Victim blaming Islamophiles inadvertently expose the very Islamic danger that they try to deny.

Artists impression of the synagogue that was refused planning permission on the grounds that it would attract violent Jew hating Muslims


NOTE: Please read the clarification addendum that has been pasted at the bottom of this place. This is because this blog has received additional information from contacts in Australia.

The story of the local council in Australia that refused permission for the construction of a Jewish synagogue in the Bondi district, on the grounds that it would bring an increased risk of Islamic terror, is one that has garnered a lot of coverage. It’s a tale of cowardice and victim blaming that has quite rightly in my view, disgusted many people.

The knowledge that a local authority in a Western nation has behaved in such a cowardly manner has shocked many and not just the long standing local Jewish community of Bondi. I see criticism of the council’s behaviour coming from individuals of both the Left and the Right such is the egregiousness of the decision. To stop the building of a place of worship that will predominantly be used by peaceful people of a peaceful faith, for fear that the violent Muslims from an equally violent Islamic faith, will attack them is perverse in the extreme.

But, as well as revealing the cowardice of the local council and their slithering appeasement of Islamic violence and Islamic Jew hatred, this story has also revealed to the world a lot about Islam itself. The large amount of mainstream media coverage that this story has had has caused many to note that it’s not the Jews whom the cowardly council members are afraid of, but the Muslims. Therefore, this case has inadvertently disclosed to the world that Islam is a problem.

Does anyone really truly believe that this decision would have been made in the manner and for the reasons it was if there had been no Muslims in Australia? Of course not. Although anti-Semitism can come from many sources, it is in the modern world, primarily from the ideology of Islam that the sort of murderous Jew hatred that the Bondi councillors are worried about.

It is not for fear of mentally unstable fundamentalist Methodists or hardcore Jains that caused this council to embark on an action of such disgraceful appeasement and cowardice, it was fear of the ideology of Islam. This is a worrying case as it shows that there are administrations and communities that are not standing up for peaceful minorities or for the majority population not for reasons of bigotry or hatred but out of a well founded fear of Islamic violence. What next for council’s like Bondi? Will they be refusing permission for a church steeple to be repaired or a gay bar to be opened because the action ‘offends’ Muslims? Will they be censoring the books in the public library because their contents run counter to Islamic narrative? I certainly hope not but we must all guard against our political representatives choosing the seemingly easy route of appeasement rather than standing up for our values.

This decision, although appalling both in itself and for any possible precedent it may set, may also have an upside, if you can call it that. This case, by its stunning stupidity and cowardice has helped to focus the minds of many on the question of whether the changes that have been wrought on our societies by the ideology of Islam, are ones we really should be at best tolerating and at worst celebrating? Islam has brought religious violence where once there was little or none and this case starkly illustrates that fact. I have to ask, I wonder if the council would have refused a mosque and whether any permission given would have been informed by councillors fears of Islamic violence if they refused the application? This case without a doubt shoots down the lie put out by the Islamophiles that Islam is a religion of peace this is because the underlying factor in this story is fear of violent Muslims and the violent ideology that inspires them.

This story is, to use a cliché, ‘a shot that has been heard around the world’. This is because this story, by it’s outrageousness, has helped to inform people that not only is Islam problematical in itself because of the Jew hatred and the many other hatreds that Islam encourages, but that Islam’s presence in Australia has not been an unalloyed success. The world now knows that where there is Islam there is the constant threat of violence being meted out by this ideology’s followers. The decision by the council all but admits that Islam is violent. Although the council quite rightly recognises that Jews are targets for Muslim violence they have behaved in a thoroughly immoral way by caving into the threat of Muslim violence instead of protecting those who are so often victims of the savage Jew hatred of Islam. A stand against Muslim violence by allowing this synagogue would have sent a positive message that the local people stood against Islamic violence, as it is it has only shown the Muslims of Australia that religious violence or the fear of religious violence works. There is only one way to deal with Islam and one way to protect the majorities and peaceful minorities in a nation and that is by recognising that Islam is a dangerous death cult and treating it accordingly. Appeasement such as we’ve seen from Bondi council will not improve matters or make people safer, on the contrary it will not improve the lot of either Jews or Christians and will most likely make non Muslims more unsafe as more Muslims become more emboldened by this decision to threaten violence.


Original story from News AU Australia

Clarifications and updates

The original source for this story was a mainstream publication which is usually relatively reliable, well as reliable as MSM media sources can be. However, there have been developments in this case that throw doubt on the veracity of some aspects of this story written by journalist Joe Hildebrand.

Counterjihad researchers based in Australia have written to the mayor of the Waverley area of Sydney asking for clarification on this decision and it turns out that the town council has a very different take on this incident than that set out by Mr Hildebrand and

Now I’m not saying that Mr Hildebrand is guilty of being ‘economical with the actualité’ but he has certainly added some ‘spin’ to the Bondi synagogue story. Today I received a communication from the counterjihad activist concerned who I will not name at this time as I have not had written permission to disclose their name yet. However, I am going to reproduce the communication as it brings into light matters that the reporter failed to originally disclose such as that the Land Court was merely backing a decision made by Waverley council.

The communication reads:


The other day I wrote to the Mayor of Waverly to complain about the rejection of a Development Application to extend the Bondi Synagogue.

As you probably already know there has been a HUGE outcry over this, with people worried that the decision had created a terrible precedent and bowed to islam.

As we also pointed out, the decision actually condemned islam by showing that people are afraid of islamic-inspired terrorism.

Well, I received a response today from the Mayor. I reproduce it here because we all need to know exactly what happened.

It turns out that the Council did not make the decision at all!

As the Mayor says, “This has been a nightmare and many -especially elderly – Jewish people have been unnecessary traumatised.”


Unfortunately the media have completely misled you. Council did not reject the proposal at all. Council never brought up the word Terrorism or bombs.

FREE lodged an application with Council for two blocks of units and a place of worship. Planning law provided that if a Council has not made a decision within 40 days – as was the case here – the applicant may take the case to the Courts.

Because Council received over 200 submissions on the development application Council had not finalised it’s report or indeed made any decision. We had however had many discussions with the applicant that had led to some changes of the plans – as is completely normal with development applications of this size.

During the process FREE (the Synagogue group wanting to build the extension) decided to take the matter to Court which is their right. Therefore Council never got to make any decision of any kind.

During the Court process FREE tabled a Risk Assessment dealing with the risks to the synagogue itself and people inside the synagogue. It raised the subject of terrorism and bombs.

Taking into consideration the angst this report created with neighbours the Court ruled and Council agreed that it would be prudent for the applicant to do a risk assessment to neighbours and passersby.

That is the truth and nothing more.

It is distressing that a normal development application process has been hijacked to be a threat to Jewish people in Australia. Waverley Council has approved added security for many local Synagogues and Jewish schools over the past few years without being taken to Court by the Applicant . There has been no publicity and they have ALL been approved.

Neither the Local Government nor the EP&A Act talks about religion. We are controlled by the Acts. However if an applicant produces a report that states that the building could be at risk or increased the risk to the area then Council has not option but to take heed of it. It was not our idea but we were asked in Court for an opinion. We agreed withe FREE’s expert witness.

I hope this clarified what the actual truth is. I have instigated a meeting with the Rabbi to clarify steps that need to be taken in the future to find a solution to this issue.

Kind regards,
Sally Betts GAICD
Waverley Council”

I hope the originator of the communication doesn’t mind me disclosing it without express permission (it has been widely cc’d by email among counter jihad activists already) but with relevant redactions. But it is important for me to get this clarification and correction addendum put up as quickly as possible. I’ve a gut feeling that this story has more to it and there’s some missing links that have been omitted by the mainstream media source.

Although there are now known and suspected issues with the source of the story, this does not take away from the proven fact that Jews are prime targets for Islamic terror nor of the danger posed to our societies by politicians who appease Islam.

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  1. You people don’t get it do you? The Elites worship Satan! Judaism and Christianity are religions that follow the true God! This is why they are tearing down Crucifixes, refusing to allow Jews to build Synagogues while approving every application made to build mosques!! They wish to eradicate us! And they intend to use the Muslims to do it! They have been nurturing the hatred between Muslims and the rest of the world, and once they were happy the Muslims were ready to Jihad, they opened the borders!! Use your brains guys!! This is so much bigger than you think!!!

  2. The council decision was upheld by the Land and Environment COURT, a judicial body created by the State Government of New South Wales. The COURT also considered the risk assessment inadequate, i.e. the court declared that based on its knowledge the court considered the danger to be far greater than allowed for in the application. This decision creates a public legal precedent that all future building applications for a mosque must consider. The danger contained within is so great that no nearby building can be protected from it.

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