How many other Islamic preachers are acting like this one is accused of acting?

ISIS, probably being encouraged at a mosque near you at this moment


There’s an interesting case coming up at the Central Criminal Court in London on September 11th 2017. It concerns an Imam at a mosque in the Tunstall area of Stoke on Trent who is accused of making numerous calls for British Muslims to support ISIS.

According to the Stoke Sentinel newspaper (h/t ROP) the Iman Kamran Sabir Hussain is being charged with a number of terror related offences.

The Sentinel said:

An imam accused of glorifying and drumming up support for Islamic State in his sermons is to stand trial later this year.

Islamic leader Kamran Sabir Hussain faces eight terror-related offences in connection with his work at a mosque in Tunstall.

According to two of the charges, Hussain, of Knightsbridge Way, Tunstall, addressed a meeting at the mosque to ‘encourage support for a proscribed organisation, namely Islamic State’.

The other six counts accuse him of publishing a statement – a sermon to a congregation – in which he ‘intended or was reckless as to whether members of the public would be, directly or indirectly encouraged or otherwise induced by the statement to commit, prepare or instigate acts of terrorism’.

The charges relate to the period between June 24, 2016 to September 16 2016 at a mosque in Tunstall.

The defendant appeared at the Old Bailey in London via video link from HMP Wandsworth today wearing wire-rimmed spectacles, a white cap and a red jumper.

He spoke only to confirm his name, date of birth and address and to plead not guilty to two counts under section 12(3) of the Terrorism Act 2000 and six counts under section 1(2) of the Terrorism Act 2006.
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Although, for legal reasons of sub judice I cannot go into the particulars of this individual case in too much detail, this case will make many people wonder if these charges are just the tip of a very large and nasty iceberg when it comes to sedition and treason being preached in Britain’s mosques?

Although one Imam has been picked up and charged for promoting the murderers of ISIS it begs the question how many others are out there doing the same?

We the average British subject know very little of what goes on in Britain’s mosques but judging by what has been revealed in the past, much of it may not be good. There have been a number of instances where mosques, sometimes high profile ones, have hosted preachers who have called for the deaths of Christians, Jews and Gays yet these mosques have the gall to present themselves as ‘moderate’. Both the East London Mosque and Manchester’s Didsbury mosque to give but two examples, have both hosted hate preachers and the Didsbury mosque gave a spiritual home for a while to the mass murdering Islamic savage who attacked the Arianna Grande concert at Manchester Arena killing 22 people. Neither of these entities are on the fringe of Islamic culture these mosques are to all intents and purposes to be considered part of the Islamic mainstream. However, despite their mainstream credentials it hasn’t stopped them from promoting for many years the hatred of non Muslims and calling for the deaths of those whose lifestyles are considered to be incompatible with Islam.

If this is what is going on in mainstream high profile allegedly moderate mosques, then what is going on in other mosques that are not so high profile or which are engaged in the sort of public relations flummery that mosques like East London do? What are the Imams and other religious leaders telling their congregations in the sort of back street mosques that spring up like dermatological sarcomas in our towns and cities? Is it the same sort of hateful, violent rhetoric that we are seeing in ostensibly ‘mainstream’ and ‘moderate’ mosques such as those mentioned above, or is it far far worse than that? Unfortunately the hatefulness of the sermons in some of these more minor and less public facing mosques is likely to be far worse rather than less so.

Some indication of these mosques attitude of bad faith towards British society can be found in the ‘anti grooming sermon’ incident that occurred a few years back. What occurred was this: A group of more liberal minded Imams wrote a sermon following the revelations concerning the Rotherham Islamic Rape Gang cases, condemning the practise of grooming non Muslim children for sex, a crime that British Muslims have been shown to have a proclivity for committing. The sermon was distributed round a large number of British mosques, there are approximately 2,000 mosques in the UK, but only 500 actually read it to their congregations and by extension acknowledge that paedophilia was a problem in the Islamic communities of Britain. Mosques in one city, Oxford, which was particularly hard hit by gangs of Muslims raping children refused to read out the sermon at all.

The response to the child grooming revelations by the Muslim community was to be quite frank piss poor. The sermon itself wasn’t hard hitting enough and neither did it tackle the Islamic cultural and theological baggage that drives too many Muslim men to target children and young women outside of their culture for abuse. It wasn’t taken seriously by the vast majority of mosques when it really damn well should have been. The incident leaves a nasty taste in the mouth a taste of Islamic attitudes to us ‘kufar’. These mosques never tackled the problems caused by Islamic attitudes to women and girls and many refused to even take part in a ‘too little too late’ sermon against child grooming.

If this is the arrogant attitude of many of Britain’s mosques to something as serious and emotive as

child grooming then we are right to wonder about what else is being preached in Britain’s mosques? If they will not take the right steps to say that raping children is wrong then are we right to assume that the preaching of violence and the encouragement of jihad is more widespread than just this one case referenced above?

The awful reality of the problem is that that up and down the country at various Friday prayers in British mosques, sedition and violence is bring preached. It’s very difficult to come to any other conclusion when even mosques that are in the public eye are not averse to putting on hate preachers who call for the deaths of Christians, Jews, gays etc. The conclusion that could be arrived at is that many of these mosques of lesser profile than the ELM for example are pumping out the same sort of incitement or maybe something even worse.

There is an urgent need for the Government to get to grips with Britain’s mosques. Firstly the government needs to recognise that a large number of mosques may be problematical and to be realistic about what maybe promoted in mosques. Although harsh action against mosques may be seen to be unfair by some, it now cannot be denied that Islam is problematical when it comes to fomenting violence and hatred, far more so than other faiths. Secondly all mosques should be licensed and so should Imams. Because of the nature of Islam itself law enforcement should know what are going on mosques. Licensing decisions should take in to account local views about whether a mosque should be allowed along with who is running and who is funding these mosques. Secondly all religious teaching, especially sermons, should be given in English and thirdly all Islamic religious institutions should be covered by 24/7 recorded audio visual monitoring. This should be fitted in prayer halls, meeting rooms, teaching rooms and anywhere that could conceivably called ‘communal property’. If Britain’s mosques are being used for nefarious activity, something that is highly likely, then why should they not be subjected to similar rules as as regarding CCTV as would apply to premises that are licensed to sell alcohol for example?

I very much doubt that the case of Kamran Sabir Hussain is unique. There are probably hundreds of Imams promoting the same or similar sedition and jihad as Hussain is alleged to have done, the big question is what do we as a society do about it?