Another violent Mohammedan whose actions have EVERYTHING to do with Islam.

Nadeem Mohammed, the latest bit of Islamic 'enrichment' for Britain to have to deal with.


The excuse that Islamic extremism and Islamic violence along with other crimes such as Islamic rapes, are nothing to do with Islam, is starting to wear very thin now. The phrase ‘no known motive’ trotted out by the spokespersons for our security forces has now become a source of ironic laughter among those who hear it, especially when the motive for the actions of Muslims are plainly linked to Islam. The ‘nothing do do with Islam’ and the ‘no known motive’ excuses are also indications that the authorities know full well what the motive is, and that it is an Islamic one, but are failing to inform the public of that on the grounds of ‘racism’ or ‘Islamophobia’ or some such bollocks.

This happens nearly a number of times that a Muslim criminal showing verifiable signs that they are indeed influenced by Islam is apprehended or suspected of some form of obvious Islamic insanity. When the ‘no known motive’ ploy doesn’t work then the authorities will say that the suspect was ‘mentally ill’ but it’s not often that those making such claims clarify just what mental illness the particular savage was suffering from.

We now have another case where a Pakistani-born ‘Italian’ Muslim has been caught and convicted of a terrorist offence, in this case trying to take a bomb on an aircraft bound for Italy. Nadeem Mohammed, aged 43 tried to get on a Ryanair flight at Manchester airport in January 2017 with an explosive device in his hand baggage. Anti-terror police quizzed Mohammed (yes, the most common name for jihadis and rapists is ‘Mohammed’ strange that isn’t it?) but bizarrely, let him go home to the town of Bury. Mohammed told the police at the airport a pack of lies about how someone else had put the device in his bag and the police believed these lies. The police made a rudimentary check of the device, chose to believe that it was not a bomb and released Mohammed.

About a week later Mohammed was in Italy and during that time the police had had a chance to subject the item removed from Mohammed at Manchester Airport to a more detailed examination. The forensic team discovered that this was a potentially viable bomb containing nitroglycerin and nitrocellulose. The discovery caused the Italian police to be alerted and Mohammed’s home in Italy was searched and Mohammed arrested. He took a flight back to the UK where British officers arrested him.

Mohammed appeared at Manchester Crown Court recently and yesterday was found guilty by a majority verdict from the jury of possessing explosives with intent to endanger life. Mohammed is up for sentence on August 23rd and it is to be hoped that this savage is severely punished and removed from the country at the end of his sentence. After all this potentially exploding savage is really not much positive use for the nation is he? Let the Italian’s have him after all they were stupid enough to give this jihadi scummer an Italian passport.

Talking of stupidity I’m gobsmacked at the level of stupidity coming from the security and police at Manchester airport. This particular Muslim was an obvious problem. He had an item in his bag that looked suspicious and he had what appears to be a very poor explanation as to why this item was in his possession. The BBC are also reporting that the way that the bomb was handled by the staff at Manchester wasn’t shall we say exactly as it should be if forensic evidence is to be preserved and a record for the custody of the item is to be maintained. A security manager ‘put the item in her pocket’ after a very cursory swab examination of the bomb showed no explosives.

Of course there’s going to be an enquiry by the authorities into the mistakes that have been made in this case. As I see it the police should have been far less willing to believe Mohammed’s story that he knew nothing about the device in his bag. This is such an unbelievable and fantastic claim that it should have rung alarm bells for the police meaning that if there was evidence of a terrorist action, which surely being caught with a bomb-like device should be, that contravened the 2006 Anti Terror Act, then he could technically have been held for up to 28 days. He should have been held for longer than he was, at the very least until his story could be verified and his device properly checked. It’s a matter of concern to me and may well be for others that Anti Terror officers are so easy to fool with bullshit such as ‘I didn’t know it was there’. Another mistake was to treat the confiscated item carelessly and not subject to a more vigorous examination. Maybe if Mohammed had been held long enough for the item to be properly examined and if checking this device had been more of a priority for the forensic services then this particular Islamic savage would not have been put in a position where he could have endangered the lives of innocents?

It is only by luck on this occasion that this jihadi savage wasn’t successful in taking a viable improvised explosive device on an aircraft and the actions of the authorities in dealing with Mohammed seem to be careless, incompetent and damnable. A Muslim with an odd looking device in a carry on bag should have caused the officers to play hardball with Mohammed and not to sit there, believe his bullshit and then let him go. This appears to have been an all round failure by the security forces to properly interdict a very dangerous Islamic savage in a timely manner. It is only by sheer accident that this savage didn’t explode himself on the aircraft he was attempting to get on board and potentially murder hundreds. The violent jihadi savages, many of whom have embedded themselves in our nations, only need to get things right once and thereby bring about a mass casualty attack, whereas the security forces need to be 100% right 100% of the time. Of course such a strike rate is impossible for the security forces to maintain and there is always the risk that one Muslim murder will get through on occasion. But my confidence that the police will stop the vast majority of exploding savages on public transportation systems and elsewhere, is very much dented having read about the débâcle surrounding the way the police and other security agencies handled Nadeem Mohammed in Manchester. Mohammed probably ticked many of the boxes that would have identified him as being if not an immediate threat but at the very least dodgy. He should have been held in custody and definitely not returned to Bury where he could have been a threat to the people who live there. The police let this man back into the community where he may, as an ‘aircraft jihadi’ thwarted in his plans, have carried out some other vicious attack.

Mohammed was not ‘mentally ill’ nor was he motivated by something ‘unknown’ and he certainly wasn’t a naïve brainwashed teenager, he was a grown man. Mohammed is a representative of Islam’s core value, that of murdering non Muslims. The fact that he is a Pakistani Muslim with an Italian passport and was also in possession of a pipe bomb, should have told the police that this was a crime and a man very much inspired by the ideology of Islam. This was a potential Islamic attack that has been stopped but it could have been stopped sooner if the security services had been more efficient and it would have been even better if this fake Italian Islamic savage had never been allowed in the UK in the first place. The more Islam there is the more violence and terror that there is. How can our security forces not understand that by now and to stop treating people like Mohammed with the soft touch with which he appears to have been treated?


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  1. On the mainstream news, “We will never know the motive why he did this…”

  2. Phil Copson | August 10, 2017 at 10:09 am |

    Truly incredible; for years, airport security officers in the UK were mostly known for roughing-up anyone who dared to crack a joke about having a bomb in their bag, and the courts delighted in then sentencing them to massive fines and imprisonment.
    THere must be a standard procedure already set-out for dealing with terrorist suspects and how the evidence is to be preserved and handled, and these airport staff were plainly not following it. To contaminate the evidence is this way must be a sacking-offence.
    Nadeem Mohammed could well have gone on to bomb the next ‘plane he caught, but these people were prepared to gamble on that.
    Why were they so cavalier ? and especially in Manchester with it recent terrorist atrocity ? have they been instructed to go easy on muslims ? are they frightened of accusations of racism ? are they sympathisers?
    A 5-year old would know better than to allow a man caught with a bomb in his baggage to go free and board other aircraft, yet these people did just that. Something is very wrong here.

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