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This blog also has a Twitter feed and a Facebook page (although the FB page is usually just used for distributing blog articles). Twitter is @2Fahrenheit211 user name Hans Kabumpsadaisy and the Facebook page is farenheit211

This blog is also carried on the censorship-free platform where this blog can be found as @Fahrenheit211 or ‘Joshua Le Trumpet’

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You might have a story about Islamist mentalism in your area or want to pass on suggestions for stories about UK local councils etc being involved in collusion with Islamists.  If you do then please let us know.  Knowledge is power in this area.

If you are an Islamist/jihadist/left wing nutter who objects to anyone with a hetrodox view of Islam and wants to issue an email death threat or even to call me a filthy kafir, then please be aware that a) I’m not bothered what you call me and b) I will take the piss out of said threats without mercy and pass the more believable ones on to the appropriate authorities.

Sensible emails will be acknowledged as quickly as possible.