From Elsewhere: FGM – It’s everything to do with Islam and in America it appears to be everything to do with the mosques as well.


The apologists for Islam, whether they be Muslims themselves or merely non Muslim Quislings for Islam, are fond of describing Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) as a ‘cultural’ and not a religious practise. This, as many people who are informed about Islam understand, is an outright lie. It’s also a statement that is devised to divert attention away from the Islamic ideology that both prescribes and encourages such bestial procedures, procedures that are expressly designed to rob women of health and normal sexual pleasure. FGM, like the burkha, hijab and niqab along with ‘honour’ killings is just another expression of the extreme misogyny that characterises Islam.

Now evidence is starting to come to light in the United States of America that these disfiguring and dangerous procedures are not just being supported and encouraged by Islamic communities, but are also allegedly being funded by mosques themselves. The writer Daniel Greenfield of ‘The Point’ blog, has extensively documented the problem of FGM in the state of Michigan and in particular the case of a doctor in Detroit who has been accused of carrying out FGM. He has said that there has now been a ‘bombshell’ revelation in court that stated that a mosque attended by members of the Bhora Islamic sect. Here’s Mr Greenfield’s piece from ‘The Point’ blog. As usual the original text is in italics whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text.

Daniel Greenfield said:

The Michigan horror that I wrote about in April just keeps getting worse.

Operating out of a Livonia clinic, Jumana Fakhruddin Nagarwala abused unknown numbers of little girls. The 7-year-old girl had been told that she was going to Detroit for a “special” girls’ trip. Instead her special trip turned into a nightmare. After the Muslim doctor allegedly mutilated her, she warned the child not to talk about what was done to her. 

Since then there have been more arrests including a leader of the Farmington Hills mosque. Jumana’s husband is also listed as a mosque leader.

The conspiracy has run since 2005 and may have abused over 100 girls.The defense will be the Islamic religious freedom to mutilate young girls. And there’s an interesting new development.

A local mosque was paying a physician to perform female genital mutilation on young girls, an attorney serving as a guardian for the doctor’s children alleged in court Tuesday. 

Nagarwala’s attorney emphatically denied the allegation… Officials at the mosque could not be reached for comment. 

On Tuesday, three Bohra children were removed from their homes over allegations that a 14-year-old girl was subjected to a genital cutting procedure. According to attorney Deanna Kelley, who is representing the parents in two such cases, Nagarwala is not the accused doctor in this case.

So far, authorities have identified at least eight alleged genital mutilation victims, including two Minnesota girls and four metro Detroit girls ages 7-11. They live in Troy, West Bloomfield, Farmington Hills and Livonia and are at risk of being placed into foster care if the state  strips their parents of their parental rights.

So there is another doctor involved. That means the network may be even larger. And the link to the mosque appears to be stronger than ever before. A US court will confront the problem of whether Islamic violence against women should be a religiously protected practice head on.

What this case has shown so far in its progress through the courts is that FGM is not the preserve of a few backwards and retarded Islamic tribes, but is very widespread and enforced by Islamic religious institutions as well as by social pressure. The case also shows how Muslims and Islamic groups are prepared to use religious freedom laws that were put in place to protect non threatening but dissenting religious groups to legitimise some seriously disgusting practises such as FGM. In this case the US courts need to grow some balls and tell these Islamic savages that chopping a woman’s clitoris off is not a protected religious practise. There is a large dollop of ‘lawfare’ in this case on the part of the Michigan Islamic community and it is a lawfare that needs to be countered. This case also highlights the utter disrespect that all too many Muslims have for the civil law of the lands in which the live.

The quite firm links that mosques appear to have with doctors accused of carrying out FGM should finally bury for good the lie that FGM is ‘nothing to do with Islam’. The reality is that FGM is everything to do with Islam.

Although this case is one from the USA we in the UK should not be complacent and think to ourselves that this problem of mosques supporting and allegedly funding FGM is confined to the US. It’s not. Britain has an appalling FGM problem that is not being tackled by the authorities such as the police or the Crown Prosecution Service. These cases are either being deliberately ignored as per West Midlands Police who are taking a ‘don’t prosecute’ line or are being shelved by the CPS for various dubious reasons.

Sadly I would be completely unsurprised to find out that in the UK there is a similar network to that which is being uncovered in Michigan with Muslim doctors and mosques colluding to carry out this heinous and dangerous practise. It’s time we as a society stopped being scared of being called ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’ by these clit chopping savages and started dragging them before the courts for conspiracy to commit Grievous Bodily Harm, or for contravention of the statutes prohibiting FGM in Britain.

At least the American criminal justice system is starting to take a look at this disgusting practise and the savages of carrying it out. However in Britain the police and the CPS are characterised by a most disgraceful attitude of appeasement an attitude that has its roots in a politically correct governing culture that will not protect young Muslim girls from the most horrific forms of abuse such as FGM.

I hope the State Prosecutors in Michigan win their cases against the doctor and those others alleged to be involved in what appears to be an epidemic of FGM in the state. A win in this case may encourage other States to start to pay a lot more attention than they have done to both the problem of FGM itself and to the support that this barbaric practise gets from mosques and other Islamic communal institutions.


Original FGM piece from ‘The Point’ blog

Islamic groups that support FGM are not unknown in the UK. Here we see a pro-FGM Islamic group being allowed to lay flowers in remembrance of the Londoner’s murdered in recent Islamic atrocities before everyone else. This begs the question if these savages are allowed precedence at a memorial of this sort then what of their other activities are the authorities turning a blind eye to?

West Midlands Police get publicly pilloried for their ‘no prosecution’ stance on FGM when it is uncovered.