Does this sex beast sound like one of the ‘refugees’ that the idiots have welcomed in?

The location of Stockton On Tees in the United Kingdom seemingly the latest place to be afflicted by Islamic sex crime.


When I read the description that the Stockton Gazette (h/t ROP) gave of a shady and dangerous individual in Stockton on Tees tried to lead a ten year old girl away from her friend and kiss her, my immediate thought based on the his appearance and mannerisms was that this sex beast ‘sounds like one of those refugees that were welcomed here by cretins.’

Let’s just look at the description that the Gazette gave of the shall we and see if it matches the sort of person many of have seen being described as ‘refugees’?

Aged about 20 years old….

About the same age as very many of the ‘vulnerable children’ that pro-refugee groups like Citizen UK have and are still helping to bring in,

dark skinned…… But not, you will notice being described as either ‘Black’ or ‘Asian’. Although skin colour is not altogether reliable as a distinguishing mark of nationality, the fact that this type of description as ‘dark skinned’ points to someone from North Africa or the Middle East.

with short black hair, dark stubble on his face making up a thin moustache and beard, and dark sideburns.

Ooooh! Suspicions that this is one of the dangerous ‘refugees’ that have been brought in are starting to look more firm now. This looks very much like a beard and moustache combination that is very popular among Mid East and North African Muslim men.

The man was wearing a black leather jacket, black jeans and black shoes.

I wonder who paid for this beast’s clothes? If he is one of the fake ‘refugees’ we’ve been landed with then the answer is, probably us the taxpayer.

Police say he spoke in broken English with a foreign accent.

Bingo! I think we have peak fake ‘refugee’ here. I’m now 90% certain that this beast is probably from Iraq, Syria, or somewhere like that. Just like the Syrians and Iraqis who were accused of raping Chelsey Wright in Sunderland although later the Crown Prosecution Service dropped the case. This plainly culturally Islamic beast, is obviously recently arrived, hence the broken English, and equally obviously comes from a society, one called Islam, that unlike civilised ones, sees ten year old girls as sexually available.

We should be livid about this sort of incident because it means that the ‘refugees’ who we were ordered, not asked, to ‘welcome’ are posing a threat to our children. We should be boiling in anger about this case and others like it where these Muslim ‘refugees’ prey on our children and our womenfolk. We should also be angry and to direct that anger at those groups and individuals who have done so much to bring in beasts in human form who are inflamed with uncontrollable lust at the sight of a ten year old girl. Large well funded groups like the aforementioned Citizens UK and their front organisations such as ‘Safe Passage UK’ have helped to import men who see our children, our sisters, wives and girlfriends as free for them to harass and abuse. This is something that we should justifiably be angry about. They sold us a fake story about vulnerable toddlers in refugee camps but instead have helped to import adult male Muslim rapists and child sex abusers. These groups have been assisted in their aims by smaller groups such ‘Care for Calais’ and ‘Ross for Refugees’ who have continued to feed, shelter, clothe those residents of the shanty towns in Northern France, camp residents who can only honestly be described as ‘invaders’. Idiot clerics from different religious paths have called for Britain’s doors to be propped open for these fake ‘refugees’, with or course, no thought given by these clerics for the safety and security of the ordinary British subject who has to . Other clerics have been so blinded by adherence to left wing ideology that it has led them to misinterpret scripture, throw away their moral compass and even call an Islamic extremist ‘friend‘.

These are some of the people and groups who have helped to bring about a situation where ten year old girls are not safe from molestation even on the streets of a town like Stockton on Tees. I have no doubt in my mind that if this imported beast had been able to remove this little girl from her friend then we would be looking at a tragedy, rather than a lucky escape. We should be righteously angry at what these groups have done, at who they’ve imported, how they’ve lied to us and who have coated faiths with a veneer of left wing bullshit. These individuals and groups have helped to bring in people that are a great danger to us and our families and they deserve to face much more public opprobrium than they currently face.

Those who have called for these dangerous and fake ‘refugees’ to be welcomed in our societies should feel mortally ashamed of what they’ve done, that is of course if they are capable of feeling shame that is. Somehow I think these pro-refugee types are totally shameless about their own stupidity.


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