Audio – Red Fox Radio 15th June 2017


I, the editor of this blog, appeared on Red Fox Radio again last night as a guest of Kel and the crew. We discussed among other things the successful UK Against Hate anti Shariah law demonstration in Manchester. I had attended this event and was given the opportunity to describe the event and relate my experiences. I remarked on the show how wonderful it was to see so many people from so many different backgrounds and religions all getting together to fight a common enemy which is the ideology of Islam and Shariah Law.

We also discussed the recent General Election in the UK and what it may mean for the future and how the dire result for the Conservative was in my opinion mostly down to Theresa May, her advisers and a manifesto that turned more people off the Conservatives than it should have done.

Click the link below to listen to the show.–how-much-more-must-we-endure