And it’s yet another Bearded Savage with a knife on the rampage

The latest bearded Westminster knifeman led off by police (picture via Breitbart)


Yet again the Palace of Westminster has been the scene of a suspected Islamic terror attack. A man, described in news reports as ‘bearded’ was tasered by police after officers saw him with a knife.

Brietbart London said:

London’s Palace of Westminster was placed on lockdown Friday morning after a man believed to be carrying a knife was reportedly disabled with a Taser stun device and arrested by police officers outside the Palace Yard gate.

The location of the arrest is just yards away from the scene of April’s terror attack in which Muslim terrorist Khalid Masood crashed his car over Westminster Bridge and stabbed and killed PC Keith Palmer, who was protecting the Palace. Eyewitnesses described a man in a grey hooded sweater — described as a “bearded man” by the BBC — being detained after a shout of “knife knife knife”.

Images tweeted from bystanders to the scene show heavily armed police standing over, and by the man as he was arrested. Officers cleared the area of pedestrians and deployed barriers around the scene — the Palace Yard gate having been closed immediately as the incident unfolded. Police said in a statement:

At 11.10am on Friday a man was detained near to the Palace of Westminster. The man – aged in his 30s – was arrested on suspicion of possession of a knife. There are no reports of any injuries.”


Judging by the image that has been published on the Breitbart website, I think that I can safely say it’s not an angry Amish, a mentally ill Methodist or a rampaging Rabbi, it’s most likely a follower of the ‘religion of turning human bodies into pieces’. Beard – check, violent attitude – check, weapon – check. Yep I think we can all see what this guy his and what sort of violent ideology that he follows.

It is now getting to the stage that the United Kingdom is suffering from one of these arseholes going ‘full Islam’ almost every couple of weeks or so. This is getting to be being a seriously bad security situation here and the number of these nutcases seems to be growing rather than falling. I can’t help but wonder if this guy is one of the 23,000 Islamic extremists who are currently on various security force watch lists or if he is in addition to that large number of violent headcases? If he is on one of the various terror watch lists then we need to ask why, if he was so unstable and liable to go off at any moment, was he allowed to walk the streets? More worryingly, if he may be another headcase that has fallen through the security cracks and was not monitored or listed in any way. In both cases we need to be very concerned that those such as this thug are allowed to walk among us and threaten both the people and our institutions.

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  1. Hilltop Watchman | June 16, 2017 at 6:31 pm |

    When I first heard about this I was convinced that the attacker was in fact Santa Claus angry at the EU retstricting his sleigh licence to 2 days a year and definitely “nothing to do with Islam”

    It looks like yet another black convert to the religion of death. Just why black people embrace the religion that traded and still trades in black slaves is a mystery. The Arabic for black people is “Abeed” which means slave.

  2. That this is the second attack in Whitehall is significant. If politicians feel threatened they might actually responds.

    • Hilltop Watchman | June 17, 2017 at 11:31 am |

      Assuming that our spineless, testicle free politicians and dhimmi police will even name the enemy, rampant, arrogant, expensionist, Islam.

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