The horror of Islamic sex slavery in Tyneside brought to light

The mugshots of the 17 'Asian' i.e mostly Muslim men and one female traitor to her nation and sex who were convicted of sex crimes at Newcastle this week


A recent criminal case at Newcastle upon Tyne Crown Court has again put before the eyes of the public the horrors of Islamic sex crime in the UK. This sex crime phenomena is at epic proportions and the number of girls and young women who have been raped, assaulted, plied with drugs and alcohol, sex trafficked and allegedly murdered, appears to be astonishingly high, possibly into the high tens of thousands at least.

In towns and cities across the UK, seemingly wherever there are Muslim men, there are cases of girls being groomed for sexual abuse by gangs that are mostly made up of Muslim men. In many areas, including Tyneside where the latest case has come to its legal conclusion, we have a situation where the police have only relatively recently started to act against these Islamic Rape Gangs.

Prior to the public anger that has justifiably and legitimately emerged following the Rotherham Islamic Rape Gang case, the police in many areas swept these Islamic Rape Gang cases under the carpet. This was possibly because officers feared being called ‘racist’ and suffering career damage because of that accusation or because police feared the violent reaction of Muslims had they tried to deal with Muslim rape and sex criminals without public or governmental backing. It’s a shameful fact that many British police forces, forces that are sworn to protect us and serve the Queen by keeping her peace and to prevent crime, have been so ready and willing to show cowardice in the face of the Islamic sex criminals that have afflicted multitudes of women and young girls. The police, although they are belatedly attacking the problem of Islamic sex crime, should still feel shame that they let these savages rape, assault and enslave so many of our children for such a very long time.

The Newcastle Islamic Rape Gang case is especially horrific not just because of what this latest gang, mostly made up of Muslims as usual, did to their victims, but also because its just one case in what is likely to be a long series of cases that are uncovering an endemic problem with Islamic sex crime in the Northumbria Police area. The police operation that has brought this gang of Islamic savages to justice or at least to a conviction, Operation Shelter, is an offshoot of a larger investigation into the massive amount of Islamic sex crime that is going on called Operation Sanctuary.

Operation Shelter alone has seen the imprisonment of 94 defendants already and the figures both of offenders and victims are likely to rise from cases associated with Operation Sanctuary but it is unlikely to uncover all the Islamic sex beasts that have operated or maybe still are operating in the Tyneside area. In this latest case the result of the Operation Shelter probe 17 ‘South Asians’ and one non Muslim woman were convicted on a variety of charges including prostitution, rape, conspiracy to incite prostitution, assault by beating, drugs, sexual assault and human trafficking. Police say that the defendants in the Shelter case are of Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Iranian, Iraqi, Kurdish, Turkish, Albanian, and Eastern European.

Readers may notice, but the police of course will not say, that there is a huge and strong link between most of these offenders regardless of nationality and that is the presence of the ideology of Islam. It is the supremacist attitudes imparted to men who are exposed to Islamic culture and Islamic theology that propel them to hold views of women and of non Muslims that are not compatible with free and open Western societies. An ingrained view that non Muslim women are ‘property’ is a big factor in these crimes.

This case, and indeed many of the other similar cases of Islamic Rape Gangs and Islamic sex crimes that have afflicted all too many British towns and cities, has a root cause and that root cause is called ‘Islam’. All of these Islamic Rape Gang cases show what happens when you allow an ideology that sees non Muslims and non Muslim women in particular as property to be used and abused at the whim of the Islamic male Ubermenschen class.

Islam is violent, imperialist, racist and rapine fascism dressed up as a religion and sadly it’s our daughters, sisters, cousins mothers and female friends who are having to suffer the effects of this ‘Islamofascism’ when it is imposed on or metastasises in our areas. By importing the followers of Islam, and equally importantly not holding these imported Muslims to civilised standards of behaviour and by brushing their crimes under the carpet, we have endangered the most vulnerable among us which is our children. By government and the various agencies having a ‘blind spot’ about Islam and its depravities in order to protect the multicultural fiction that there is ‘community cohesion’, our politicians have created Islamised areas where non Muslim women and children are placed at very great risk of harm.

The Newcastle case is truly appalling. There were girls and young women aged between 14 and 22 groomed and intentionally caused to be drug and alcohol addicted by the sex gang and treated like sex toys by them and other members of the ‘religion of peace’. Girls were brought to parties called ‘sessions’ where groups of Muslim men would abuse them multiple times. One girl was said by a press report to be “frightened and scared, like a slave” and another said that she was taken to 60 ‘sessions’ where she was abused by the Muslims.

Here’s the list of those convicted this week at Newcastle Upon Tyne Crown Court. The list comes from the Breitbart London website:

Habibur Rahim, 34: Convicted of two counts of conspiracy to incite prostitution for gain, human trafficking, and rape; two counts of trafficking for sexual exploitation; and six counts of supplying drugs.

Abdul Sabe, 40: Conspiracy to traffic for sexual exploitation, conspiracy to incite prostitution for gain, conspiracy to sexual assault, and four drug offences.

Eisa Mousavi, 42: Three counts of rape, one count of conspiracy to incite prostitution, and three drug offences.

Carolann Gallon, 22: Convicted of three counts of trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Nashir Uddin, 35: One count of “digital penetration”, one count of conspiracy to incite prostitution for gain, and eight drug offences.

Mohammed Azram, 35: Convicted of one count of sexual assault, one count of conspiracy to incite prostitution for gain, and five counts of supplying and offering to supply drugs.

Taherul Alom, 32: Two counts of supplying drugs, one count of conspiracy to incite prostitution, one count of attempted sexual assault, and one drug offence.

Abdulhamid Minoyee, 34: One count of rape, one count of sexual assault, one count of supplying drugs.

Monjur Choudhury, 33: Convicted of one count of conspiracy to incite prostitution and two drug offences.

Prabhat Nelli, 33: One count of conspiracy to incite prostitution and two counts of supplying drugs,

Jahanger Zaman, 45: Convicted of one count of rape, one count of conspiracy to incite prostitution for gain, and one drug offence.

Mohammed Hassan Ali, 34: Convicted of two counts of sexual activity with a child and two drug offences.

Saiful Islam, 35: Guilty of one count of rape.

Yasser Hussain, 28: One count of assault by beating, one count of intimidation, and one count of permitting his premises to be used for the supply of drugs.

Badrul Hussain, 37: Three counts of permitting premises to be used for the supply of class A and B drugs.

Nadeem Aslam, 43: Two counts of supplying drugs, two counts of possession of drugs, and one count of permitting premises to be used for the supply of drugs.

Mohibur Rahman, 44: Convicted of conspiracy to incite prostitution for gain and five drug offences.

Redwan Siddquee, 32: Guilty of one count of supplying drugs.
You will notice, as I did, that the majority of names in this list are plainly Islamic and this is something that also is seen in other similar cases in other parts of the country. In the vast majority of these sex gang cases there is a preponderance of Muslim men and other non Muslim individuals of ‘South Asian’ appearance are rare. It is quite obvious when looking at these cases that the number of offenders who can be identified by their names as Sikh or Hindu in these gangs is very small and it seems to be apparent that the number of nonces that these communtiies produce are roughly in line with the rest of the non Muslim population of the United Kingdom.

Although sexual crimes can be committed by a member of any group, there are certain crimes such as these sex gangs, that have Muslims as the primary offenders. These gang rapes and assaults along with the associated trafficking offences and the fact that in these gangs fathers will take part in the same abuse incidents as their sons, show a distinctly Islamic character. Primarily the Islamic aspect is down to Islamic supremacism, the view that non Muslim girls including White British girls are worthless, undeserving of being treated as human and instead are merely considered by these Muslim men as disposable property.

The attitude taken by these rapist Islamic savages to our women and children is very similar to the attitude to non Muslims and non Muslim girls and young women expressed by the terrorists of ISIS. Just as in places like Rotherham, Oxford, Rochdale, Tyneside and other places where Islamic Rape Gangs have bought and sold our children, so it is in territory that was held by ISIS where women and children were also bought and sold. There is a direct causal link between the slave markets of Raqqa and the dirty bedsits and the back rooms of Muslim kebab houses of the towns that have been grossly afflicted by Islamic sex crime, that link has a name, that link is called Islam.

Of course it is to be welcomed that at last these Islamic rapists and those who assisted them or took part with them in their crimes are likely to be gaoled for a very long time. Unfortunately although this case will take a few Islamic savages off the street, there are likely to be many more to take their place abusing girls and young women or which are still operating as yet undisturbed by the law. These crimes stem from the foetid roots of Islamic theology and culture and until Islam is controlled Muslim men forced to abandon their racism, supremacism and violent misogyny then these crimes will continue. I’m glad that these savages are going away for a long time but gaoling them only cures the symptom of the problem and not the core disease of Islamic supremacy and misogyny.

The way that this case has been prosecuted and how the police have dealt with Islamic sex crime in the area has raised controversies such as the questions about why Northumbria Police did so little for so long about the problem of Islamic sex crime? There are other controversies such as the police’s decision to use a convicted sex offender as an informant. The mainstream media and groups like the National Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Children are foaming over this aspect of the case. Although I can see their point to a certain extent, it may well turn out to be the case that the police may have had no choice to but to proceed in this manner. The gang had to be infiltrated in order to gain enough usable and admissable evidence to prosecute them. The problem for the police appears to be that any agent used in the infiltration had to have some form of credibility with the offenders in order to be accepted and who more acceptable to a group of sex beasts than another sex beast?

Yes, it’s yucky, really really yucky, for the police to have to consort with and indeed pay a sex beast in order to gain evidence. I’m uncomfortable with it as many others will also be, but law enforcement can sometimes be yucky and nasty and can involve being on good terms with some serious human sewage.

Police officers do have to meet with and sometimes even work with people who are the scum of the earth, people who are not just criminals but are also slippery and untrustworthy precisely because the individuals concerned have chosen to be informers. We have to ask ourselves the question: Would there have been any convictions had not this distasteful informant not been recruited? If the answer is yes and there would have been no effect on the outcome, then the police erred. If on the other hand it was genuinely vital to use this sex beast in order to gain the conviction of the gang, then the police may well have done a distasteful but in the end the correct thing.

Although I can understand the NSPCC’s objections to the use of a sex beast as an informant as it is sailing a little close to the moral wind, NSPCC are not completely a clean hands organisation themselves when it comes to the matter of Islamic sex crime. Maybe the NSPCC should recall that those in glass houses should not throw stones as the NSPCC have shown a marked reluctance in the past to say the ‘M’ word in connection to these distinctly Islamic rape and abuse gangs. In reports, quoted by this blog in June 2015, the NSPCC continued to use the word ‘Asian’ with regards to these sex gangs, despite there being ample evidence that the vast majority of the offenders were Muslims. I believe that there is the distinct possibility that a handle could have been got on the problem of Islamic sex crime by police and other agencies much earlier than it has been, if the NSPCC and these other agencies, had been less hidebound by political correctness and had had the courage to be honest about these sex gangs and their very Islamic composition and motivations.

To conclude: Although I’m pleased that more Islamic nonces have been taken off the streets, I know that this is not the conclusion of the problem, not for Tyneside nor anywhere else where these rape jihadists operate. As long as the toxic male sexuality of Islam is allowed to fester unchallenged or un-ameliorated then these offences will continue. Unfortunately we have seen over the decades the police, local councils, social services and government doing absolutely nothing about these rapist savages and even persecuting those who tried to bring the crimes to light Therefore we as Britons are in the invidious position of not being able to expect or even trust those that we pay to protect us and our families to stop the rape jihad against our children.

In the absence of common sense policies that slap down Islam and its destructive male sexuality, then the only alternative is for we the people to protect our children. We can do so in many ways but one way is by telling them the truth about Islam, telling them that in Islam a man is worth more than a woman and that Islam allows non Muslims to be treated as slaves. We need to be suspicious and tell our friends and families to be wary of the actions and movements of Muslim men when it is justified, even if holding such suspicions makes a person feel uncomfortable for doing so.

The security of our children and their future happiness cannot as we’ve seen from the Newcastle and other Islamic Rape Gang cases be completely entrusted to the organs of the state, we all have to play our own part in ensuring that security for our descendants. Our children’s security cannot also be ensured by allowing political correctness to stay our hands or our voices when it comes to the ideology of Islam and the large number of mass rapists this belief system and culture produces. We should be thankful that these Islamic sex criminals will be behind bars, but we should also take steps to guard against the rise and appearance of their replacements.


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