Close down Didsbury Mosque, close down this centre of sedition and terror immediately.

The Didsbury Mosque where the Manchester Arena bomber and his family worshiped and which has been the subject of an alleged threatening letter and white powder incident

UPDATE: Well what a surprise, or rather not, it turns out that this Salafi mosque which paints itself as ‘moderate’, is a hotbed of rampant Jew-hatred, Kuffar-hatred and Gay-hatred.  They are not quite as ‘moderate’ as they try to give the impression of being.  See


It will come as no surprise to readers that the bomber who carried out the Manchester Islamic atrocity did not act alone. It will also come as no surprise that a lot of the bomber’s family are dodgy or suspected of being dodgy (they’ve been arrested by Libyan counter-terror officers) or that they worshipped at Didsbury Mosque a Jihad-approving mosque in the south of Manchester that has been accused of supplying funds to Al Qaeda linked groups. The big surprise is that a number of entities such as Greater Manchester Police, the Security Services and the Government, allowed this entity to remain open.

Didsbury mosque, with its Salafist culture and known connections with members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, along with suspicions of raising money for Al-Qa’ida, should have been forcibly shut down by the government many years ago. What is obviously being preached there or accepted there is not merely a conservative view of Islam, but violent Jihad and that, in my opinion, crosses the line that divides free speech from credible incitement to violence. Didsbury Mosque is, because of these revelations about the connections the mosque and jihadists, without doubt a Jihadist mosque, even the Quilliam group say so and the long history it has with Salafism backs that claim up.

What were the government thinking? What were the security services, both those which are uniformed aka the police and the non uniformed ones such as the Security Service doing about this mosque. Nothing or at best very little it seems. It appears that this centre of terror and sedition was left unmolested, unchecked and fully operational.

Hiding behind the protections given to religions in the United Kingdom, Didsbury Mosque was left alone by the authorities, left alone to fester and host in their midst a mass murderer of children called Salman Abedi.

This mosque appears to have done very little to exclude people who were a bit suspect or with records for extremism or who had fled countries in order avoid capture for terrorist activities, maybe they should have done more? Surely in even the most badly run mosque or other religious institution the management or religious staff would know which of their congregation are a bit dodgy and which are not? If the mosque did know, which is likely, that they had people in their mosque who were regular attenders of whom there were credible suspicions of involvement in overseas terror activity, then why did this mosque not push harder to get the authorities to act?

According to some reports, individuals at the mosque did report suspicions to the authorities but it wasn’t followed up by the police and the mosque didn’t continue to press this matter maybe as much as they could have done? Although individuals may have done the right thing in contacting the authorities the question remains why did this mosque not expel such people who were suspected of extremism? Other religions can deal with their extremists and nut-cases by either involving the authorities or by excluding them from the particular religious group whether locally or nationally, why can’t Islamic entities like Didsbury Mosque do the same?

As a result of being unmasked as the mosque that hosted the Manchester bomber the mosque put out a statement that reeked of the usual taqiyya and bullshit that we see so often from Islamic spokespersons and organisations following an Islamic atrocity. The statement, quoted by Breitbart London said:

The Manchester Islamic Centre and Didsbury Mosque condemns the horrific incident in Manchester on Monday. The thoughts and prayers of Manchester Islamic Centre is with the victims, their families, their friends and the Manchester community as a whole.

What a load of mealy mouthed dishonest arse covering rubbish. Today the Didsbury Mosque offers sympathies and prayers but yesterday they were hosting the bomber who murdered children. Taqiyya and bullshit, that’s all that statement is. I’d like to believe that they were being honest and truthful, but the nature of the mosque and the type of people and politics that surrounds it makes me suspicious. Change the word ‘Manchester’ in that statement and you could use those words following any other Islamic atrocity. This statement is merely boilerplate bullshit, we see the same thing from terrorist’s mosques after every incident of Jihadism. It’s a ‘nothing to do with me guv’nor’ statement. This place has obviously been hosting problematical people for years and the mosque didn’t take strong enough action when they should have done and we need to ask why that was? Why was jihadist drek being allowed to operate in this mosque when the jihadists analogues in other faiths would have been shown the door pretty damn sharpish.

This mosque should have been shut down at the first sign that Jihadist opinions were being tolerated or preached there. It should have been noted as a problem. The place should have been raided, everyone on the premises taken into custody and interrogated and only released if they were squeaky clean. All documentation should have been seized examined for fiscal irregularities and extremist Jihadist content. In other words, why didn’t the government and the security forces do to these hosts of a murderer what they’ve done to those who’ve been persecuted by the Establishment because they’ve spoken out against Islam? Tommy Robinson for instance was treated far far worse than the management of this terror mosque have been treated.

The mosque should have then been shut down years ago and the building forcibly sold, if money was going to dodgy places or jihadist links were found. Unfortunately that’s not what the Government, the police, Special Branch or MI5 did. They just left the place alone. They left the Didsbury mosque and its cadre of jihad supporters to fester and eventually the mosque became the launchpad for the child murdering savage Salman Abedi, the beast who brought violent death to the innocent people of Manchester.

Whatever excuses or reasons the government or the various security forces may give subsequently give about why they left the Didsbury Mosque alone for so long, they should no longer be sufficient to assuage people’s anger about this terror and sedition centre. Whatever mistakes have been made in the past by leaving this mosque alone, should be rectified and they should be rectified by the immediate and forcible closure of this mosque by the Government. Those involved in the mosques management who knew about the jihadists in their midst but said nothing, should be imprisoned, interned or exiled from this country. We don’t need any more jihadi scum or jihadi sympathisers here we have enough already. A policy of forcibly closing mosques which have hosted extemist preachers, which fund extremist causes or who have jihadists among their congregation needs to be implemented soon. The threat of having their mosque raided, closed and possibly confiscated may be the only way to convince these Mosques to give up their jihad supporters to the authorities.

This particular example of an Islamic terror and sedition centre should in extremis, be razed to the ground by the authorities, but if that is not possible then the two legged Islamist rats that appear to inhabit this building should be permanently chased out. No excuses, no wittering on about ‘religious freedom’, no hiding behind political correctness, just get this terror and sedition centre and the many like it, shut down immediately. Nothing else should be acceptable to a public still horrified by the actions of the Islamic savages, at least one of whom worshipped at Didsbury Mosque, who struck on Monday night.

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  1. If you’d bothered to do a bit more research you’d know that he was banned from the mosque and they reported him to the Home Office. Seems to me that it was the police who didn’t play their part and didn’t press the matter further. Also, you seem to have the wrong idea of what taqiyya actually is.

    • Fahrenheit211 | May 26, 2017 at 4:29 pm |

      Welcome. I do know he was expelled from the mosque and I did state that the mosque did on one occasion contact the police. I agree that the police and the HO should have been more timely but maybe also the mosque could have pushed this issue more, especially if the bomber was so noticeably and loudly supporting Jihad. I do understand what Taqiyya is adn how it originally sprung up in the minority Shiah world but it has been used by others. I have even experienced it myself when I’ve been lied to repeatedly regarding this or that aspect of Islamic theology. Although Taqiyya was once a protective measure for an oppressed minority it has been used more recently by Islamic activists to either hide aspects of Islam that non Muslims may consider unpleasant or to gain some form of advantage. The second use of this form of Taqiyya is often found in mosque planning applcations where applicants swear blind that most users will walk or use public transport to the mosque which sometimes swings the application. When the mosque is built however, there appears almost immediately a massive car traffic problem. The statement to the planners that public transport is in these cases an outright lie. Because of my own experience of such things I shall stick with my use of the word Taqiyya to describe lying for the purposes of advantage or diversion. Despite what people may think I wish to live in peace with Muslims but peace can only come with honesty and I’m afraid that myself and an number of others do not completely trust Sunni or Shia Muslims to tell the truth about Islam.

  2. Jacqueline Paul | May 28, 2017 at 8:58 pm |

    Is there a petition I can sign to get this place closed down..this is in an upmarket you would presume moderate respectable Muslims..clearly not such thing…if this is allowed to stay open then the authorities might as well bend over and get the vaseline out..and the sister wants deporting doesn’t she…back to the country of origin.

    • Fahrenheit211 | May 29, 2017 at 7:11 am |

      Hi Jacqueline and welcome to Fahrenheit211. There is not to my knowledge a petition to close down the jihad and terror mosque, because that is what it truly appears to be. However there is a petition out there, which has just passed 200k signatures,calling on the Prime Minister to deport all those Islamic savages on the terror watchlist. This petition was put up before the govt reluctantly released the data that there are not 3k of Islamic savages that the security services are worried about, but 23,000.

      I certainly agree with you that the Didsbury Mosque is more than likely to be pretending to be moderate and because of that it should be shut down by the govt with ‘extreme prejudice’ if necessary. If this current govt does not close down this and the many similar mosques tht are to put it bluntly seditious, then we need a government that can and will do that. What we do not need is more police and government appeasement of these savages and there should be less talk of ‘community cohesion’ (which often means Islamopandering) and much more honesty about the threat from Islam and its followers

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