I’ve nothing in common with those who support Hamas or who ignore Islamic Rape Gangs or who suffer from acute Islamophilia.

The late Member of Parliament Jo Cox at a Palestine Solidarity Campaign event.


The murder of the member of Parliament Jo Cox on June the 16th 2016 by a deranged nutter, was a shocking and terrible event. The type of event itself is shocking, in part because there have been so few, 47 in total, Members of Parliament murdered since the year 1300 and also because it’s a young woman MP who was murdered.

However, although I condemn unequivocally the murder of Jo Cox and can understand the hurts that her family and especially her children are going through, I find I cannot under any circumstances support the activities of the foundation set up in her name by her widower Brendan Cox, or the fund that was similarly set up. This is because apart from the Royal Voluntary Service the beneficiaries of this fund, the White Helmets group that is operating in Syria and the far Left ‘Hope Not Hate’ group, are not causes that I could bring myself to fund.

I also cannot bring myself to support the Jo Cox Foundation’s ‘Great Get Together’ events that’s happening this week even though I noticed that groups I do support, such as the RNLI and Help for Heroes, are involved with it. The main reason that I cannot support these events or the foundation or the fund is intimately bound up with Jo Cox’s politics.

Jo Cox, along with a number of other Labour politicians, never seemed to find an Islamic cause that she didn’t like or which was beyond the pale for her. She appears to have done sod all about the allegations of Islamic Rape Gang activity in her Batley and Spen constituency and spent her time, both Parliamentary time and her own time, backing all manner of Islamic causes. She campaigned for the entry into Britain of more of the Syrian ‘refugees’ who have made life such a damnable misery for people in nations across Europe, something that many outside the Labour party would disagree with. She appeared to spend an inordinate amount of time playing nice with the Muslims in her constituency and was also a member of the anti Israel Labour Friends of Palestine entity. She allegedly also had extensive contacts with some pretty dodgy Muslim activists, including Britain’s Islamic grievance monger-in-chief, Fiyaz Mughal of the proven dishonest Tell Mama group. But for me what disgusted me most about her politics was her support for the genocidal Jew haters of Hamas.

Jo Cox actively campaigned for the lifting of the selective blockade, by Israel and others, on the shipping of goods to the Islamic terror group Hamas. Just let that sink in for a moment and consider what that means. It means that she was quite prepared to lend her name and give her support to a group that is not only a threat to the lives of a large number of Israelis, but is also a threat to Jews elsewhere in the world, including my wife, my child and myself.

I find Jo Cox’s attitude to Hamas as being some form of legitimate ‘resistance’ movement, rather than murderous thugs, utterly disgusting. She did not care that lifting restrictions on goods to the terror statelet of Gaza would have meant more weapons in the hands of murderous Islamic savages, more rockets to fire on southern Israeli towns and more terror tunnels leading from Gaza into Israeli territory. She did not care that her support for Hamas would result in a great many more deaths of innocents.

Jo Cox may have been a loving wife and mother who, of course, did not deserve to die in the manner that she did, but we should not shy away from calling her politics by their proper name, and that name is ‘rancid’.

The name that is being given to the Big Get Together, the event put together by the Jo Cox Foundation is being given the subtitle and hashtag of ‘more in common’ which is a reference to the words of Jo Cox’s maiden speech to the House of Commons when she was elected in 2015. She said to the House: ‘We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us’. Excuse me whilst I take break to vomit at such empty platitudes.

I have to ask myself what do I have in common with the sort of causes that Jo Cox seemed to have far too much time for? I, and a great many others, have little in common with the thugs of Hope Not Hate, which Cox supported.

I doubt also that there are many people who wish to see their areas overrun by dangerous Syrian ‘refugees’, or have our daughters put at risk by the Islamic Rape Gangs that Jo Cox seemed to be remarkably unaware of, even though they were more than likely operating in her constituency. I have not a scintilla of commonality with the sort of Islamic grievance mongering liars that Jo Cox appeared to be happy to call ‘friend’, or the inhabitants of the mosques that appeared to be from where Jo Cox and her party gained the majority of their support.

I also most definitely don’t have anything at all in common with the Hamasniks who want me and my family dead. The fact that Jo Cox could find nothing wrong with allowing a murderous group like Hamas access to weapons and equipment that could and probably would be used for terrorism, completely disgusts me.

How can I honestly say I have anything in common with the sort of causes that Jo Cox espoused? All of them were bad causes. They were bad for non Muslim Britons, bad for the nation and bad for all those Israelis who are on the front line in the war against Islamic savagery. I dare say that this weekend’s events will be a great hit with the virtue signalling community and will probably be spun by the mainstream media as something bigger than they are, but I cannot in all good conscience support them.

Murdering anyone, whether they are an MP or not, is wrong, but it is also wrong to support genocidal maniacs or to turn a blind eye to Islamic Rape Gangs or consort with dodgy people or to support the import of dangerous and mostly fake ‘refugees’. All these causes, ranging from the genocidal to the ones that are merely against the national interest, are all causes that Jo Cox actively supported. I cannot therefore support the Jo Cox Foundation, or any other activity done in the name of this dangerously naïve politician.

The Jo Cox Foundation and the Great Get Together are selling themselves using the statement that supporting these entities and events is ‘living like Jo’ or supporting the causes that Jo Cox held close to her heart. If that is the case, then supporting these events is quite plainly supporting the murderers of Hamas, the importation of dangerous ‘refugees’ and the idea that it’s acceptable to turn a blind eye to Islamic Rape Gangs.

Murder should have no place in the political life of the British nation or any democracy and neither should there be any place for the sort of dangerous causes that Jo Cox so obviously supported. So, if you go to one of these Great Get Together events, by all means do so, it’s your choice, but remember that you are supporting what Jo Cox also supported – the murder of Jews, the import of thugs and the refusal to acknowledge the mass rape of our women and children by Muslim men. These are not things that I would willingly choose to support and I don’t think they are things that many others would be comfortable with supporting either.

By all means mourn the dead and remember the horrible way that Jo Cox was murdered, but also let’s make sure that we do not give any support to the many revolting causes and equally revolting politics that Jo Cox supported. I find that I can quite easily get through life without feeling that I have to support Hamas or get photographed with a ‘Palestinian’ flag or hang round with dodgy grievance mongers or ignore Islamic Rape Gang activity in my area. What a shame it is that Jo Cox could not bring herself to do the same or have a similar attitude.


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3 Comments on "I’ve nothing in common with those who support Hamas or who ignore Islamic Rape Gangs or who suffer from acute Islamophilia."

  1. Hilltop Watchman | June 16, 2017 at 11:51 am |

    I couldn’t agree more. Likewise I condemned the disgraceful murder of Jo Cox, but like you that’s as far as it goes.

    Her politics were the worst of far left IngSoc and like her fellow travellers were always eager to get into bed with every terrorist, murdering revolutionary and Islamic savage.

    Had she an ounce of principles the Islamic rape gangs, the NUS Jew hatred and the ballot boxes stuffed full with those corrupt POSTAL mosque votes would’ve been red lines. But as is the case with the fascist left, the ends always justify the means, any means, just as long as someone else delivers the means.

    Her husband, although undoubted grieving at her murder, seems to be cut from the same cloth. This “get together” is a front that can only tarnish genuine causes and genuinely caring people forced to associate with scum such as Hate not Hope, Tell Mama, UAF, the Socialist Wankers Party etc while polishing the halos of the virtue signallers and ignoramuses such as Lily Allen.

    Until the Pali-loving Left express the same disgust as the genocidal Jew hating extreme left as they do for the Jew Haters of the hard Right, they are at best hypocrites, at worst, cut from the same soiled cloth as the Nazis, Islam and the Communists.

    • Fahrenheit211 | June 16, 2017 at 11:54 am |

      Excellent comment. Sums up the whole situation there HW. I certainly agree that involvement in this Great Get Together by sensible groups such as the RVS, RNLI and HFH will tarnish them because of the rabid Lefties, mendacious grievance mongers and far left thugs who are behind and who will benefit from this charade.

  2. Theophilus | June 17, 2017 at 9:57 am |

    Thoroughly agree with what you have written here: I recall at the time, the press reported, Cox was writing a report, Islamophobia was on the rise, she had concluded. And I said: did she have a paragraph that concluded the causes for the phenomenon’s rise that she had identified?

    Plus, when you said: ‘We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us’.
    I agree with your comment; how can anyone truly believe this? Corbyn himself espoused this view on the news, paraphrasing, as I am: we are all the same and want the same things, Muslims and Christians. I am suspecting, in respect to evidence quoted above, this is blatantly not true. Naive, or politicians, representative of UK, lying, are not worthy of their position, surely?

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