Now who or rather what, could this be?


Update:  Police are now saying that this is not terrorism related which is odd as the West Midlands Counter Terror group were involved.  The Kidderminster Shuttle newspaper has said:


“A MAN arrested after a knife drama in Kidderminster will appear in court on Wednesday.

Daniel Bebb-Jones, 23, of Merton Close, has been charged with three counts of possessing a bladed article in a public place in Kidderminster.

He has been remanded in custody to appear before Redditch Magistrates Court tomorrow morning (Wednesday, June 21).

A spokesman from West Midlands Police said: “He was detained in Kidderminster by West Mercia Police officers on Sunday evening (June 18) and the arrest was initially investigated by officers from West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit.

“However, following enquiries, there are not believed to be any links to terrorism.” 

If what the police are saying is true then it would be interesting to know just why this was considered as a terror case in the first place, rather than just a bloke with a knife?  Was the suspect a new Muslim convert who was observed getting lairy and threatening or was it something else?  At the moment we do not know.  The way the initial police press statements were made did suggest that this was a terror arrest at a location that would have been the sort of target that an Islamic terrorist would choose.   We’ll probably have to wait for the outcome of the court case to find out, but this case keeps throwing up[ questions both about the case itself and the police’s handling of it.


It appears that a man has been arrested at an Army Reserve centre in Kidderminster by a joint force of West Midlands Police anti terror officers and officers from West Mercia Police. Reading between the lines in the story this looks very much like another foiled attempt at Islamic political violence. Some details in this story scream ‘Islam’ to me and may also do for others.

Firstly, the age of the suspect fits the profile of the sort of junior jihadis that Britain’s Islamic communities seem to be turning out in large amounts.

Then there is what looks like the choice of target, a British Army base. Yep we’ve seen Islamic extremists go for similar targets before and it’s an unlikely choice for an extremist of the nationalist lot to choose.

The suspect was carrying knives and an axe, weaponry reminiscent of recent Islamic attacks in London.

The involvement of West Midlands Police’s counter terror group. This is definitely a pointer towards Islamic terror as the Birmingham and West Midlands area has a relative dearth of far Left or far Right, anarchist or Green terrorists and extremists, but it has a shed load of Islamic headcases that are on their radar.

Here’s part of the story about the axeman and the Army Reserve centre from Breitbart. As is usual policy for this blog the original text is in italics whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text.

Breitbart said:

Armed counter-terror police have arrested a man with knives and an axe near an Army Reserve centre in the Midlands.

The 23-year-old suspect was apprehended at the base in Kidderminster and held on Sunday night by West Midlands Police Counter Terrorism Unit and officers from the West Mercia force.

Near the base, at the base or on the base? The police do not specify but it must have been close for the police to move in on this guy and must have had good reason to believe that he was dangerous.

The incident came just hours after the Finsbury Park terror attack, but officers said the incidents were not linked and claimed there was nothing to indicate a threat to the premises on Birmingham Road.

Well it’s hardly liable to be connected to the Finsbury Park incident is it? After all the Finsbury Park one was not an Islamic terror attack but the Kidderminster incident looks and smells distinctly Islamic for the reasons I gave above.

Martin Evans, Assistant Chief Constable at West Mercia Police, told the Express and Star: “On identifying the man our officers took prompt action to contain the threat and take him into custody.

This is smelling more and more like an Islamic atrocity plot that has been thankfully busted. Obviously West Mercia got some intel from West Midlands that something was up which is why the West Mercia officers got involved. If this a foiled Islamic attack I wonder how long West Midlands let this thug walk round unimpeded and why didn’t they nick him earlier before he started wandering round Kidderminster with an axe?

I understand that this will be extremely concerning for the residents of Kidderminster but I would like to reassure you that at this time we believe the suspect was acting alone and we are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.

Is that supposed to comfort and reassure people you patronising bastard ACC Evans? Of course it’s going to be concerning that a mad Muslim axeman is walking the streets. What if the officers had missed him? What if he realised that he couldn’t gain access to the army base and decided to visit the local shopping centre in order to kill kufar for Allah?

There was more evidence of ACC Evans’ contempt for the public and also it appears some fear within the police that the public are no longer buying the ‘religion of peace’ narrative or the bland soporific statements put out by the likes of ACC Evans.

I would urge people not to speculate on what has happened.

Why not? Yes of course there are legal reasons but legal reasons don’t mean jack shit to people who are petrified because some Muslim extremist axeman may well have been wandering their streets. People will talk about this and even get angry about this incident and no amount of fingerwagging by a senior police officer is going to stop that now. People are no longer prepared to be silent about what is going on no matter how much senior police officers would like them to be.


As I am sure you will appreciate, this is an extremely sensitive investigation but I can assure you that we will make information available as and when it is appropriate.

Let me translate that bit for you. The police will keep stalling about information until the people who pay their wages get bored and go away. This case may end up in court or it may end up with the miscreant put on some useless ‘deradicalisation’ course or the CPS may drop the case for ‘insufficient evidence’. This case may well be one worth keeping an eye on if not for the fate of the alleged offender, but to make sure the police are not talking down a larger problem.

Finally there’s the kicker reason why this Kidderminster incident screams ‘Islam’ is this statement from ACC Evans. He said:

In the meantime, we will have additional officers on patrol in Kidderminster to provide reassurance to our communities.

Bingo! Looks like it’s an ‘Islam full house’ on this one. This is exactly what police forces do when there’s been an Islamic attack or some Muslim has been caught fomenting jihad or been killed fighting for ISIS, they put on ‘reassurance patrols’ in Islamic areas and only ever seem to be put on in Islamic areas. The fact that ‘reassurance patrols’ are bring put on by the police along with the other markers detailed above, makes it appear to me that a terrible Islamic attack on British service personnel may have been foiled.

Britain’s Islamic extremism problems are becoming beyond a joke now. We seem to be getting a terror attack ever month or so now with 34 lives lost in Britain already to Islamic terrorism and it is no longer even remotely acceptable to tolerate either the Islamic radicals or the police officer who would rather that we kept quiet about the Islamic extremist terror threat that endangers us all.