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Welcome to the Fahrenheit 211 Video Vault.  Please note that many of the videos on here could be considered as ‘not safe for work’.

26th February 2014

Video 1.  Here’s a short video of the Islamic rabble rouser al-Haddad, who wanted to book the Legoland Windsor resort for a Muslim only fun day, gobbing off at a meeting in the Nederlands.  Legoland should have done a bit more checking on al-Haddad and in this clip he is being caught out in saying ‘gay marriage is worse than murder’.

Video 2. Muslim youths attack non-Muslims at a bus stop for no apparent reason.

Video 3. Exploding Koran video from the United States

Video 4. Exploding Koran video from unknown location

Video 5. Sikh girls increasingly becoming victims of Islamic Grooming Gangs

Video 6. Russia Today on how the Government and Media have ignored Islamic Grooming Gangs for fear of being called ‘racist’.

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