?

    Because if not – I offer you “Quislamists”……

  2. Nicole Davidoff | May 15, 2017 at 10:54 pm |

    Justice for Chelsea! Justice for other people who became victims of vile islamic ideology and traitor lefite officials who are facilitating that horror happening in our country. Hope “Justice for Chelse” movement becomes an important wake up call for many people. Not a moment too soon

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