Audio – Red Fox Radio show 7th August 2017


I appeared on last night’s episode of the Canadian internet radio station the Red Fox Radio show with the host Kel. We had a great time discussing a variety of topics related to Islam and the problems it causes. We talked in depth about the appalling situation with regards to the London Borough of Redbridge and how local politicians and much else of the local political, media and third sector Establishment, are apparently colluding with Islamic interests and turning the area into another ‘shariah shithole’.

We also spoke about the appalling and cowardly decision of a local council in Australia to refuse permission for a group of Jews to build a synagogue on the grounds that a synagogue would attract violent Muslims hell bent on murdering Jews. The council felt that the presence of a synagogue would bring Islamic violence to their area. This was a most gross and egregrious example of the political class appeasing Islam and throwing non Muslims under the bus and has been criticised across the world. I also brought up the idea that this incident has a small positive aspect as it has shown to the world that Islam is not only violent but also that people have a fear of Islamic religious violence. It’s difficult to say ‘religion of peace’ when here are politicians who take decisions based on their fear of Islamic violence.

Also on the show was a truly excellent interview between the commentator Vlad Tepes and Britain’s ‘Mosquebuster’ the lawyer Gavin Boby. They discussed how this decision was not just cowardly and offensive towards Jews but is also an indication of how Western politicians submit to Shariah Law but cover up this abject submission with excuses.

It was a very successful show last night and I’d like to thank Kel for having me on the show to take part.

Please click on the link below to listen to the show.