French tourist sexually assaulted by Muslim bus driver at bus stand

Mohammed Uddin who sexually assaulted a French tourist on a London bus.


The proclivity that many Muslim men have for engaging in sex crimes is both a shocking and increasingly common phenomenon. There are numerous cases of Muslim mini-cab drivers either being convicted of or being accused of sexual crimes against the passengers that get in or are placed in their vehicles. The involvement of Muslim mini-cab drivers in Islamic Rape Gangs was noted in connection with the transport or procuring of victims for these criminals and many drivers were also implicated in the sex attacks themselves. It’s this definite and observable proclivity of Muslim men to treat women and children who get in their vehicles as potential victims to be exploited, that is leading people who use private hire cars to shy away from being driven by Muslim men if there is an alternative to doing so. There have been so many cases of Muslim men raping or sexually assaulting their female passengers in mini-cabs that a woman getting in a Muslim driven mini-cab is playing a sort of ‘rape roulette’ such is the increased risk of sexual assault from Muslim drivers.

Now it seems that not even London’s buses are free of sex offending Muslim drivers. A source has alerted me to a particularly nasty and egregious case of a Muslim driver arrogantly assuming that ‘his right hands possess’ any woman who comes into his clutches. A Transport for London bus driver from Forest Gate in the London Borough of Newham has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a French tourist in the city’s West End. Mohammed Tamim Uddin (it’s nearly always a ‘Mohammed’ involved in these cases isn’t it?) aged 25 who lived in Shrewsbury Road in Forest Gate was waiting on his bus at the turnaround point in London’s West End when he was approached by a French tourist who was lost. Uddin enticed the woman onto the bus on the pretence of helping her find where she was heading for. He then trapped the woman on the bus subjecting her to a sex assault which included Uddin wanking himself in front of the terrified victim.

The woman managed to escape the bus when the emergency door open button was pushed and fled the scene and reported the assault by the Islamic savage to the police. After the assault Uddin carried on as if nothing had happened and as if he had a right to trap on his bus and abuse random women. When the time came to move off Uddin carried on with his shift as though grabbing women off the street and subjecting them to sexual assault was normal or socially acceptable behaviour.

What is inexplicable about this case and something that also highlights the toxicity of Islamic male sexuality, is that this false imprisonment and sexual assault took place in full view of the buses CCTV cameras. Uddin must have known that his actions would be recorded, he must have known that there was a very large chance that he would be caught, so why did he do it. Did he assume that because the victim may not have been proficient in English or was foreign that she would not report the crime to the police? Or, equally as likely, this is Uddin’s toxic Islamic sexuality coming out, a sexuality created by Islamic theology, culture and texts and which creates a mindset that tells Muslim men that lone non Muslim women are permissible to rape and enslave. It’s possible that Uddin saw this woman as freely available to him because she was non Muslim, or as the Koran says ‘that which your right hand possesses‘, which is a reference to the sexual enslavement of non Muslim women that has been a feature of some Islamic cultures throughout the centuries.

Uddin carried on driving the bus for days after the assault but was sacked when, because of the victim’s complaint to police the CCTV footage was looked at. Because of the incontrovertible nature of the CCTV images, Uddin was sacked from the Transport for London contractor, Tower Transit. Uddin was then arrested and charged with sex offences.

This month Uddin pleaded guilty at Southwark Crown Court to charges of one count of sexual assault on a female, one count of false imprisonment and one count of indecent exposure. The Judge in this case, Judge Heir, called Uddin’s actions ‘chilling and disgusting’ and a ‘breach of trust’. Uddin was jailed for two years and put on the sexual offenders list for ten years.

There is much about this case that bothers me and which invites speculation and questions. Firstly there is the manner in which Uddin carried out this attack. The arrogance and the assumption that he would get away with this in the face of all evidence to the contrary goes way beyond that which may be expected in an impulsive sex attack. He knew he was being watched yet he grabbed the woman anyway. It makes me wonder whether either Uddin himself or other Muslim bus drivers working on TFL contracts have a culture of abusing women, especially women who the offenders may think are unlikely to report an attack? TFL’s transport policing section are going to investigate how Uddin was able to carry out his attack and hopefully this inquiry may reveal if there are more Islamic sex attackers driving buses carrying Londoners and visitors around. The location of the attack in a West End street also shows extreme arrogance by Uddin and an assumption that he would not be caught. Even side streets in the West End, specially the sort of side streets that can accommodate a double decker bus, can have a lot of foot traffic passing by and it’s likely that a struggling, screaming woman would be noted and the offender apprehended. Uddin didn’t even seem to care about being seen or heard attacking the woman by passers by such was his arrogance.

It’s not even possible to use the ‘he’s thick’ excuse to account for Uddin’s crimes. Thickos don’t get to drive London buses. London’s road system is complex and challenging for a driver, even a car driver and the capital’s buses themselves are mechanically and electronically advanced machines that require a bit of intelligence to control safely.

I suspect that there is a core reason for Uddin’s arrogant, brazen and frightening attack on this vulnerable French tourist and that reason is Islam and the sort of dangerous men that this ideology churns out with all the efficiency of a factory production line. TFL owe it to their passengers, especially their female passengers, to carry out a full, honest and transparent investigation of their drivers and any alleged incidents of sexual misconduct with passengers. TFL should be paying special attention to the Muslim drivers as they come from cultures and follow a religious ideology which treats women like dirt, approves of sex slavery and promotes a disdain for the civil law of the United Kingdom.

I wonder how many other wanking and sex assaulting Muslim bus drivers are carrying round unsuspecting passengers on London’s buses and probably putting those passengers at risk of sex crimes? Uddin thought he could get away with this crime and maybe there are other Muslim drivers at TFL who have been or are doing the same. If TFL find that there is a sub culture of Muslim drivers exploiting vulnerable female passengers then they need to be honest about this problem if it is found and do something about it.


Original story from the Ilford Recorder newspaper

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    I am not too sure if it is clickable, but there was a horrific attack in Covent Garden, just recently. The Evening Standard is full of violence now-days, with knifings, attacks and rapes. I don’t remember any of this, when I was a kid and it is very sad.

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