Another customer for ‘Alan’s Snackbar’ this time at Paddington Station


Islam is without doubt the premier death cult in existence in the world today. It’s death toll is streets ahead of any other belief system whether that belief system be religious or political. It’s adherents are highly diverse and it’s not necessary for someone to be poor, brown or uneducated to start killing people in the name of Islam it just needs someone to believe that Islam is the one true path.

Islamic converts are also highly likely to go from ordinary man in the street to screaming savage just by the addition of the ideology of Islam. This is something we see in no other faith. You don’t see new Christians or new Jews or even new Hindus suddenly thinking ‘I’ve got a new religious path I think I’ll go kill someone’. However you do see this phenomenon quite a lot when it comes to new Muslims. They join, they imbibe Islam and then they kill or at least attempt to kill.

The latest incident of someone shouting the Islamic war cry ‘Allah Hu Akbar’ comes from Paddington station earlier today where a man was arrested outside the station for weapons and public disorder offences after screaming ‘Allah hu Akbar’ and trying to attack a police officer.

The Russia Today website in reporting this incident said:

A man “possessing an offensive weapon” has been arrested outside Paddington Station in central London, officials report.

The suspected attacker, a shirtless man, was arrested “for public disorder and possessing an offensive weapon,” British Transport Police said.

The incident is not terror related,” officials added.

Not terror related – my arse. He was armed, he was attacking police officers and he was shouting ‘Allah hu Akbar’. Who are the police trying to kid here?

The man was “trying to attack an officer… while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and other foreign words,” an apparent eyewitness, Gary Miller, said on Twitter, posting a video of the incident.

Another video posted on Twitter shows the man, still dressed, taunting an officer before grabbing the suitcase of a passerby and then running backwards before the footage ends.

The article then said that the man was arrested and then taken to a ‘place of safety’ which suggests that this man is yet another one of the mad and disturbed who are irresponsibly tempted into Islam by Dawa merchants and who then go ‘full violent Islam’. This is not the first disturbed individual who is suspected of converting to Islam and then becoming violent, as there was the murderous attack on an elderly lady by a new Muslim in Edmonton, North London a few years back.

There are many mentally disturbed people who seek psychological solace in religion, especially religions that seem to give the individual a purpose in life but it’s never those who choose Christianity of Judaism or any other faith who go so totally apeshit like this and attack people, it’s nearly always new followers of Islam. This should tell us much more about the nature of the ideology of Islam than it does the individual mental make up of the disturbed and lonely people that choose Islam. If the mentally fragile who become for example Christians are not attacking police officers in railway stations, then why are those who start to associate with Islam doing so?

Another day, another madman with a knife another scream of ‘Allah hu Akbar’. Is it any wonder that people should so dislike an ideology that makes good people bad and mad people worse?

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  1. Hilltop Watchman | June 19, 2017 at 10:35 pm |

    So this isn’t “terror related” despite the advert for Alan’s Snackbar and of course the now obligatory knife as prescribed by Mahmoud Abbas and others. Yet the idiot who drove into the people at the Finsbury Park mosque was “terror related” The fucking Plods really do take us for fucking idiots and to add insult to injury will ridicule and persecute us for disagreeing that we are fucking idiots who are too bloody stupid to wipe our own bums, let alone know our own minds or what we see with our own eyes.

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