More Islamic violence in Paris?


It looks as like Paris is the scene of yet another Islamic attack as reports are coming in that a car was deliberately driven at a police vehicle in Paris and that the car subsequently ‘exploded’. It’s highly unlikely that this attack is to do with anything other than Islam owing to the modus operandi of the attack, the choice of target and the fact that the savage vehicular jihadist was armed with a Glock-type handgun, something that is not too easy for many Europeans to get their hands on. The ‘explosion’ might also be a bit of a giveaway as to the nature of the perpetrator as well, after all Islam is not called the ‘religion of exploding to pieces’ for nothing don’t you know.

The officers fought back against the savage and thankfully killed him and it is a miracle that nobody else appears to have been killed or injured.

Here’s the Breitbart report of this latest suspected Islamic terror incident:

French police have confirmed an incident on the Champs-Élysées, Paris Monday afternoon after a car rammed a police vehicle and reportedly exploded.

The suspect, who was armed with a firearm, is reported to have likely died in the incident and it was reported that police “downed” the individual. There were no other injuries or fatalities to police or the public, a statement released through the Parisian Police official Twitter account stated.

French bomb disposal units are on the scene and are examining the vehicle involved in the collision, and counter-terror police are leading the investigation.

France’s Le Figaro reports the suspect was carrying a Glock-type handgun and that the act was likely deliberate.

Paris police have instructed members of the public to avoid the area

France has a seriously grave Islamic problem which is starting to morph from mere occasional acts of terrorism into a full scale Islamic insurgency and as such it cannot be dealt with by policing methods alone, but also needs to be tackled militarily. Hundreds of people have been killed in France by various Islamic extremists, murdered at concerts, football grounds, newspaper offices and Jewish schools and that’s just the large scale attacks. There have been many others such as Jewish woman defenestrated by a rampaging Muslim pumped up on Islamic Jew hate, a Catholic priest beheaded in his church along with reports of explosive devices in a Mcdonalds and the usual mobs of rioting Muslims. The scale of France’s Islamic problems are horrendous and yet neither the people, nor the politicians seem to want to recognise just how bad the problems really are.

I suspect that France’s problem with Islamic violence will continue to get worse until such a time when it cannot be ignored or explained away or lied about. When that happens either France will fall into disarray and conflict or the French people may choose as a leader someone willing to turn the military onto France’s Islamic enclaves and who may be far far worse than Marine Le Pen could ever be.