What could possibly have caused Germany to drop in the world tourism security rankings?


It’s an interesting question isn’t it, why a Davos Economic Forum report into ‘safety and security’ and its relevance to tourism should show Germany dropping rapidly down the list of countries that are safe and secure? What could possibly have changed in Germany since 2015 when the report was last compiled to see Germany drop 31 places to become more safe than Greece or The Gambia but less safe than either New Zealand or Iceland? Did the German people suddenly ‘go bad’ en masse and decide to wreck their society?

I’ve no doubt that the German politicians will try to come up with some answers to these questions but they will probably find any other answer apart from what is likely to be the true reason for Germany’s decline when it comes to safety and security, which is German politicians decision to import large numbers of Muslims. This drop in the security charts on the Davos report, quoted by Gates of Vienna and which has been seen on the ROP site, seems to coincide with German Chancellor Merkel’s lunatic decision to open Germany’s borders to all and sundry. Merkel’s decision has, in the period since the previous Davos report was made and today, allowed into Germany tens of thousands of mostly Muslim men who have brought little apart from grief to the average German.

Merkel’s policy of inviting third world Muslims to bring their culture of rape, violence and oppression to Germany is the main thing that changed between the previous 2015 Davos report and today. It’s not that the Germans have suddenly started to culturally regress because something has been changed in the German drinking water, but that a highly regressive and savage culture was invited into Germany by deluded politicians.

These politicians are if not malevolent, then wedded to the central lies of multiculturalism that ‘all cultures are equal’ and that the ‘magic soil’ of Germany will turn Islamic savages into ordinary decent German citizens. Sadly for the people of Germany, the delusions of the politicians have turned the lives of many ordinary Germans upside down. Crimes committed by migrants have risen 50% between 2015 and 2016 and the UK Daily Telegraph said that the amount of these crimes are ‘disproportionate’. The amount of migrant crime and the severity of it, has affected the ability of Germans in areas where the Muslim migrants have been dumped, to go about their daily business unimpeded by fear of crime. ‘Merkel’s Mobile Muslim Mayhem’ has brought a great deal of problems to Germany, problems that were once either less common or even, such as the mass sexual assaults that have occurred in Cologne almost non existent. These Muslims have also brought with them their violence, terrorism, jihad, misogyny, religious supremacism and gay-hatred, all of which are making a misery of the lives of a growing number of Germans.

Merkel’s Muslim pets have also brought in to Germany the sort of murderous and genocidal anti-Semitism that that the Islamic world has marinated itself in for 1400 years. In the late 1980′ to late 1990’s you could probably point to Germany and say that, despite the nation’s genocidal actions during the Third Reich, modern Germany was a relatively safe place for Jews. It had in the 1990’s, according to the anecdotal evidence of individuals I’ve spoken to regarding Judaism in Germany, become somewhat of a destination of choice for some Jews from the East of Europe, who settled there when Eastern Europe was liberated from Communism. However, just as anywhere else that has had Islam imposed on it by idiotic or malevolent politicians, Germany is no longer a safe place for Jews. It is a tragic historical irony that part of the motivation for Germany’s politicians opening the doors to the dregs of the Islamic world appears to be a desire to show the world that the violence and hatred of the past was no more. Sadly by importing such ambulant human sewage, which Germany’s Muslim migrants are proving themselves to be, has made Germany’s Jews more and not less unsafe.

If this report by Davos is correct then it seems to indicate that Germany and its citizens are under attack from the Muslims that Merkel and her cronies imported and which are proving themselves to be of no real benefit to either German nation or the German economy. I have to say there appears to be some oddities in the results of the survey as published in the Davos report. There is a gap in the middle of the reproduced report and the excerpt doesn’t show nations such as the United States or the United Kingdom which is odd. Odd also is the place of Rwanda at number 9 whilst Germany is at number 51. However, this may be due to the nature of the tourism that Rwanda attracts. According to Rwandan tourism figures it seems that many of the 1.3 million tourists who visited Rwanda last year may well be on organised wildlife tours or cultural tours or may be attending conventions in the closed environment of the convention centre in the capital Kigali. The organised nature of some types of would inevitably expose tourists to less troubles than if they were freely walking around areas that were dangerous. The Rwanda anomaly looks odd but may be explainable by looking at the differences in the type of tourism Rwanda and Germany get.

However, despite the anomaly mentioned above, what is difficult to deny, although German politicians may try, is that Merkel’s Muslims haven’t made life better or more secure for the averge German. Germany for example had had examples of Islamic terror but not to the extent that they’ve had since opening its borders to Muslims in large numbers. Also, as a variety of the reports on the situation in Germany show, these migrants have brought the sort of crimes that are rooted in and are directly linked to Islamic culture, such as the taharrush gamea phenomenon where women are surrounded by mobs of men and sexually assaulted by them. This wasn’t a typically ‘German’ crime, but it is one that is all too common in the Islamic world and it is one that the Muslims have brought to Germany and are inflicting it on German women and children.

There are many occasions in history when one can point to how cross cultural contact or migration has helped the nation that engaged in that contact or allowed in certain migrants. There are whole industries, such as that of chemicals and retail in the UK for example that were improved or enhanced by the efforts of innovators who migrated to the UK and the Germans themselves brought their talents and hard work to Britain including to the nation’s sugar industry in the 19th century. Limited migration of useful people creates a sort of ‘hybrid vigour’ in a society that a walled off monoculture may not have. But for the key to make migration work is that the migrants must adapt to the host society and obey its laws and customs.

Unfortunately there is no sign that Merkel’s Muslim imports are willing to adapt to Germany, obey its laws or even respect its inhabitants. Merkel’s Muslims and their rancid, morally retarded and incompatible culture have brought nothing of any real and lasting value to Germany, in fact it seems to be bringing entirely the opposite. As with any nation that allows the ideology of Islam to metastasize Germany is finding out that the price paid by a society that imports Islam in such a large amount is a very hight one. This price is at this moment being paid not by the politicians who said to the world’s Muslims ‘come here and ponce off of us hard working Germans’ but by the ordinary citizens of once peaceful German towns and cities. It is these ordinary German citizens who now live in fear of the crimes Merkel’s Muslims commit in abundance. It is the ordinary German women and children who are now feeling the effects of the Islamic violence which is starting to restrict the movements of them and who now fear the random sexual attacks that Merkel’s Muslims have become known for .

The sort of Muslims that Germany has imported are not representatives of the smaller more peaceful strands of Islam such as the Ismailis or the Ahmediyya, they come from the large crap-filled cultural septic tank that is the Sunni and Shia Islamic world and very little good will come of any nation that imports such people. By importing the contents of this cultural sewage tank into Germany the political class have endangered their own people. This danger will continue until either the followers of Islam turn Germany into one giant smoking, poverty stricken rape camp that many Islam has created in places like Yemen, Pakistan or Sudan. Unless the politicians that run Germany and who have created and promoted the foolish ‘savages into citizens’ project are removed from their security bubbles and have to live with the sort of problems that their idiotic policies have created.


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