And it’s Islam (again)

Parsons Green station


A counter terror expert has told journalists that he is almost ‘100% certain’ that the attack on a tube train at Parsons Green in London is an Islamic attack. According to Breitbart, Major General Chip Chapman said to Sky News that this attack didn’t appear to be from either far right or dissident Irish republican currents and that it is in the ‘Islamist/jihadist stream’ of violence.

Breitbart said:

Former counter terror chief Major General Chip Chapman told Sky News he believes that “you can almost certainly say this is in the Islamist Jihadist violence” stream of terror threats, as opposed to right wing extremism or Irish Republican dissidents.

Noting that “It seems to me this bomb at the moment malfunctioned”, he drew parallels to the Boston “pressure-cooker device” used during the Boston Marathon terror attack.

Maj. Gen. Chapman said that instructions on constructing pressure cooker bombs can be found in Islamic State’s Inspire magazine.

Saying he was “Absolutely 100 per cent sure” in his estimate that it was Islamist jihadist in nature, he said: “You don’t have any examples of right wing extremists or Republican dissidents using these kinds of devices in confined areas.”

Read the source via the link below:

I tend to concur with Major General Chapman in his assessment. The alleged similarity according to reports that this explosive seems to share with that used in other Islamic terror plots along with the chosen target doesn’t suggest to me that this is anything other than Islam related. Another clue that this is an Islamic attack is the advance bleating by certain Muslim groups about ‘extremists’ and ‘division‘. This suggests that these groups either suspect that this is an Islamic attack or have been told as much by police contacts. Because of that these groups are getting their ‘nothing to do with Islam’ guff out as early as possible. We should of course be prepared for groups like this to play up the ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘backlash’ cards as a way of diverting people’s attention away from the problems that have been caused in the UK by Islamic supremacism and violence.

There is the possibility that following this incident the Government will increase the nation’s security threat level to ‘Critical’ which means that an attack or more attacks are considered as imminent. Up until now Britain has been on a ‘Severe’ alert which means that an attack is highly likely.

Let’s think about what going to ‘Critical’ state really means. It means that a vast number of British citizens are at risk of death or disfigurement because of the problems caused by Islamic extremism. This leap in seriousness tells us that a significant minority of the Muslims whom Britain has let in and continue to support, hate us so much that they want to kill us on trains, planes and of course with automobiles.

As the security expert has said, this is more than likely to be an Islamic attack just like so many others have been. It makes one wonder doesn’t it just what we the average Briton, whether we are black or white Christian, Jewish, Sikh or Hindu, gain from the presence of the ideology of Islam on our shores? Also, Bombs, vehicle attacks, stabbings and of course the mass rape jihad isn’t really the sort of ‘cultural diversity’ that we were told we were going to get is it? We were told by the various prophets and promoters of multiculturalism that we were going to get a utopia of niceness with everyone living together and respecting one another, these multiculti charlatans didn’t tell us about the Islamic savagery that we’d be expected to put up with did they?

The Prime Minister Theresa May might emerge from the COBRA meeting with a revised security status and some platitudes about ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ or ‘standing together’ or some such empty words. But this is not what a lot of British people want to hear. We want to hear that the government is taking effective and harsh action against both the terror groups themselves and the Islamic communities that are so obviously nurturing or ignoring these terrorists. We all heard enough of these touchy-feely mouth noises from politicians about ‘cohesion’ and ‘extremism’ and I get the impression that a growing number of people are heartily sick of both these platitudes and the politicians who utter them. Those in charge are patently failing to counteract an ideology that preaches our deaths or enslavement and this really needs to change and change very soon.