Housekeeping – Moderation Policy

Moderation policy basically there isn’t one but I will delete stuff that is gratuitously libellous, is porn, is rabid conspiracy theorist rubbish, has links to the David Icke  or Alex Jones sites or posts that I take a random dislike to although I will try to explain why I dislike a particular post or comment.

Islamists, Hitler worshippers (sometimes coming in the same package with certain Islamists sadly) and similar loons can expect their textual frothing rubbish to be either deleted or seriously ripped to shreds.  Either way I’ll take the piss and display the results for the world to see in a kind of ‘Tossers and Sockpuppet Gallery’ a sort of Vision On gallery with music and wankers.   Please address any Fatwa’s and or excommunications  to the blog comments and I’m sure I’ll have a good laugh.

That’s my gaff and my rules any amendments to these rules I’ll try to post as an when although I hope I’ll not need too many rules.

Oh and I have gone by different screen names on different boards sometimes if you don’t like that it’s not my problem.