Hindus attacked again by Islamic savages

Hindu Pilgrims trekking to the Amarnath cave (picture from Wikipedia)


There are many nations and religious groups that have suffered because of the violence and intolerance of Islam. Christians, Jews, Sikhs and Hindus have all been the subjects of murderous Islamic violence ever since ‘paedo-Mo’ first started his Islamic mission in the 7th century CE.

However, Muslims have held particular hatred for the Hindus and murdered millions of them during the time that they controlled the Indian subcontinent. They hold this hatred because Hindus are polytheists and use elaborate graven images as part of their worship and both these practises are anathema to Islam. Civilised people on the other hand hold with the view that although individuals or groups may have beliefs that they may not agree with that’s no excuse or reason to kill someone. Unfortunately the Muslim extremists of the Kashmir region take a different view and they’ve recently carried out another attack on police guarding Hindu pilgrims heading towards the Amarnath cave, a site that is sacred to Hindus. This latest attack follows on from similar attacks in the 1990’s and the early 2000’s where those Hindus heading for the cave were massacred by violent Muslims.

If you want evidence of the sort of ingrained intolerance towards both Hindus and the Shia Muslims who work alongside them and have assisted the Hindus in their pilgrimages that is possessed by the Islamic extremists in Kashmir then look no further than this article from the Times of India.

The Times of India said:

Seven Amarnath pilgrims were killed and 11 others injured in a terror attack in Jammu and Kashmir’s Anantnag district.

“A group of heavily armed terrorists today attacked police parties in Batengoo and Khanabal area of the district (Anantnag). Unfortunately, a pilgrim bus was caught in the crossfire leading to the death of six yatris and injuring 12 others,” Munir Khan, IGP Kashmir, said.

“Two pilgrims were killed on spot while other four succumbed to injuries on the way to Anantnag’s district hospital,” he added.

The attack took place at around 8:30pm
The bus was neither a part of convoy nor registered with shrine board, a senior CRPF official said, adding, “troops of of 90 Bn and 40 Bn CRPF have been rushed to the spot.”

Meanwhile, one more yatri injured during the attack has succumbed to injuries in hospital.

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This, as a below the line commentator on the Times of India article noted, is typical for Islam and it is the way that Islam and its followers have behaved ever since the thug Mohammed started Islam in the first place. Is it any wonder that some Hindu Indians when faced with these sort of provocations and violence by the followers of Islam now call out for ‘these pigs to be removed’? I certainly do not blame them one bit for saying that they have had enough of Islamic violence. These Hindus were merely trying to reach their shrine, they were not hurting anyone or harming anything yet because of this they were marked for death by a bunch of violent thugs who follow the example of Mohammed a prime candidate for the label ‘the worst man whoever lived’.

Ever since India gained independence from the United Kingdom it has been attacked by Islam either by attacks coming from neighbouring Muslim nations such as Pakistan or by India’s own Islamic fifth column which seems adept at causing violence to Hindus. It is a testament to the damage done by Islam to the subcontinent that India is a nation that is on the up, which respects education and is investing in its economy whereas Pakistan is, because of Islam’s dominance there, destined to forever be a basket case. If ever you wanted cast iron proof that Islam destroys nations just look at what Islam has done to Pakistan in just the few short decades since 1947.

I grieve for yet more unnecessary deaths at the hands of Islamic savages. There are now police officers and pilgrims who will now not return to their families because they have been killed by the followers of this awful death cult and sadly more people will be murdered by these death cultists until those in authority see this ideology for the threat that it truly is.