If peace is to come it will come via men like these.


It is a rare Islamic cleric who moves me to comment publicly and positively on his words. So often have I seen Taqiyya or lying for Islam vomiting from their mouths, that I find I can see no good in what ever they say. But the subject of this article, Sheikh Imam Mohammed Tawhidi, doesn’t seem to be a Taqiyya merchant but someone who has recognised that Islam, Islamic law and Islamic culture needs reform if it is to be compatible with free societies. It is also a rare cleric, of any sort, Muslim or non Muslim, who makes me want to dance round the kitchen singing Od Yavo Shalom Aleinu (peace will come upon us yet), but Sheikh Imam Tawhidi, an Australian Imam, is one who does.

I’ve seen bits and pieces of Imam Tawhidi before over the last couple of months and I find very little to disagree with him on regarding his assessment of the nature of the problems, how these problems are manifesting themselves and ways to counter them. Imam Tawyhidi recognises that there is a lot in Shariah Law that needs re examining and reforming and that like Christianity and Judaism has done in the past, Islam needs to deal with the violence in its teachings or from the interpretations of the teachings.

The video below is an absolutely fascinating 39 minute interview between Imam Tawhidi and Brittany Pettibone in which Imam Tawhidi forcefully criticises the violence inherent in some Islamic religious books and praises President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban from certain troublesome Islamic nations. He also opened up about what he saw as a long planned drive by Islamic organisations to gain undue influence in the United States.

This is a video interview with Imam Tawhidi who is a really fascinating character and it is well worth watching all the way through.

If a mutually respectful peace is to ever exist between the Islamic and non Islamic cultures of the world then it will be because of the work of individuals like Imam Tawhidi. He’s asking difficult questions and probably putting himself in grave danger from the more savage adherents of Islam who no doubt want him dead. I can respect those who appear to be on the side of righteousness such as Imam Tawhidi even though I do not want to walk the same path as him.

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  1. Hilltop Watchman | June 16, 2017 at 6:41 pm |

    I’ve seen his material before and he makes a lot of sense as well as addressing the truths our pucilanimous politicians refuse to talk about.

    We need far more like him, but sadly it is unlikely given the nature if the Koran being the literal, immutable and unalterable word of Allah.

    He is undoubtedly a marked man with a high price on his head from the usual fanatics, loonies and hatemongers.

    I hope that he is being given adequate security as otherwise I don’t rate his chances.

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