How about banning this low life from Britain not just one town?

Mohammed Dar who put churchoers in fear of their lives by his suicide bomber appearance (pic from Derby Telegraph)


The Birmingham Mail has an interesting story about the toleration and loyalty shown to the United Kingdom by some of our Islamic brethren. It’s a tale of religious harassment, disrespect, stalking and Islam-related knob-wittery that should, if there was any justice that is, see this individual banned not just from one particular town, as is a judge’s intent, but from the whole damned country.

Mohammed Dar, aged 55, and seemingly supported by the State through welfare benefits, slow handclapped veterans at a Remembrance Day event and then walked into a nearby church telling people to ‘turn to Islam’ whilst being dressed as what some people described as ‘a suicide bomber’. For this he was given an ASBO in 2014 but it doesn’t seem to have prevented him continuing acting like an ungrateful and disloyal Bearded Savage.

The Birmingham Mail said:

Last week he appeared before Chesterfield Magistrates’ Court, charged with breaching the order by threatening other residents.

The court heard Dar plagued neighbour Louise Mountford with references to murdered soldier Lee Rigby and breached his restraining order by loitering outside his home.

He claimed he had not been loitering and had gone outside with the purpose of enjoying a Christmas event. But the court heard that during the festive parade, which included a visiting Santa sleigh, on December 13 last year Dar had started “childishly” slow-clapping the procession.

Ooh just feel the Islamic tolerance here. Do you think that you or I would get away with mocking Islam in an Islamic country? No of course we would not but it seems that this savage wasn’t sufficiently punished for the church and Remembrance Day incidents as it has not stopped him continuing to be an arsehole.

The Birmingham Mail continued:

Louise’s partner Andrew Phillips told the court: “While we were stood and Santa came down the street, Mr Dar’s upstairs light came on and he looked out of his window.

Seconds later, he appeared on the street with a scarf wrapped around his face and head.

He stayed outside and he was mimicking clapping, shouting and waving. His hand gestures and the way he was acting were childish.”

Tearful mum-of-two Louise told the court: “The incidents make you feel awful. I’m not bothered about me, it’s my children.”

Too right Ms Mountford you should be bothered by the effect of this savage on your children and many other people are also concerned about the effect of Islam and its more deranged adherents on their children as well.

Mohammed Dar made some sort of half hearted excuse to the court that his views may be ‘uncomfortable’ to some but it’s not half as uncomfortable to the rest of us as knowing this Islamic knobhead is here on our islands and probably living off of our money. I’ve no doubt that many readers will have noticed the double standard when they look at the original 2014 case and will have observed that this Bearded Savage got away with a non custodial sentence when if the boot was on the other foot and it had been a non Muslim harassing a Muslim, then it would probably have been an immediate custodial term that would have been handed out.

The Birmingham Mail continued:

District Judge Davison said he was satisfied Dar was loitering in view of Louise Mountford and her children and had therefore breached his restraining order.

He will be sentenced at Derby Crown Court on June 26 where a judge said he would be considering banning Dar from his town.

I think we can take it as read that whatever sentence this low life will get will not be considered by many Britons to be either just or even sufficient. It’s likely that this bastard who has disturbed people, frightened people and harassed people, will again walk away with a derisory non custodial sentence. It’s not banning from one particular town that is required in this case, but the removal of this individual from the country and his urgent and non voluntary forwarding to whatever Islamic shithole will take him in.

I wonder if any of those who shout ‘strength through diversity’ with all the mindless excitement of a clapping performing Seal can inform me just what positive purpose this arsehole serves for the UK? Personally I can’t see any reason why we even tolerate such people from whom we get no loyalty, no contribution, no respect and no value whatsoever. There are many migrants whom Britain would miss if they upped sticks and left, but I think if this ungrateful and disloyal Bearded Savage disappeared from the country tomorrow then he most surely would not be missed one little bit.


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