From Elsewhere: What people really think in private when the politically correct censors are not around is instructive.


I’m not normally an avid reader of the Zero Hedge blog, this is because much of what is on there is of a financial services nature and therefore does not interest me that much. However, they put up a piece in early May that is both thoughtful and worrying for those who are concerned about a peaceful future.

Many people know that we are surrounded by politically correct censors whether it is the moderators on social media platforms eager to selectively stamp out any ‘hate speech’ that users might engage in, or the output of the mainstream media that consistently fails to tell the truth about the Western world’s Islam problems. We also know that there are a cadre of ‘grasses’ who are eager and willing to report to the authorities ‘wrong think’ about people’s public statements of antipathy to the religion of rape and murder aka Islam. All this constrains people from telling the truth about Islam to a large extent. But what about what people say in private among their families and friends? What people say when they think they are not being overheard by the grasses and state apparatchniks appears to be radically different. In this piece published on the Zero Hedge site we get some indication of what people really think when they believe that they are unobserved by the politically correct enforcers.

The piece published in May 2017 by a blogger called ‘Capitalist Exploits’ and entitled ‘The Silent Majority: Here’s What They’re Really Saying’ is a window onto people’s frustration with what is happening. As is usual policy for this blog the original text is in italics whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text.

The article says:

If you want to know what a man really thinks of his wife, make sure his wife isn’t with him when you ask him. And if you want to know what a woman really thinks of her husband, make sure her husband isn’t around when asking. Because in dignified surroundings when people are watching, politically correct answers are “de rigueur”. Only when people no longer think anyone is watching (or are too inebriated to care) will the truth come out.

Why This Matters…

When political polls are taken, Joe Sixpack responds as if he’s a devout believer and the Vicar is listening.

But put him in a voting booth where nobody can see which box is getting checked and it’s as if Joe’s 10 beers down on a raucous night out with the boys at the local strip club – the truth comes out.

Society operates at a mass scale level. The German word zeitgeist explains it better than any other”:

“The Zeitgeist (spirit of the age or spirit of the time) is the dominant set of ideals and beliefs that motivate the actions of the members of a society in a particular period in time.”

Identifying any problem is over 80% of the solution, which is why most people don’t know what to do because they don’t really understand the problem.

Adding to this is the fact that today we have vested interests doing their best to obscure the facts. But as more people wake up to and identify the facts and thus the problem we get the sort of changes taking place that stun the status quo.

Brexit and Trump’s election were two such events, and today we’re going to walk through where we’re at. This can help us determine the probabilities of what happens next.

The author of the piece then went on to detail a recent horrific Islamic rape case from Sweden where the Islamic savages had livestreamed the rape for the delectation of other similar savages. The author also stated his disgust at this behaviour.

The author continued:

My initial thoughts were that the rapists, together with those encouraging them online, should all be rounded up and shot without hesitation.

To hell with assigning them legal representation paid for by the state.

To hell with employing clinical psychologists who will try convince us of traumatic childhoods, and to hell with the inevitable months of “due process” resulting in – at worst – a couple of years in the slammer after which these vermin will be released on good behaviour.

Ask yourself this…

Who agrees with me?

Who is willing to agree with me in public?

Who is willing to retweet this very article and put their name to it in agreement?

That number grows by the day but we’re still living in a twilight zone where agreeing with what I’ve just suggested is a big no-no.

Why? Not because I’ve suggested these animals be shot but because I mentioned two things which the politically correct West steadfastly refuses to acknowledge.

I mentioned immigrants and muslims.

Why did I do that? Because that’s who committed the crimes. Now, imagine the rapists were in fact atheist, fat, middle aged white men. Replace the words “immigrant” and “muslim” with “atheist, fat, middle aged white men” and tell me, would you be called racist for doing so? No.

The answer you’ll find is that it would sound absurd to suggest I’m racist towards fat, atheist, middle aged white men, and yet by stating the fact that the criminals are in fact both immigrants and muslims the politically correct West will eat me alive.

Why is this?

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that there is no epidemic of fat, middle aged white men raping women, driving trucks and cars into people, rioting, murdering, and blowing themselves up to the cry of Allahu Akbar. I assure you that if that were the case, I’d name them just as readily but there are not.

And yet we cannot say such things…

The author of the piece then added:

We all know that an open discussion is desperately required. Facing reality and identifying the problem is, as mentioned, at least 80% of the solution, and yet this is not allowed.

When the open discussion of extremely serious problems such as the daily atrocities committed by immigrants in the name of Islam is prevented, then the lid on the pot bobbles. Silently, behind closed doors, or intoxicated at parties but when honesty is laid bare, people seek someone – anyone – who will put an end to the insanity. With brutal force if necessary.

Daily we wait now for the next event. Beheadings of priests, trucks being driven into crowds of innocent families, stabbings of random people going about their everyday affairs, rapes of woman and children… all to the cry of Allahu Akbar.

Daily, it arrives………..

…While afraid to say so publicly how many in private think: is it not time to bring in the military, round them all up, put them on a ship with a jammed rudder and aim it at North Africa?

With no end in sight and the PC infested establishment refusing to acknowledge, let alone deal with the issues, the zeitgeist silently but rapidly shifts towards those who promise to do something -no matter how ugly or violent it may look.

Left unchecked, the passage of time combined with the daily mayhem unleashed on the streets, malls, and public spaces drives ordinary citizens ordinarily repulsed by violence to increasingly call for it. This is the future.

I’m afraid that Chris, the author of the excerpted piece may be correct. Eventually there will come a time when those of us such as myself who call for a political solution or a military backed political solution to Islam in the west will find ourselves outnumbered by those who demand violence against Islam and its followers. If we don’t have proper political, policing and if necessary military solutions to Islam then the calls for violence from those who have been pushed beyond endurance by Islam and Muslims will grow louder and louder. Those who are regular readers of this blog will know that my position is that the politicians should do the right things to stop eruptions of vigilantism and that right thing is some form of Islam control put in place by the State. Every act of appeasement of Islam by politicians or the police, every Islamic atrocity targeting innocent people and every girl or child abused and debased by these savages, stokes up the public’s anger and increases the likelihood of demands for violence and for vigilantism. If the sort of violence and demands for violence, as predicted by the author of the quoted piece is to be headed off, then the state needs to start looking after the victims and potential victims of Islam.

For too long our Western governments have misguidedly gone out of their way to protect Islam and Muslims from criticism, from peaceful public opprobrium and even from any duty to our own nations. This needs to stop and stop now before it’s too late. We should not have to end up with an escalating gyre of violence committed by those who not only see Islam ruining their communities and their nations, but who also see their politicians and police seemingly siding with their tormentors. Like many, I want to see a peaceful future for my child, but this is not what we will get if present policies are blindly followed to their ultimate and horrific conclusion.

People are starting to realise that Islam is no friend of freedom and are starting to voice their opinions to whoever will listen. If future conflict is to be avoided then the government need to start listening to those indigenous communities and the settled and loyal migrants from non Muslim backgrounds who are crying out to be heard but who so far have been completely ignored by those who are supposed to represent and protect us.




Link to the Zero Hedge / Capitalist Exploits piece by Chris




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  1. Hilltop Watchman | June 16, 2017 at 12:14 pm |

    Sadly I have to concur. The politicians with their eyes to the ballot boxes stuffed full with bulk filled in mosque POSTAL VOTES and the police paralysed by a fear of being called racist or islamophobic is leaving us unprotected with anyone voicing dissent targeted by the Politically Correct mob and the social media keyboard crusaders, I see little hope.

    At some stage, I predict an upsurge in violence and vengeance. I cannot condone it, but I’d understand it. How it hasn’t come to a head in places like Rotherham is either a miracle or a vain hope by decent people that the “authorities” may eventually do what needs to be done, ie. take off thw politically correct blunkers and uphold the law.

    The increased boldness by the cancer in our midst is demonstrated by the pervasive and malignant “shariah patrols” with plod cowering away thereby turning areas into no go shariah zones.

    Worse, when, rather than if this happens you can be sure that the malignant useful idiots of the Left will march in lockstep with their Islamic slave masters.

    Unlike America, we have no second amendment, cannot “lock and load” and have been rendered al ostriches defenceless while the authorities and criminals are armed to the teeth.


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